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Probability and Statistics Resources for Algebra I and Algebra II EOC Eddie Keel Southwest CORE Math Coordinator

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1 Probability and Statistics Resources for Algebra I and Algebra II EOC Eddie Keel Southwest CORE Math Coordinator

2 News There will be summer training offered by the Tennessee Department of Education for 9-12 math teachers. More details coming. Tennessee teachers are supposed to use Common Core Standards for Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry during 2013-2014. 2013-2014 is the last year for our current EOC exams.

3 More News The PARCC Assessment will be used in 2014- 2015. Sample items have been released. Check the TN Core site for more info. The state has hired 8 regional math coordinators for each of the 8 CORE centers.

4 More News Some SPIs in grades 3-8 math have been dropped this year in preparation for implementation of Common Core. Algebra II will have an annual measurable objective (AMO) this year. Remember that Algebra II TVAAS scores for your school is counted in your schools Numeracy and Overall TVAAS score.

5 MUST-HAVE RESOURCES ePATS – ge&childpagename=Tennessee%2FtnPALPLayout& cid=1205461143253&pagename=tnPALPWrapper &resourcecategory=ePATs ge&childpagename=Tennessee%2FtnPALPLayout& cid=1205461143253&pagename=tnPALPWrapper &resourcecategory=ePATs Old Practice Test and Item Sampler – mplers.shtml mplers.shtml These 2 links also have Algebra II materials.

6 This activity was adapted from an activity posted on Regents Exam Prep Center web site: – BRA/AD3/FruitLoopsActivity.pdf BRA/AD3/FruitLoopsActivity.pdf Fruit Loops vs. Cheerios

7 Algebra I—Standard 5 SPI 3102.5.1 Interpret displays of data to answer questions about the data set(s) (e.g., identify pattern, trends, and/or outliers in a data set). SPI 3102.5.2 Identify the effect on mean, median, mode, and range when values in the data set are changed. SPI 3102.5.3 Using a scatter-plot, determine if a linear relationship exists and describe the association between variables. SPI 3102.5.4 Generate the equation of a line that fits linear data and use it to make a prediction. SPI 3102.5.5 Determine theoretical and/or experimental probability of an event and/or its complement including using relative frequency.

8 Algebra I Cram Course I created this materials for use at Haywood High School in reviewing our students for the Algebra I EOC. Hard copies of these materials can be found at the following URL: –

9 Algebra II-Standard 5 SPI 3103.5.1 Compute, compare and explain summary statistics for distributions of data including measures of center and spread. SPI 3103.5.2 Compare data sets using graphs and summary statistics. SPI 3103.5.3 Analyze patterns in a scatter-plot and describe relationships in both linear and non-linear data. SPI 3103.5.4 Apply the characteristics of the normal distribution. SPI 3103.5.5 Determine differences between randomized experiments and observational studies. SPI 3103.5.6 Find the regression curve that best fits both linear and non- linear data (using technology such as a graphing calculator) and use it to make predictions. SPI 3103.5.7 Determine/recognize when the correlation coefficient measures goodness of fit. SPI 3103.5.8 Apply probability concepts such as conditional probability and independent events to calculate simple probability.

10 Comparison of 2 Data Sets Activity You can find this activity at: –

11 Applets piricalrule.html piricalrule.html _020/applets/normalcurve.html _020/applets/normalcurve.html maldemo1.html maldemo1.html probstat/normal_distribution.html probstat/normal_distribution.html

12 More Applets gebra/AbsoluteValues/AbsoluteValues.html gebra/AbsoluteValues/AbsoluteValues.html ility/plinko/index.html ility/plinko/index.html

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