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[Exercise Name] Functional Exercise Player Briefing [Location] [Date] [Logo Here]

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1 [Exercise Name] Functional Exercise Player Briefing [Location] [Date] [Logo Here]

2 2 Opening Remarks Local Officials State Officials [if applicable] Federal Officials [if applicable] Exercise Planning Team

3 3 Exercise Schedule [Today’s Date] [Time] Players’ Brief [Time] Exercise Play [Time] ENDEX [Time] Players’ Hotwash

4 4 Exercise Safety Safety is everyone’s concern Safety Officer is [Name] Safety concerns override exercise execution Be aware that operating in this environment is inherently dangerous [optional for FE] Actual emergencies will be identified by the saying:“Real-World Emergency”

5 5 Purpose & Scope The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate player actions against current response plans and capabilities for a bioterrorism incident response. The scope of play for [Exercise Name] requires the simulated establishment of an emergency dispensing operation and the actions usually associated with a response to a bioterrorism incident. This includes command and control, communications, and other actions.

6 6 Exercise Design Objectives Communications Assess the ability of EDS staff to establish and maintain internal/external communications with various support agencies such as the local EOC, local BOH, etc. during a biological terrorism incident in accordance with the communities EDS Plan. Evaluate the ability of EDS staff to use common response language (i.e. plain English) when implementing communication plans during a biological terrorism incident, in accordance with Incident Command System/NIMS recommendations. Onsite Incident Management Assess the ability of the EDS Manager/Incident Commander to implement the Incident Command System, during a biological terrorism incident, in accordance with Incident Command System principles and the EDS plan. Test the ability of EDS staff to create and disseminate an Incident Action Plan during a biological terrorism incident, in accordance with Incident Command System protocols.

7 7 Exercise Assumptions Conducted in a no-fault learning environment wherein systems and processes, not individuals, will be evaluated. Exercise simulation will be realistic and plausible, containing sufficient detail from which to respond. Exercise players will react to the information and situations as they are presented, in the same manner as if this had been a real event.

8 8 Exercise Artificialities Artificialities and constraints, such as the Assembly Area, may detract from realism. Some other artificialities include the following: Surrogates may be playing in place of some key decision makers Some organizations and individuals will be simulated The exercise will be played in real time. However, there may be some time jumps or acceleration to meet certain objectives

9 9 Briefings & Events Controller/Evaluator Training Observer/VIP Briefing Player Briefing Hotwash Controller/Evaluator Debriefing

10 10 Exercise Positions Exercise Director Senior Controller Safety Controller Individual Controllers at each location Evaluators Simulators –Simulated organizations and positions Support Staff –Communications –Site Set-up

11 11 Conducting the Exercise Players are expected to remain at the exercise location. Starts with a briefing on the scenario Some follow-on exercise injects Subsequent players actions self directed Play will not be halted Scenario timeline is constant

12 12 Communications All communication should begin and end with “This is an exercise” No communication with outside agencies other than the SimCell, EOC, EDS

13 13 Observers & Media Observers will be escorted Observers should not interfere with play Real World media may be present Media should not talk to players –All inquiries should be deferred to the Exercise Director or Senior Controller

14 14 Security No loaded weapons carried by players in “play area” No unauthorized persons allowed Hats, badging and/or vests must be worn at all times

15 15 Post Exercise Please provide copies of the following documents to the controllers: –Logs –Notes –Participant Feedback Summary Forms Please attend the Hotwash directly after the end of exercise play

16 Exercise Administrivia

17 17 Exercise Badges CONTROLLER EVALUATOR

18 18 Exercise Badges OBSERVER MEDIA


20 20 Exercise Hats

21 21 Exercise Administrivia Restrooms will be available Drinkable water will be located throughout the exercise site You may keep your hats After the Hotwash, please return: Your badges and vests All exercise documentation

22 22 Final Exercise Reminders Know your role and the scenario Do not prompt or get in the way of players Contact the Exercise Director and/or Senior Controller with any problems or questions Safety Comes First – use the phrase “Real-World Emergency” in any actual emergency

23 Questions or Comments

24 Thank you for participating! [Department name] [Phone #] [Email address] [Logo Here]

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