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EMMETT, IDAHO MAY 15 TH, 2012 Gem County Dam Breach Tabletop Exercise.

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1 EMMETT, IDAHO MAY 15 TH, 2012 Gem County Dam Breach Tabletop Exercise

2 Participation Relax – this is a no-fault environment Respond based on your current capability Feel free to improvise – think outside the box The more you contribute, the more successful we will be Share with the entire group – side conversations detract from the goal of working together Work together in a no judgment environment

3 What is the purpose of an exercise? Revise plans and procedures  Do they work?  Are they realistic? Tests plans not individuals Answers the question “are real world actions influenced by current plans and procedures?”

4 Purpose The purpose of this exercise is to test Gem County plans and procedures to respond initially to a breach of the Black Canyon Dam.

5 Exercise Objectives Interoperable Communications. Discuss the information flow between the Bureau of Reclamation, Gem County Dispatch and responding agencies. Onsite Incident Management. Explain the establishment of Incident Command (IC) or Unified Command (UC) and identify lead agencies. Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Management. Describe the activation of the Gem County EOC, identify necessary positions and staffing. Emergency Public Information and Warning. Review the process of code red activation and its role in public information and warning.

6 Exercise Structure Module 1:  Initial notifications Module 2:  Incident Command System (ICS) implementation Module 3:  Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activation

7 Let’s Get Started! Any questions?

8 SCOPE This exercise will focus on:  Initial notifications  Initial set up of Incident Command/Unified Command  Communication between the Bureau of Reclamation and Gem County Dispatch  The activation of the Gem County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

9 Saturday 10am – June 2, 2012 It is another beautiful spring day in Emmett, Idaho. The sun is shining, weather is forecast to be dry. The gates at Black Canyon Dam are in the process of being changed. During this routine maintenance there is a complication and Black Canyon Dam suffers a breach. Water will impact roadways and households between Black Canyon Dam and Plaza Road.

10 Module 1: Initial Notifications Describe the communication chain:  Bureau of Reclamation  Gem County Dispatch  Gem County/Emmett city responders  Gem County/Emmett city citizens

11 Module 2: ICS Implementation Describe the coordination of command duties:  First responding agencies  Gem County Dispatch  Public Information Officer (PIO)  Use of volunteer groups

12 Module 3: EOC Activation Describe the activation of the Gem County EOC  What sections?  Staffing needs?  Use of volunteer groups

13 Hotwash Group discussion:  One positive thing  One area for improvement

14 Thank You! Please fill out the participant feedback forms and hand them in as you leave.  This will help in writing an accurate After Action Report (AAR). Thanks for your participation  A draft AAR will be emailed out for your consideration and corrections.  Once all additions and corrections have been made, a final AAR will be provided to the county and participants.

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