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Destination: Biology EOC Rotation Stations Biology Partnership

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1 Destination: Biology EOC Rotation Stations Biology Partnership
(A Teacher Quality Grant) Destination: Biology EOC Rotation Stations Nancy Dow Jill Hansen Tammy Stundon April 13, 2013 Gulf Coast State College Panhandle Area Educational Consortium 5230 West Highway 98 753 West Boulevard Panama City, Florida 32401 Chipley, Florida 32428

2 Plus a vocab lay-over station
Your Passport! Let the adventure begin! Birthday Girl! 17 destinations! Plus a vocab lay-over station The outside cover is what I’m setting up for my students. The inside cover – just having a little fun!!

3 Your Passport! What’s inside?
1- Sheet for Custom Stamps and your Reflection (remember: this is what I have the kids do) 2 – A Spring Break Review that I give to my students. This is aligned with the curriculum at the Escambia County School District website. 3. List of activities and Standards. Some activities will take longer than others. (From quick manipulatives, to answering questions, and/or to analyzing data) 4. Add sheets from the stations as you go. Some stations won’t include additional sheets

4 #1 Rotation Stations 2 Special Properties of Water TITLE:
Images from clipart 2 This number indicates how many groups the station can handle at one time.

5 Just some simple rules:
EOC Rotation Stations You are about to embark on a trip to the various biology stations of the EOC. You have your passport. You and your traveling companion will visit each destination and complete the task. You have as much time as you need at each destination. Just some simple rules: Check the capacity of the station before you enter. 2. This is NOT a race! 3. You do not have to complete the destinations in numerical order 4. You may use your partner, notes, textbook to complete each task. 5. Make sure you read the material at the station before you begin. Each station will have directions and your student sheets. 6. Raise your hand to notify the Customs/ Border guard that you are ready for your answers to be checked, thus your passport will be stamped. 7. Your passport must be stamped before you are allowed to go to the next station. TITLE: Images from clip art

6 EOC Rotation Stations TITLE: رحلة سعيدة
¡Buen Viaje! Bonum iter! Gute Reise! The teacher (customs agent or boarder guard) will rotate around and check the student answers. If an item is wrong they will just tell you it is wrong. You must correct it in order to get your passport stamped. Please make sure the station’s materials stay there and don’t travel with you. Plus – keep the stations tidy! TITLE: Buon viaggio! Images from clip art Bon Voyage! رحلة سعيدة よい旅行

7 Layover Station Biology EOC Vocab! TITLE:
This station is found in each room. If a station isn’t open for you, you can either go to another room or work on the Biology EOC vocab activity “until your flight is cleared.” There is a layover station in each room. If there isn’t a station open for you, work on the Biology Vocab at the layover station “until your flight is cleared.: Images from clip art

8 The Groups and Starting Points.
Groups of 2, working together!

9 As needed When to take a ‘pit-stop?” ac.1.5.img.N_251YJzJt0#hl=en&safe=active&site=imghp&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=travel+clipart&oq=travel+clip&gs_l=img.3.0.0l3j0i5l4j0i24l c.1.5.img.mDAqk49uLPo&fp=1&biw=1024&bih=600&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&cad=b& When to take a ‘pit-stop?”

10 Come back to this room at 11:40 - Completed all stations or not,

11 Escambia County Biology EOC review

12 Questions about Follow up the stations Other review ideas EOC
Nancy’s and Katie's Smart Notebook Review for EOC

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