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WebEOC Training Spring 2013

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1 WebEOC Training Spring 2013
Justification: WebEOC is used to track volunteers. WebEOC Training Spring 2013

2 Objectives Understand how DOH utilizes WebEOC
Familiarization of WebEOC’s new features Roles and responsibilities

3 WebEOC – What is it? WebEOC is designed to make crisis information universally available Statewide use of WebEOC at: State Agencies, Higher Education, Counties, Hospitals / Health Care, Cities, Federal, Tribal level Facilitate coordination of: Decision-making, Planning, and Coordination of Requests for Assistance

4 WebEOC – How do we use it at DOH?
DOH uses WebEOC for situational awareness and information sharing during emergency incidents WebEOC is a web based system that can be used on any computer that has internet access It is used to support the fulfillment of resource requests from local partners

5 WebEOC – New Features Request for Assistance & Mission Tracker
WSDOT Road Conditions & Closures Staffing Board with Views of who is on duty and a new Finance Report Shared Activity Log Attach documents to status boards Auto name / position stamp & date/time stamps Select Position from dropdown list

6 Logging into WebEOC Online
The direct URL is: Another path is:

7 Logging into WebEOC in the EOC
Log into WebEOC using the icon on the desktop when located in the EOC.

8 Login Screen Jurisdiction is always All Jurisdictions
User is WADOH-SECTION – section you are working in Each section login has positions associated with it We no longer log into WebEOC using a position user account. We now log in using section accounts. There are now only 4 sections. Then a position is selected from the section using a drop down menu which we will show you next. Now we’re going to have you log into a specific section.

9 Log In Select WADOH as the jurisdiction
Use WADOH-DIR or WADOH-RSS as the User ID Passwords are the same: Emergency#1 Please log into WebEOC. If you are a EOC volunteer please use the WADOH-DIR account. If you are a RSS volunteer use the WADOH-RSS account. Emergency#1

10 Login – Select Position
Select the position you are working in from the dropdown menu. This is what the dropdown menu looks like for the director section. Select the position you are assigned to.

11 Login – Select the Incident
Select the incident from the dropdown menu An incident name will be provided from the State EOC An incident name and number is created by the State EOC when an incident occurs that requires coordination within the state. An incident name and number can also by the State EOC to be used by the agency.

12 Login – Sections and Positions
WADOH-DIR - Directors Section Includes the Finance/ Admin positions

13 Login – Sections and Positions
WADOH-RSS – RSS Section RSS Coordinator currently only available position

14 Login – Sections and Positions
WADOH-Plan – Planning Section Chief, Assistant and Utility positions available

15 Login – Sections and Positions
WADOH-Ops/Log – Operations and Logistic Sections Now have Logistics positions available

16 Additional Login Information
All fields are required except the comments field. The naming convention for the name field has changed. It is now last name, underscore, first time, parentheses, DOH. It is important to fill out this information because the first line of the additional information Screen will stamp every entry made by each user.

17 WebEOC Boards All of the WebEOC boards are now numbered
Boards are used for tracking our activities and requests Menus are ways to access other WebEOC user shared boards Boards Next we’ll go into each individual board and discuss them in detail. Menus

18 WebEOC Tools & Plugins At this time we do not use the Tools or Plugins utilities. Some of the items are not available to us and others are blocked by our firewall. Utilities

19 WebEOC Control Panel Overview
Section Name Position Log Off Incident Positions can be changed by clicking on the name and selecting another position within that section. The incident can also be changed by clicking on the name and selecting a different incident. IMPORTANT: make sure you are posting to the right board, under the right position, in the right incident.

20 Basic Board Functionality
To view a board, click on the board name (no more blue buttons) Red identifies new information you have not yet seen Next we will talk about the Staffing Board.

21 05 WADOH-EOC Staffing Board
Is a new feature to the DOH EOC Tracks who is on duty Can support tracking of staff time

22 05 WADOH-EOC Staffing Board
Finance/ Admin can run a staffing report 05 WADOH-EOC Staffing Board First time signing in, click this button Use after the initial sign-in to check in or check out of DOH EOC

23 05 WADOH-EOC Staffing Board
Select On Duty, and which shift you are signing in for The Staffing Board does not pull from the log-information from WebEOC. All the information needs to be included when you sign-in. If you change a position within the section make sure when you sign back in that it is for the correct position. If offsite, provide all necessary offsite information

24 Hands-On Practice – Staffing Board
Click on the staffing board Click on the Initial Sign in Button at the top Sign in as yourself Click on the Save Button (Only Once) Be patient it may take a few moments to process!

25 06 WA DOH-EOC Activity Log
The Activity Log is used by all EOC and RSS positions to track routine and significant information There are no longer any position specific logs

26 06 WA DOH-EOC Activity Log
Add Record Filter Content Position and Name To add a record, select the Activity Log and than click on the Add Record button on the top of the Activity Log. You can filter the activity log by Key Word or by Section.

27 Hands-On Practice – Filtering on the Activity Log
Filter by key word search Filter by section Refresh filters before each search

28 06 WA DOH-EOC Activity Log Entry
Routine Significant Event only available to Director, Chiefs and RSS Coordinator Positions Priority Level Can add up to 10 attachments Detail for the Log Entry TIP: when an entry is opened it is date and time stamped. ALWAYS open a clean entry so the date and time stamp are accurate.

29 06 WA DOH-EOC Activity Log Priorities
There are 5 priority levels Majority of entries will be Low, Medium or High Life Sustaining and Life Saving only used when appropriate

30 06 WA DOH-EOC Activity Log Updates
Provide updated information to a previous entry Can change an entry from Routine to Significant Click Update to add information

31 06 WA DOH-EOC Activity Log Updates
Updated information will show under previous entry with “Update” title

32 Hands-On Practice – Activity Log
Add an entry by clicking on the Add Record Button Update an entry by clicking on the Edit Button

33 01 WADOH-EOC Significant Events
Information for the Significant Events Log is filtered from the Activity Log

34 01 WADOH-EOC Significant Events
The Significant Events includes the Priority Level and Position information This board can be saved as a PDF. This board refreshes every 25 seconds. Do not use the Disable Refresh.

35 02 WADOH-EOC Situation Report
The Situation Report Board is for posting finalized PDF copies of DOH Situation Reports Planning Section Chief and Ops Chief can post to this board

36 02 WADOH-EOC Situation Report
Click to view attachment There is a delete function for all posts. Records are not actually deleted, but hidden from view and are managed by administrators.

37 03 WADOH-EOC Incident Action Plan
The Incident Action Board is for posting finalized PDF copies of DOH IAPs Planning Section positions and the Director can post to this board

38 03 WADOH-EOC Incident Action Plan
Click to view attachment

39 04 WA-EOC Mission Tracker
City requests resources from their county If the county goes beyond their means the counties come to the state for resources Counties / Logistics can enter requests into the Mission Tracker or contact the State EOC who will put it in the board Mission Tracker is managed by the State EOC DOH EOC and RSS do not enter new requests on Mission Tracker. They only add update the record when an action has been completed.

40 04 WA-EOC Mission Tracker
State EOC will assign to ESF 8 if appropriate Update button gives access to add actions Details button gives more information

41 04 WA-EOC Mission Tracker
ESF 8 will accept or decline and change the status of the request Add Actions to capture actions taken to meet resource request Action descriptions 04 WA-EOC Mission Tracker The DOH EOC and RSS will only receive accepted requests from ESF8.

42 04 WA-EOC Mission Tracker Add Action
DOH EOC will update Mission Tracker using the latest action box SHAWN TO CHECK - Mission Tracker records can only be updated by the EOC Director, Ops/Log Chief, Plans Chief, and RSS Coordinator. Spell check is a new feature. Use it whenever you see the spell check button. Can attach support documents such as shipping slips, order sheets, etc.

43 07 WADOH-EOC Press Release
Similar board to the Situation Report and Incident Action board PIO and Director can post press releases to the board as a PDF or Word document

44 08 WADOH-EOC After Action Review
The After Action Review Board has not changed Used to capture areas for improvement and success Information from this board will be included in the After Action Process

45 09 WADOH RSS Master Status Input
Used to track progress at the Receipt, Stage, and Store (RSS) facility Board is updated to show near real time progress

46 09 WADOH RSS Master Status Input
Click on the Record No. to view the record. Only the RSS Coordinator can create or update the record

47 Hands-On Practice – RSS Status Board
Click on the RSS Status Board Click on the Record Number to view the entry

48 09 WADOH RSS Master Status Input
RSS Coordinators will fill out this status board as orders are received. They will update the record as the order is processed. Up to ten attachments can be added to each record. Attachments could include the pick list, bill of lading, signed bill of lading, and FedEx tracking documents.

49 10 WADOH-EOC Contact Board
Contacts can be shared or private If shared, they are shared with everyone that is on the DOH EOC Private contacts are only available to the position who did the entry Not tied to the incident State EOC contact board is viewable through menu Most EMD staff are listed in the contacts. A lot of the county emergency managers are also listed.

50 10 WADOH-EOC Contact Board
To add a contact, click the Add Contact button To access private contacts

51 10 WADOH-EOC Contact Board
To share or make the contact private A delete option will show when you click the update button

52 11 WSDOT Road Conditions & Closures
Board is managed by the Department of Transportation Real time information of road conditions and closures Informational tool for DOH to use This is an information tool only.

53 WSDOT Road Conditions & Closures

54 WA-EOC ESF8 Public Health Activity Log
Emergency Support Function 8 Public Health Activity Log is managed by the ESF 8 staff at the State EOC Director can post information to the activity log DOH staff can use this Activity Log for situational awareness

55 WA-EOC ESF8 Public Health Activity Log
Director and RSS Coordinator can now add records To get more information on the record

56 WA-EOC Significant Events
State EOC Significant Events board Managed by the State EOC Information tool for Situational Awareness for all State and Local partners ESF8 Staff provide DOH input into the WA-EOC Significant Events

57 WA-EOC Significant Events
Click the Full Info button to get the full details of the record Originator of the information

58 Hands-On Practice – Staffing Board
Click on the staffing board Click on the Check Out Button in the Change Status Column at the far right

59 Things NOT to do in WebEOC
Do not change passwords Do not delete records unless instructed to do so by the Director Do not use the disable refresher option Do not make changes to Mission Tracker main records – only add records to show work that has been done

60 Questions/Contact Information Serena Segura Phone: Shawn Roberts Phone:


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