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PTSO Meeting Parent Data/Testing/Dual Enrollment Informational Night.

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1 PTSO Meeting Parent Data/Testing/Dual Enrollment Informational Night

2 Testing FCAT Writes Reading FCAT Algebra I End of Course (EOC) Exam Biology End of Course (EOC) Exam US History End of Course (EOC)Exam Geometry End of Course (EOC) Exam Final Exams EOC Retakes Dual Enrollment

3 Writes FCAT Writes Grade 10 State Mandated CPATC Writes In House Indicator Diagnostic

4 FCAT Reading Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test State Mandated Standardized Test Computer Based for Grades 9-10 Grad Req for 10 Placement for 9 April 15-16 for Grade 10 April 22-23 for Grade 9

5 Reading Preps Dates to be announced

6 Algebra I EOC May 13 & May 14 Computer Based Test Calculator/Ruler/Reference Sheet provided within the testing program Scrap paper provided Grad Req

7 Algebra I EOC Preps 2/22 (9:30-11) 3/8 (11:05 -12:35) 4/12 (9:30-11) 4/26 (11:05 -12:35) 5/10 (9:30-12) Bring with you: All the materials you have from previous prep dates Paper Pencil Pen Make sure to have transportation

8 Final Exams The Final Exam grade for Algebra 1 and Geometry and Us History will be calculated as an average of quarter 3 and quarter 4. This is due to fact that the students will be taking an EOC exam for this course. The EOC will be calculated as 30% of their entire year’s grade. Algebra 2 students will take a final and it will be worth 20% per student handbook.

9 Geometry EOC May 15 Computer Based Test Calculator/Ruler/Reference Sheet provided within the testing program Scrap paper provided

10 Geometry EOC Preps February 11 & 18 March 4 & 11 April 8 & 22 May 6

11 Biology I EOC May 6 & May 7 Computer Based Test- 60-66 m.c. Qs EOC counts 30% of the year’s grade.In order to pass the course, the course average (including the EOC score) must equal 60% or higher.

12 Biology I EOC Preps March 1, April 5 & May 3 9:30-12:30 March 8 and April 26 9:30-11:00 or 11:05-12:30

13 US History EOC April 24 th & 25 th Computer Based Multiple Choice Test (A,B,C,D) 50-60 Questions 30% of Course Grade

14 Electronic Devices Policy If students are found with ANY electronic devices, including, but not limited to, cell phones and smartphones, during testing OR during breaks, their tests will be invalidated. Some suggested best practices are: Students leave devices at home Students place devices in purse/backpack and purse/backpack is placed in the front of the classroom (student CANNOT access purse/backpack during break or going to the restroom) Refrain from calling your student on testing days, if there is an emergency call the office

15 Leaving Campus If students leave campus before completing a session, they WILL NOT be permitted to complete the test later. This includes leaving for lunch, an appointment, or illness, etc. Attendance is MANDATORY for all testing.

16 Final Exams Week of May 27 Reading: 20% Writing l & ll: 20% Art: 20% English I & ll: 20% Info Tech: 20% French I & ll: 20% Spanish I & II: 20% World History: 20% Research: 20% Speech & Debate: 20% Chemistry: TBD Marine Biology: TBD

17 Retakes EOC Retakes (Alg) August Date TBA December Date TBA Course failures will result in repeating the course and possibly retaking the EOC What does it mean?

18 Alg 1 EOC 2013

19 Bio EOC 2013 LPA: 50% (total & re-takers) Centennial: 27% (total & re-takers) TCHS: 37% for re-takers; 15% first timers; 36% total Central: 35% (total & re-takers) Westwood: 27% for re-takers; 83% 1st timers; 39% total PSL: 16% (total & re-takers) CPATC: 66% for re-takers; 100% 1st timers; and 75% total

20 How do test scores affect my school? School grade Funding-Reward Dollars Success Support

21 How is my school helping my student to prepare? Saturday and After-School Preps Peer Tutoring-Lunch Monday-Math Tuesday-Spanish Wednesday-English Thursday-History Friday-Science After School Tutoring Monday-English Tuesday- Geometry Wednesday- Math Thursday- Science

22 What can be done at home to ensure success? Study Island urces/grade10readingsamplequestions.pdf Algebra & Science: Algebra: Tredor’s Page- he has skills, concepts, practice sheets and test specs for download

23 chool%20EOC%20Test%20Prep/Algebra%201%2 0EOC%20Test%20Prep/Algebra%201%20EOC%2 0Test%20Prep%20Packet%202012.pdf 20Documents/Practice%20Test%20for%20flvs_net _Final.pdf tools/EOC/Documents/Practice%20Test%20for%2 0flvs_net_wsolutions_Final.pdf Study log and several biology EOC study sites available on Mr. Houston's teacher page.

24 Dual Enrollment Eligibility GPA (weighted vs. unweighted) and course specific grades Maturity Recommendations PERT- Post-Secondary Education Readiness Test (x2) IRSC (anytime-$10) & CPATC (11th grade- free) Online Prep through IRSC

25 CPP/PLP College Prep Portfolios College Projects Applications Recommendation Essays Personal Learning Plans Graduation Requirements

26 Accreditation Somerset SACS-AdvancEd Visits-interviews March 9

27 QR App- This links to the mobile application of our website.

28 Questions

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