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2 1. What is the function of enzymes in biological system. A
1. What is the function of enzymes in biological system? A. Enzymes act as product to create new chemical reactions. B. Enzymes act as catalyst to drive chemical reactions forward. C. Enzymes act as substrates when the necessary proteins are unavailable. D. Enzymes bond with substrate to create the new reaction product. ANSWER B

3 Which of the following macromolecules are a
prominent part of animal tissues that function in insulation, helping animals conserve heat? A. Nucleic acids B. Proteins C. Carbohydrates D. Lipids ANSWER D

4 3. Both lipids and carbohydrates are important in animal cells because both – A. provide insulation B. form cell walls C. contain nitrogen D. store energy ANSWER D

5 4. Biochemical substances in the human body are maintained at about a neutral pH except for the - A. Lymph B. Stomach fluids C. Blood D. Internal material of living cells ANSWER B

6 5. Most cellular activities are processes regulated by the action of – A. Enzymes B. Polysaccharides C. Carbohydrates D. Lipids ANSWER A

7 6. Students conducted an investigation using Biuret reagent to
determine the presence of protein in different foods. The results are shown below. Test for Proteins SUBSTANCE COLOR AFTER ADDING BIURET Honey Blue Cottage Cheese Purple/lavender Potato Dark blue Water Light blue Chicken broth Dark purple Yogurt, plain Light purple

8 According to the data, which foods tested by the students contained protein? F. Honey and Potato G. Potato and Chicken broth H. Cottage cheese and Water J. Cottage cheese and Yogurt ANSWER J

9 7. Which best describes how enzymes function in the
body? A. Enzymes are converted in products by the reaction they catalyze. B. Enzymes lower the activation energy of reactions. C. One enzyme can catalyze many different reactions. D. An enzyme is used once and then destroyed by the cell ANSWER B

10 8. Which molecules store and transmit genetic I information? F. lipid G. proteins H. nucleic acids J. carbohydrates ANSWER H

11 9. Antibodies are composed primarily of amino acids
9. Antibodies are composed primarily of amino acids. In which class of biomolecules would antibodies belong? A. nucleic acids B. carbohydrates C. proteins D. lipids ANSWER C

12 10. A student test an unknown colorless solutions for the presence of sugars, starches, lipids, and proteins results are shown below. UNKNOWN SOLUTION RESULTS TESTING INDICATOR OBSERVATION Iodine Unknown solution turned from colorless to brown-orange Benedict’s Solution Unknown solution turned from colorless to orange Biuret Solution Unknown solution turned from colorless to purple Brown Paper Bag No mark left, unknown solution completely

13 Based on the data, collected, which molecules are present in the unknown solution? F. starches and lipids G. proteins and starches H. sugars and proteins J. lipids and proteins ANSWER H


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