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Bring it On!- Not So New Coordinator’s Face STAAR Texas Assessment Conference 2011 STAAR Quest- Searching for STAAR Answers.

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1 Bring it On!- Not So New Coordinator’s Face STAAR Texas Assessment Conference 2011 STAAR Quest- Searching for STAAR Answers

2 YOUR STAAR-STUDDED PANEL Laura Witte, DTC, North East ISD Joe Orr, TC, Northside ISD Bill Renton, DTC, South San ISD Moderator: Sandra Poth, Retired DTC

3 YOUR STAAR-STUDDED ORGANIZATION TSNAP The ONLY professional organization representing testing & assessment professionals in Texas ! ~~~VISIT THE TSNAP BOOTH TODAY~~~

4 LAUNCH PLANNING Pre-Conference Survey & Session Goals Joe Orr, Northside ISD

5 Survey Results Pre-Conference Survey & Session Goals Survey Results - Session Goals

6 Do you have a “PLAN”? Is your Plan Written Down? Has it been reviewed and approved by top administration? Is it communicated to appropriate staff? Is it a working document that is updated on a regular basis?

7 Details Checklist – see handout Test AdministrationLong Pearson Description Window for Selection of Details Precode Submission Selection Paper Submission Window Online Submission Window Paper Testing Sort Order* Date entered into TAMS Date to Pull Precode File File Verified & Sorted Send Precode File Date Submitted to TAMS w/o Error Optional Reports Deadline TAKS ALT Training & Modules N/A TELPAS Overview N/A TAKS October Exit Retest Exit File Paper1-Gr/Stu March STAAR* March 2012 STAAR Grades 4&7 Writing and Grades 5&8 Math & Reading Administration 11-9 / 12/9District1-16 / 2/10N/A1-Gr/Stu 3/30/2012 March STAAR EOCMarch 2012 STAAR EOC11-9 / 1-20District1-16 / 2-10 1-Gr/Stu March TAKS March TAKS Exit Retest March 2012 TAKS Exit Level Retest Administration 11-9 / 12-9Exit File1-3 / 1-20Paper1-Gr/Stu 3/12/2012 TELPAS Reading2012 TELPAS Administration11-9 / 12-9DistrictTBA 1-Stu LAT/STAAR-L TBAPaper April STAAR* April 2012 STAAR Grades 3-8 Administration 11-9 / 2-17District3-5 / 3-16N/A2-Grp/Stu 5/2/2012 April TAKS April 2012 TAKS/TAKS-M Grades 10,11, and Exit Level Administration 11-9 / 2/17District3-5 / 3-16N/A 5/2/2012 April TAKS Exit Retest N/AExit FileN/APaper1-Gr/Stu May STAAR/EOC TBAPaper1-Stu July STAAR/EOC TBAPaper1-Stu July TAKS Exit Retest Exit FileN/APaper1-Gr/Stu *Note - If you wish a different order for Elementary vs MS or HS, then you should submit as #2 and leave the group field blank where you want alpha documents.

8 Enrollment Process While you ‘should’ have entered your enrollment (participation) counts already, however be prepared to make adjustments In the January adjustment period. January 3–27, 2012

9 Training

10 Checklist

11 Questions?



14 COMMUNICATION Primary concept in Organizational Management EARLY and TIMELY notification of testing dates Accuracy of information Ease of access to information Appropriate detail, as needed, by audience Reminders at key points in calendar Date your communications to distinguish updates Do NOT assume anyone knows it like YOU do!

15 Create a District-wide Communication Plan for STAAR Create a calendar for publications and assign duties Create a team/committee Website Newsletters Parent letters Robo calls Brochures Local news outlets i.e., newspapers, TV Community Forums i.e. PTA meetings Powerpoint presentations that campuses may use Get the Word Out!

16 Ways to Communicate Brochures Newsletter Powerpoint Pres.

17 Communicate Where to Find Student Scores North East ISD Example: TAMS Student Portal using Access Code on CSR and data file from Pearson NEISD Student Portal* NEISD Compass (District created system for teachers) Confidential Student Report (CSR) Robo Calls from district Report Card/Progress Reports * Create Acknowledgement of Understanding for parents/guardians to NEISD Documentation

18 CALENDARING MAJOR CONSIDERATIONS NOWYET What we know NOW & What we don’t know YET Use TEA calendar of events to create checklist. Be sure to include: Test Dates, including ‘window’ ranges State & District events & assessments Add your TRAINING and REPORTING dates TIP OF THE TRADE: Involve your (CTC’s) if possible

19 CALENDAR VARIATIONS Specific programs require separate calendars across the school year; create these, layering them onto the general calendar. STAAR-Alt (Special Education Department) When does the testing window open/close? When do you close this window in your district? STAAR-L (Bilingual/ESL Department) When does the window open/close? When does ID of LEP students to be assessed take place? ONLINE TESTING (Technology Department) When do the computers need to be ready? When is Tech staff needed on-site to help with problems? ~~~Participant Activity~~~


21 SCHEDULING Communicate your testing dates in a variety of ways to use all your available resources! –District / Campus websites –Booster club and parent group newsletters/publications –District/Campus bulletins and newsletters –‘Special’ district announcement/mailout –Use district Facebook/Twitter accounts –Parent Portals or your district information system TIP OF THE TRADE: Differentiate between posting for district (internal) staff (Monitoring schedules) and posting for non- district (external) groups (Late bus arrangements).

22 SCHEDULING Develop a local schedule that works for YOU! Entire year-at-a-glance One test administration at a time Campus grade ranges Decide who needs to receive calendar & schedules Campus principal & staffMaintenance Central office staffTransportation Special ProgramsTechnology Windows permit flexibility; maintain minimum control TIP OF THE TRADE: Consider closing the window 1 or 2 days early to permit accuracy and program oversight.

23 TRAINING Training should begin early to provide multiple opportunities Utilize as many Central Office and non-campus instructional staff as possible---create your TEAM!! Train any/all vested groups, including custodians, cafeteria workers, office staff, and others Use training to inform and enlighten TIPS OF TRADE: Train each test Train ALL staff Train backup staff Train multiple sessions

24 Training That is More Accessible NEISD Testing Services has created Breeze presentations that permit staff to be trained 24 hours a day Testing Breeze Presentations: 1.Answer Document Coding and Submission for March, April & May testing 2.Accommodation Training 3.FERPA Training (student info. & confidentiality) 4.Security Training which includes state oath for Test administrators, STAAR Alt assistants, Technology Technicians, Material Delivery Persons 5.Monitor Training which include state oath Breeze is an Adobe product, but there are many other products available; ask your Technology team.

25 Recorded Presentations Staff may view them at anytime –Provide website address or link Recorded training frees up time from face to face training or allows campuses condense training –More options for campuses Training during conference periods Recorded trainings can be reviewed whenever CTC or TA have questions i.e., answer document coding In the past, NEISD used Interactive Training for LAT & DBA because not all campuses have those accommodations. This year NEISD will have LAT/STAAR L training interactively. Interactive training allows CTCs to remain on campus and still receive the training “live” or have access to the recorded training.

26 Ideas for Training Creating a stand alone security training –Ask Test Administrators to view it prior to face to face training; be available to answer questions –General- for office staff, technicians etc –Administration specific for Test Administrators Recorded Presentations –PowerPoint with sound –Quiz included –Oath included, print and sign –Ticket into face to face campus training Answer Document Coding –Breeze is required for all CTCs and staff assigned to help hand grid and verify coding –Shows all answer documents and explains all coding –“Chunk up” the Breeze presentations into administration specific trainings

27 Example of Training Calendar Think outside of the box DTCs need to make sure that campus training is consistent across the district Combine trainings when you can Accommodation Update prior to TELPAS Overview in Jan 2012 Use Technology whenever possible Don’t ever give up Face To Face Training!


29 CALENDARING & SCHEDULING SPRING & SUMMER 2012 ~~~Participant Activity~~~

30 Questions?

31 STAAR Planning – The Black Hole! Laura Witte, North East ISD

32 STAAR Planning – The Black Hole! Documentation & Storage of Documentation Test Dates –Spring EOC –Summer Retests Test Materials –Dictionaries –Calculators Secure Storage Tracking Student Progress Checking in Materials

33 Documentation is Key! Document, Document, Document Train campuses how to document test procedures, campus test plan, sources of information such as lists of students requiring modified assessments, testing irregularities DTC must determine what documentation will be required by district and campuses and communicate it to staff involved Inform staff what the consequences are if documentation is missing or incomplete DTC must have documentation available for audits and incident investigations

34 Storing Documentation In the past, NEISD collected all of the forms, seating charts and district documentation and then it sits in file cabinets or in boxes stacked up in closets or warehouses waiting for audits. 4 years ago, NEISD started using an electronic file cabinet to store documentation NEISD started using an electronic file cabinet when TEA required that we store TAKS-Alt documentation locally three years ago. 2 years ago, we decided to train CTCs how to attach and save Testing Services documentation into Docuware (a Toshiba product) Now, –All testing documentation will be filed electronically this year –TELPAS Writing Samples will be filed in Docuware –TAKS-Alt local documentation has been stored electronically for the last two years & will continue with STAAR Alt

35 Right Fax 2011-2012 Notice list of required documentation to be submitted electronically by CTCs Campus still must keep paper files for up to 5 years and some documentation is only kept at campus level i.e, TA oaths

36 STAAR Test Dates Have you decided which dates to test EOC in the spring? Choices: 1.Use TEA suggested dates 2.Allow campuses to select their own dates in the window –Downside: test security, mobile students 3.District selects district-wide dates for EOC –Upside: testing can take fewer days, district may have longer for checking materials, ship early If we test early can we expect to get reports early? –Pearson will start to release reports online starting May 21 st, but will be online test results and Pearson will score tests on a first come basis

37 July EOC Retest Dates English EOC tests have set dates but all other tests are in a window Will you select test dates for other subjects or test on demand? –NEISD is considering testing on demand with three test sessions a day Morning session Afternoon session Evening session (will pilot this summer at one campus)

38 Examples of Test Dates Selected by Districts NISD Example:  May 9: Algebra & Geometry  May 11: US History, World Geography, World History  May 15: Biology, Chemistry, Physics  May 16: Math Make-up Date  May 17: Social Studies Make-up Date  May 18: Science Make-up Date NEISD Example:  May 7: Algebra I & Geometry  May 8: W Geography  May 9: Biology  Make Up Testing:  May 16: Algebra I & Geometry  May 17: W Geography  May 18: Biology Note: Some districts are considering moving all EOC testing into the 1 st week of window in order to expedite scoring in hopes of getting reports sooner Do you have enough dictionaries and calculators for students for each day you are planning testing at middle and high school ?

39 Testing Materials for STAAR EOC Dictionaries must be available for ALL students taking: –STAAR/STAAR M Reading grades 6-8 –STAAR/STAAR M Writing grade 7 –STAAR/STAAR M EOC English I, II & III Does your district have enough to give students dictionaries at the 3 to 1 ratio this year? Bilingual /ESL dictionaries –Should be provided for students who use them routinely and it must be documented by the LPAC. –There is no requirement regarding the ratio of students to dictionary, but TEA recommends it be one for each student who depends on them routinely

40 So, What are other districts planning? Note: As TEA releases information district plans are subject to change!

41 NEISD’s Plan As of Dec. 1, 2011

42 Some of NEISD’s Choices: Some of NEISD’s Choices: How to apply the 15% –Apply 85% to the final grade either given by the teacher or averaged by the computer then apply 15% of the EOC. Semester grades given by the teacher are unaffected Number of Retakes for Rank? –First time Scored Retakes for Final Course Grade on Transcript How many times should NEISD calculate EOC Retakes into the Final Grade as reported on the AAR and used to determine credits? –Until the student earns course credit

43 Facts –By June 8 (Pearson will start to release the week of May 21 st ) the State will release: Student results (Confidential Student Record, CSR) Raw Score Conversions In order to Calculate Final Grade –Districts Must Apply District-developed Grade Conversions to EOC exam score which will impact the Final Course Grade NEISD’s Choice: Conversion Chart

44 NEISD Spreadsheet is posted on TSNAP site & at Moak Casey site

45 NEISD’s Choice: Conversion Chart


47 –If 15% of EOC exams do not have to be included in Rank, should NEISD continue to allocate rank points based on semester grades that are not influenced by EOC exams? (Current Practice) –If 15% of the EOC must influence Rank, is it acceptable to double the final grade as rank points for the year? NEISD’s Choice: Will NOT Count for Rank in 2012 YesNo High School Choice ***** YesNo High School Choice ****** Phased Implementation

48 NEISD’s Choice: 8 th Grade Algebra I – One or two tests? Right now, NEISD will ask students to take both assessments. That is subject to change and will be an administrative regulation and not local policy Students will take STAAR exams before AYP rules are determined

49 NEISD’s Choice: 7 th Grade Pre-AP Students will take the 7 th Grade STAAR Exam

50 NEISD’s Choice: Will SPED Options Include 15% (M & Alt)? Yes, it will be included Phase in as systems are developed ARD must concur

51 NEISD’s Choice : Ranking the Final 7 th Semester for Seniors Yes First Semester grades in Senior Year – calculated without EOC result.

52 NEISD’s Choice: Number of End of Year Report Cards Two for all 9 th graders Two for 8 th Graders in Algebra I and Geometry

53 9 th graders only

54 Testing Materials for STAAR EOC EOC Calculators –Required for STAAR, STAAR Modified, STAAR L Algebra I, Geometry, Biology & STAAR/STAAR L Algebra II, Chemistry & Physics –Not an accommodation if TEA requires it! STAAR Gr. 3-8 Calculators –Special Ed or 504 & –Used Routinely, Independently & Effectively –Gr. 3 & 4: Physical disability that prevents students from writing OR an impairment in vision that prevents students from seeing numbers used in computations –Gr. 5 -8: Meets 1 criteria from Gr. 3-4 OR has a disability that affects math calculations (unable to memorize basic facts or perform steps in an algorithm)

55 Security Concerns Under STAAR, DTCs are forced to confront some security issues they may not have encounter before –EOC Testing window allows campuses to select test dates and so all students may not be testing on the same day which increases the risk of security breaches –Makeup testing encompasses more assessments and increases security risks –Since most districts have selected paper EOC testing the volume of secure test books has increased significantly this year and secure storage will be an issue at the district and campus level Consider temporary secure storage i.e., KeeBloks Consider PODs at the district level Consider staggering the release of materials to campuses –TRAINING is KEY – Campuses must be trained in what the expectation is and the DTC must have develop a plan for materials & communicate it

56 JuneJuly August May June 1 st Report Card w/o EOC scores July 9-13 EOC Retest Window; TAKS Retest June 4 th Credit Recovery Begins June 8 th EOC Reports Due (Data File & CSRs) Aug. 6-9 August Leadership Summer 2012 Preliminary NEISD EOC Timeline May30 th EOY June 14 Credit Recovery Ends; Retest Categories Determined June ? Report Card with EOC (Data File, CSR, NEISD Recommend ation Letter June 12 & 13 Leadership June 18 Summer School Starts HS Counselor’s Last Day July 11 Sem. #1 Summer School Ends July 12 Sem. #2 Summer School Starts Aug 3 Sem. #2 Summer School Ends Aug. 6/7 1 st Day MS/HS Counselors Aug. 10 th EOC Retest Reports Due (Data File & CSRs ) Aug. 27 th 1 st Day of School

57 Cost Analysis for July EOC

58 Summer EOC Testing Guiding Questions- 1.Will your district test in one central location or at individual campus sites? 2.Where is your district providing credit recovery, remediation for EOC and summer school? 3.Have you budgeted for the possible need to additional testing staff this summer? 4.Does your district have a plan for disseminating student results after school is out and rounding up the students for summer programs and testing?

59 EOC Retest Categories 000 900 (minimum) 1000 (Standard) 1200 (Readiness Std.) 1400 Category 1- Definite Retests Category 2- Recommend Retest Category 3- Voluntary Retest EOC Scale Scores

60 NEISD’s current thinking on Summer 2012

61 Logistics of Summer Testing 1.Pick one site for July 2012 2.4 hour test windows 3.3 sessions per day possible; students allowed to take only 1 test per session 4.Student confirms registration or registers online in NEISD Portal 5.Student is assigned a session and seat number 6.System creates a ticket for the student that student uses as pass to get into testing site 7.System creates rosters for campuses/district testing staff

62 3...2...1...Blast Off! (food for thought) –No scorable books at grade 3 –Spring break may interfere in March –Alternate test dates for XL retest or permission to test on election day depending whether or not your high schools are polling sites –EOC will create 4 times the number of answer documents since the documents are subject specific and not grade specific –TEA will release EOC reports starting the Monday after the EOC window closes (May 21) –Will you have less help this year due to budget constraints? Think outside the box about helpers –Staggering scorable check in vs. nonscorable check in –Consider checking in EOC by subject –Consider checking in while make up testing is going on & treat makeups as attributions

63 EOC Registration System in NEISD 1. Definite & Reccomended Retesters a)Automatically registered in system b)Requires confirmation for seat counts for planning 2. Voluntary Retesters a)Register online & confirm reservation 3. NEISD system will not be in place until the Fall of 2012

64 Tracking Students & Retest Registration Guiding Questions- 1.Is your district creating your own system to track EOC students? Are you purchasing a system that you will use? 2.Do you have a district committee that has been meeting to discuss how to track students that includes the DTC, PEIMS Coor., C & I, Technology, Accountability & Guidance? 3.Are you networking with other districts in your region and in the state?

65 3...2...1...Blast Off! (food for thought) Determining year entered 9 th grade is paramount Evaluating transcripts for newly enrolled students is important consider working with registrar/guidance to ensure everyone is on same page CBE with and without prior instruction Foreign Exchange Students & EOC- they must test, but will your district count the 15% for final grade?

66 What are your plans? ~~~Participant Activity~~~

67 New Check -In Form

68 Checking in Materials Guiding Questions- 1.Are you considering changing how you check in scorable and nonscorable materials this year? 2.How many campuses will test EOC online? 3.Do you check in at one station or do the campuses rotate throughs various stations to check specific things such as counts, headers, handgrids, score codes etc.? 4.How many days is your district planning to check in materials before you ship?

69 3...2...1...Blast Off! (food for thought) Be Flexible! What will work this summer may not work for next school year and vice versa If you test online you will get results faster Consider testing early in the window Consider large group testing If you are an OOS site have you considered the number of students you may need to test? OOD testers- what is your plan for dealing with them?

70 STAAR Radar - Items Not Decided Campus responsibilities for counseling & notification of student options How to document the student options Timeline going past August 2012 Testing Center for Retesters past July 2012

71 What are your plans? ~~~Participant Activity~~~

72 METEORS & ASTEROIDS – Burning Concerns Bill Renton, South San Antonio ISD

73 METEORS & ASTEROIDS – Burning Concerns Managing Accommodations Documentation & Forms Resources

74 The Accommodation Triangle (Under Construction – will be reposted following the Texas Assessment Conference)

75 TEA – Accommodations Documents This section provides a general description of the accommodation and who may need it. The statewide assessments that the accommodation may be used on are listed in this section. This section lists the criteria that a student must meet to use the accommodation. The checkboxes are provided for possible record-keeping.

76 TEA – Accommodations Documents This section lists the campus personnel and the required documentation necessary for making accommodation decisions. This section also explains what to record on the student answer document. This section states if an Accommodation Request Form is/is not required. This section lists examples and types of the accommodation that may be used on a statewide assessment.

77 Northside ISD’s NISD’s system for documenting accommodations for students

78 Northside ISD’s List of Accommodations NISD documents accommodations by subject and type in a district system

79 Northside’s System Continued Create a system that works for your district and campus

80 South San Antonio ISD’s Accommodations System

81 North East ISD Document

82 NEISD Form page 2

83 NEISD Intranet site for Supplemental Aids

84 San Antonio ISD’s Accommodations System

85 San Antonio ISD’s Accommodations System - RTI

86 San Antonio ISD’s Accommodations System – LEP

87 Examples of Supplemental Aides Science DNA Graphic Org. Energy Photo Graphic Org.

88 Optional Procedures/Materials Optional form for NEISD CTCs to document Optional Test Administration Proc. & Materials Documentation is maintained at the campus level Note: Individual & small groups are not of form as of 11/18/11. NEISD is also not documenting grade 3 Reading Assistance for math

89 Example of NEISD’s Form to Track Accommodations for students at Alternate Campuses NEISD wants to guarantee that students at Alternate Campuses are tested appropriately CTC must complete form and send to alt. campus when students leave home campus

90 Judson ISD Document

91 What are your plans? ~~~Participant Activity~~~

92 BIG BANG THEORY- Accountability!

93 Questions?

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