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Business EOC Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technologies (NIMSAT) Institute.

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1 Business EOC Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technologies (NIMSAT) Institute May 2010

2 Business EOC Response to Gustav/Ike Public-Private Partnerships  Mobilized products and services from private sector Mobile food kitchen (savings, service) $23.8 million dollars donations  Enhanced situational awareness from the private sector Wal-Mart shortages of fuel Economic Consequence Assessment: CIKR  Reported disruptions to operating capacity of 120 petroleum, natural gas, chemical and electricity facilities (CITGO Refinery, Entergy, Henry Hub, LOOP, Ports)  Economic impact to Oil & Gas industry: $7.6B - $8.3B

3 Business EOC Private Sector Disaster Recovery and Resiliency are directly connected to the private and nonprofit sector Owns 98% supply chains and distribution networks Operates 85% of Critical Infrastructures and Key Resources (CIKR) Has the expertise and assets, but unable to support without organized direction

4 Business EOC Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center A Partnership Of

5 Business EOC Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Team from LED, NIMSAT, and LSU calculating economic impact of spill.  Industries and areas of interest include tourism, fishing, wildlife, ecosystem, litigation, transportation, clean up costs, etc. Custom LA BEOC web portal to serve as clearinghouse for unique ideas for oil spill clean up. “ If businesses have a specific type of technology that our experts think can be incorporated into the emergency response operations—we are asking them to be deployed immediately.” -Governor Bobby Jindal

6 Business EOC Louisiana BEOC Mission To support disaster management in Louisiana by  Developing an accurate understanding of economic impacts to critical infrastructures and major economic drivers  Coordinating businesses and volunteer organizations with the public sector Through the Louisiana BEOC, the State of Louisiana will  Improve disaster preparedness and response  Reduce reliance on FEMA and other federal assistance  Maximize business, industry and economic stabilization  Return the business environment to normal operations quickly

7 Business EOC Louisiana BEOC Goals Goal 1: Pre-disaster Preparedness and Resiliency: “Get a Game Plan” Goal 2: Facilitate bi-directional communication of critical information between the public sector and businesses to acquire comprehensive situational awareness Goal 3: Estimate economic impacts of the disaster to major economic drivers across the state, as well as to Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) assets, and the resulting impacts to the state and national economy.

8 Business EOC Louisiana BEOC Goals Goal 4: Return business environment to normal: Transition from Response to Recovery – Get businesses back on-line Goal 5: Maximize the use of Louisiana businesses, or national private sector resources, to provide needed emergency unplanned products and services Goal 6: Assist GOHSEP Unified Logistics Element (ULE) team in coordinating products and services with Louisiana, regional, and national businesses & their supply chains Goal 7: Coordinate voluntary donations from businesses, VOADs and individuals

9 Business EOC Summer and Winter Fuel During Gustav and Ike, Wal-Mart notified the State of Louisiana that there was a shortage of summer fuel in Louisiana to support an evacuation and return. This information was then communicated through the EOC command structure, resulting in an executive declaration from Governor Jindal to allow winter fuel into the state. Bi-directional information will be able to flow between the private sector and government allowing for improved response.

10 Business EOC MRE vs. Hot Meals During Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, the state engaged the Louisiana Restaurant Association to provide hot meals to affected communities instead of distributing MREs through the traditional PODs. By utilizing private sector vendors, the state was able to save approximately $630,000. The meals were served faster, it saved the state $629,000, and it injected $2.8 million into Louisiana businesses instead of sending that money out of state. Private vendors have the ability to set up multiple locations that serve hot meals to replace PODs whenever possible. Operating PODs is very expensive and can only support those who are able to travel to the PODs.

11 Business EOC Soft vs. Hard Shutdown The private sector has requested they be informed of an evacuation order a few hours prior to the public to ensure a soft shutdown. This means that a grocery store would be able to put away their produce and frozen foods away before all of their employees leave the stores to evacuate the area. The LA BEOC would be a means in which the communication between the government and the private sector could exist. These stores will be able to reopen faster after a disaster because of the store will not have to receive these supplies they were able to store safely.

12 Business EOC Re-entry Ahead of General Public During Hurricane Gustav and Ike many local jurisdictions requested that large scale, critical private sector partners be allow to return to affected communities to open prior to the turn of the general public. Houma which was affected by Hurricane Gustav requested that Wal- Mart be allowed to return prior to the return of the general public. The State EOC was able to facilitate re-entry credentials and Wal-Mart re- established their store’s operation. Employees could return to work, communities could purchase needed supplies to return to their homes, and monies was injected into the local economy. This approach allowed the parish to avoid significant outside assistance and begin the recovery in a timelier manner.

13 Business EOC Pre-Incident Identification of Partners Many parishes are identifying key, critical local private sector partners that are essential to support the return of communities following a disaster by working with local economic development organizations, chambers of commerce and trade organizations. Each business is listed as priority re-entry entities by parish officials and are allowed into the affected area to assess and open operations well before the general public returns. Each parish is different and will deem varying industries as critical. Some examples include utilities, hospitals, telecommunications, media, and large economic drivers are critical to the re-establishment of services that are necessary to sustain life and commerce following a critical incident.

14 Business EOC Private Sector Benefits The LA BEOC represents an opportunity for the state to easily identify vendors that provide needed commodities and/or services before they are needed. Contracts will be secured for Louisiana businesses when they will need business the most. Businesses will have the opportunity to register on the LA BEOC website at any time. Registration is beneficial to the companies because they will have access to emergency contracts, priority information from the state, and an avenue to communicate their problems to the state during an emergency.

15 Business EOC What the Louisiana BEOC is… Voice for the private sector “Force Multiplier” for State Resiliency through business preparedness, response, and recovery Your Ideas?? What the Louisiana BEOC is NOT… Not a platform for solicitation Not just for businesses that they represent Not about preferential treatment or acquiring business intelligence for a limited few

16 Business EOC LA BEOC Technologies Development of technologies that enhance emergency management professionals to manage emergencies. Emergency Mangers to define what technologies are needed. Technology must provide value to emergency managers

17 Business EOC Louisiana Energy Reliability: Supply Chain Energy CIKR consequence modeling  Analyze “platform-to-pump” fuel supply chain Develop model to predict gasoline demand by evacuating traffic Monitor fuel use, measure traffic volume

18 Business EOC CIKR Economic Impact

19 Business EOC Analysis – La Retailers Association & PODS

20 Business EOC Gulf of Mexico – New England: Natural Gas Dependency

21 Business EOC Intelligent Levees (iLevee) Louisiana’s critical infrastructure  350 miles of flood protection  Metropolitan New Orleans State of the art CI protection system  Monitoring Sensors  Data Communication networks  First responders  HPC system for real-time monitoring Impacts to CI on: Human, Economic, Governance, and Psychological Capabilities Partners:  GeoComp, PB Americas, Inc., Shannon & Wilson, James Lee Witt Associates, SMARTEC, TIE Technologies

22 Business EOC LA BEOC Designed for Collaboration Flexible(EOC, Classroom and Collaboratorium ) Secure (Physical, Access and Encryption) Easy to use(Customized to task and Supported) Robust(Layers of Redundancy) Effective(Functionality and Cost) Physical and virtual(Interface and OS independent) Platform Agnostic(Any device and any standard)

23 Business EOC LA BEOC Physical Structure Business Representatives Support Control Command Servers

24 Business EOC LA BEOC Supporting Facilities Note: Media and News Room in adjacent facility, away from operations

25 Business EOC LABEOC Overarching Benefits Increase bi-directional information flow between the private sector and government in times of emergencies Communicate to the private sector that “business matters”, and the LABEOC will support them  Businesses are critical to the State and are key stakeholders during emergencies Fiscally responsible approach for taking care of citizens: faster, cheaper, better

26 Business EOC LABEOC Next Steps Development of operational plan for interface between all public, private, non- profit stakeholders for this hurricane season Identify and support the management of AidMatrix and WebEOC (LAVOAD, GOHSEP, Private Sector, Charities/Philanthropic Community, CAN, etc) Identify mechanism for sharing information between all stakeholders vis a vis urgent needs at the State level Develop Economic Impact and CIKR information interfaces Community outreach to all stakeholders

27 Business EOC

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