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PARCC Top 20 If you want to follow along, go to.. About PARCC PARCC Top 20

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1 PARCC Top 20 If you want to follow along, go to.. About PARCC PARCC Top 20

2 1 Tennesseans are helping to build PARCC. Tennessee is a Governing State 13 Item Reviewers Executive Committee Member 2 State Leadership Members 16 Committee Members 24 Educator Leader Cadre Members Together with other PARCC states, we are building the PARCC Assessments

3 2 The Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) will include PARCC. Grades 3-11 Math (PARCC) Grades 3-11 ELA (PARCC) Science (Achievement and EOC) Social Studies (Achievement and EOC) Achievement, End of Course and PARCC will all be part of TCAP.

4 3 Participating in PARCC will allow Tennesseans to see how students perform and grow as compared to students in other PARCC states. Annual results reported for achievement Annual growth reported at the state level Common cut scores for performance categories

5 4 The PARCC assessments will be given in two windows during the year. Performance Based Assessment (PBA) in February/March End of Year/End of Course in April Block administration option will be available in HS with PBA in November, End of Course Component in December Unlike previous tests, not all testing will happen at the end of the course or end of the year.

6 5 Students’ final scores will reflect their performance on the PBA and the EOY/EOC. PBA: 3 parts ELA/literacy, 2 parts math EOY/EOC: 2 parts ELA/literacy, 2 parts math Students will get one score based on all math parts and one score based on all ELA/literacy parts. Weighting still TBD.

7 6 60% of the PARCC ELA / literacy assessment will involve writing. Literary Analysis Prose Constructed Response Research Simulation Task Students writing will be assessed through their writing, not by multiple choice questions about writing.

8 7 More than 60% of the math questions will focus on the “major work of the grade.” Major work of the grade defined in the PARCC Model Content Framework Not all standards will be assessed with equal points – more questions will be asked about the major work of the grade The major work of the grade is the critical content students need to master to understand content in next grades

9 8 PARCC will feature many different types of questions. There will be questions that require students to do something – write an essay or create a model, draw a graph select a response from options – not always 4 choices provide an answer interact with technology – drag and drop

10 9 Constructed response and writing questions will be hand-scored by trained reviewers All constructed response questions will have a rubric that supports scoring Scorers will be highly trained and evaluated for inter-rater reliability This scoring process is similar to the scoring process used for the TCAP Writing Assessment

11 1010 There will be accommodations and accessibility features that allow all students to have the support they need to do well on PARCC. Computer based testing allows for a whole new world of support for all students and better accommodation options for students with disabilities.

12 1 The PARCC portion of TCAP will be administered online. Not all students will take the test online at the same time – cycle through while continuing to learn Paper-pencil back up options for first year

13 1212 There will be no questions on grammar in isolation; grammar will be assessed through writing Students will be expected to consistently perform the language standards for their grade level

14 1313 All passages on the ELA/literacy parts will come from authentic texts. Unlike previous tests in Tennessee, there will be no passages commissioned just for the tests. All passages will be previously published

15 1414 ELA/literacy selected- response questions will focus on reading and vocabulary. Students will need to provide evidence for their answer Vocabulary questions will focus on the meaning, as presented in the text

16 1515 Tennessee will offer the PARCC high school math assessments for the traditional course sequence and integrated Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II Core Math I, Core Math II, Core Math III This is a district choice

17 1616 Students will get partial credit for some questions in math Scoring guides available Students will need to demonstrate a precise answer to get full point value

18 1717 In grades 3-6, there will be math questions that assess students’ speed and accuracy with basic procedures without a calculator Based on fluency standards

19 1818 In grades 6 and beyond, PARCC will have calculator and non-calculator sections. No calculators grades 3-5 6-7 will have access to four function calculator 8 will have access to scientific 9-11 will have access to calculator with functionality similar to TI-84

20 1919 Students will have a math reference sheet for grades 5 and higher Reference sheets available online

21 2020 Students who do well on PARCC will know they are ready for college and career Tennessee’s Public University have pledged to use PARCC success as a marker for readiness for credit bearing work At all grade levels, PARCC results will give students and parents information about whether students are on track toward meaningful options

22 TN PARCC SUPPORT Operations: TETC will focus on PARCC (April 14-16) State and District Checklists Coming Soon! PARCC Road Show this winter/spring on technology Instruction: CRA and Writing Results TNCore Training and Updates Teacher training info for summer 2014 by holiday break TNCore Leadership 101 and 202 – register now Write, write, write to sources! Focus, focus, focus in math!

23 All questions about Common Core and PARCC can be directed to

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