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1 Student Certification Assessment System (SCAS) Overview

2 NAFTrack and SCAS Requirements Benefits Components Materials Participation Award Process Questions Agenda

3 NAF’s Proven Model for College and Career Readiness Work- based Learning Curriculum and Assessment Academy Structure Advisory Board 1

4 Overview S tudent C ertification A ssessment S ystem Overview

5 Student Certification Assessment System – SCAS A Rigorous Certification A Secure Assessment Program A Measurement of College and Career Readiness Aligned with Industry Standards Designed with National Curriculum and Assessments Experts Developed with NAF Network Input What SCAS is…

6 A Learning Management System A District Student Information System (SIS) A Student Portfolio A Lesson Planning Tool A Formative Classroom Assessment What SCAS is NOT…

7 Number of Academies in which students completed one or more CPACs, EOCs, or Internship Assessments (IAs): 9/12 - 2/14 AOF 40 academies AOHT26 Academies AOIT20 Academies AOE 6 Academies SCAS By The Numbers…

8 Number of Culminating Projects (CPAC), End of Course (EOC) Exams, or Internship Assessments completed in SCAS in 2014. SCAS By The Numbers…

9 Number of unique students started an assessment in SCAS during the 2013/2014 school year. SCAS By The Numbers…

10 Graduation Pass 4 NAF Courses ** Pass 4 Culminating Project Assessments Pass 4 End of Course Assessment Pass Internship Assessment ** 2 year-long third party SCAS Requirements

11 NAF Student Certification is issued upon graduation to a student who has: Met all local high school graduation requirements at a level required for admission to its state’s public postsecondary institutions (four-year, two-year, and community colleges). SCAS Requirements…

12 NAF Student Certification is issued upon graduation to a student who has: Completed four (4) NAF courses Received a passing score on each of the four (4) culminating projects and four (4) end of course exams, or end of course exams in 2 year-long courses in the case of AOE or some AOHS SCAS Requirements…

13 NAF Student Certification is issued upon graduation to a student who has: Received a satisfactory rating on the internship assessment. SCAS Requirements…

14 NAFTrack: Certified Hiring Students – Tangible Feedback Teachers – Strengthen Alignment To Industry Vetted Curriculum Business – Prepared Workforce Post Secondary - Completed Rigorous Course of Study SCAS Benefits…

15 NAFTrack Certified Hiring Initial Program Benefits May Include Pre-interview and resume support College internship opportunities and connectivity Support to ensure more NAF Certified Graduates attend the postsecondary institutions where they recruit Guaranteed interviews in equally qualified applicant pools Potentially expedited advancement in the hiring process Priority hiring among equally qualified applicant pools Applicant feedback and coaching post interview Potential higher starting salary for NAF certified graduates

16 Culminating Project Assessments End of Course Exams Internship Assessment S tudent C ertification A ssessment S ystem

17 Course Assessments = Culminating Project Assessment for Certification (CPAC) AND End of Course (EOC) SCAS Components

18 Culminating Projects Most NAF-developed courses have culminating projects All culminating projects features: – Stages: Planning, Implementation, Final – Reflection Questions – Final Product Teachers score CPAC – Rubric

19 Culminating Project Planning and Implementation Products

20 Culminating Project Final Products

21 1.What ideas, concepts, and skills from the specific learning objectives did you apply while developing this work? 2.How does the work sample you selected demonstrate your understanding and application of the ideas, concepts, and skills from the specific learning objectives you mentioned above? Culminating Project Reflection Questions

22 3.Describe the quality of your work sample in relationship to the specific learning objectives. 4.Describe what you could improve about your work sample. 5.Describe how you contributed to the development of the selected work sample. Culminating Project Reflection Questions

23  Demonstrates understanding of the major ideas, concepts, and skills covered in the targeted learning objectives.  Demonstrates ability to apply the knowledge and skills covered in the targeted learning objectives.  Demonstrates ability to reflect on the quality of his/her work in relationship to the targeted learning objectives, providing examples of strengths and limitations of work samples and the final product..  Demonstrates contribution in the group through all stages (i.e., work samples and the final product). Culminating Project Assessment Rubric

24 All EOCs Assess 16 Critical Learning Objectives Contain 32 Multiple Choice Questions(MCs) + 3 MCs in field test Include 4 Constructed Response Questions (CRs) + 1 CR in field test Total 40 Questions End-of-Course Exams

25 Scoring Multiple Choice Items are scored immediately by the system 1 Pt. per Correct Answer = 32 pts. Field Test Items Not Scored Constructed Response Items must be scored by the teacher Scoring Rubric 2 Pts. Possible Per Answer = 8 pts. End-of-Course Exams

26 Student EOC Log In End-of-Course Exams Required Log In Info

27 Student EOC View End-of-Course Exams Navigation

28 Administrative Guide – Assessed Learning Objective End-of-Course Exams

29 Supervisor Assessment of College and Career Readiness (SACCR) = Internship Assessment Culminating work-based learning experience and the summative assessment for purposes of NAF certification SCAS Components

30 Internship Assessment For Certification Participate in a 120-hour internship (2015)* Receive a 2, 3, 4 performance level within each dimension; and Meet or exceed expectations on a majority of the dimensions in the four categories; and Be rated as “Meets Expectations/Usually” (3) or “Exceeds Expectations/Always” (4) on a set of dimension deemed “high value:” SCAS Components

31 Internship Assessment For Certification High Value Dimensions – Score 3 or 4Score 3 or 4 Part IA3. Critical Thinking – Foundational Skills Part IB4. Teamwork/Collaboration – Applied Workplace Skills Part IC9. Exhibits responsible and professional behaviors – Self-Management and Personal Responsibility, Part II4. Knows how to interact with supervisors, clients, and teammates – Knowledge of the Field and Organizational Context SCAS Components

32 Foundational Skills

33 Applied Workplace Skills

34 Self-Management Skills

35 Career Contextual Knowledge

36 Position-Specific Technical Skills

37 Participation S tudent C ertification A ssessment S ystem Overview

38 Academy Support Hub About SCAS – Section 1 – About NAF SCAS – SCAS FAQ – Participation – Rollout Overview – Rollout Checklist – SCAS Task Chart SCAS Participation

39 SCAS About – Reference Manual SCAS Participation

40 Considerations Information Technical Requirements Rollout Plan Participation

41 Roles District SCAS Administrator Academy SCAS Administrator School Technical Support Teacher Everyone Has Role

42 Timing Before Course During Course Before Exam Day of the Exam After Exam Timing is Everything

43 Award Process

44 SCAS ? Just Ask.

45 SCAS Resources – Online Academy Support Hub - Modules About SCAS Getting Started CPAC EOC IA SCAS Help

46 To participate in SCAS or for information about SCAS training, please contact your NAF Network Liaison. For contact information, please click here: SCAS Help

47 While using the system, please review the “Help” section in the navigation list at the left side of your screen. Tips are provided for you regarding several key activities. SCAS Help

48 For expert technical support, please contact Internet Testing Systems (ITS). The ITS support team is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST online, via email or by phone. An online request for assistance can be submitted when logged into the system. The ITS support email is and phone is SCAS Help

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