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Leadville By James Pelletier. Location  Denver to Leadville would take 2 hour drive and The town of Leadville would be 104 miles away from Denver.

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1 Leadville By James Pelletier

2 Location  Denver to Leadville would take 2 hour drive and The town of Leadville would be 104 miles away from Denver.

3 Location

4 History  The Leadville, Colorado area could be said to be the center of Colorado's history. Fortunes were made from the rich mineral deposits of the area, and legends were built from the colorful people who made Leadville their home.

5 History 186018771878187918801893189619421993 Abe Lee Discove rs Gold Silver Boom Begins Cloud City Tabor Opera House Opens Visiting Notable Bust of the Silver Kings Ice Palace Camp Hale Top of the Rockies

6 1860 History Abe Lee Discovers Gold...... in the California Gulch. The "California Gold" found in his pan brought in prospectors by the thousands ready to find their fortunes. Learn more at The National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum. The only Federally Chartered mining museum in the country is a tribute to the industry that made Leadville a mining mecca and to the men and women who pioneered the discovery, development and processing of our Nation's natural resources.

7 1877 History Silver Boom Begins...... and fortunes were made by the likes of Horace Tabor, David May, J.J. Brown and his wife Margaret, the Guggenheims and the Boettcher family. Follow the Route of the Silver Kings, a self-guided driving tour of the mining district, to see the relics of the richest mining district of the American West. Leadville's past comes alive in the Earth Runs Silver, a multi-media presentation capturing the excitement and drama of Colorado's legendary mining camps. Boom Days, with its International Pack Burro Race, celebrates the area's rich mining history.

8 1878 History Cloud City Organizes......and renames itself, Leadville, The Source Of Silver. Leadville has maintained its heritage and is designated as a National Historic Landmark District, preserving a quaint and absolutely original 70 square blocks of Victorian Architecture adjoining the 20 square mile Leadville mining district. Harrison Avenue, the city's main thoroughfare, boasts over 50 significant 19th century building, filled with charming shops, memorable restaurants, abundant accommodations and splendid museums. A mother lode of ambiance and Victorian charm.

9 1879 History Tabor Opera House Opens Once billed as the finest theater between St. Louis and San Francisco, the Tabor Opera House was built by one of Colorado's most recognizable figures, Horace Austin Warner Tabor. Many silver dollars were passed through the cashier's window to gain entrance to see great performers of the time, such as Harry Houdini, John Philip Sousa and Oscar Wilde.

10 1879 History Inter Laken Hotel......and Twin Lakes came into existence near the foot of Mt. Elbert, about 23 miles southwest of Leadville. A popular summer resort was built, attracting the well-to-do with spectacular scenery and the state's largest glaciated lake. Inter Laken is now maintained by the U.S. Forest Service as a National Historic Site. Visitors continue to enjoy fishing and boating on the lakes and strolling through the streets of the Village of Twin Lakes, stopping for a bite to eat or drink, and staying overnight in comfortable accommodations.

11 1880 History Visiting Notables Include......Doc Holliday, Susan B. Anthony, Frank and Jesse James, Oscar Wilde and Buffalo Bill. While Leadville was shaped somewhat by the hardscrabble lot of miners living in and around the city, the wealth amassed was a magnet for all sorts, famous and infamous, arriving by foot, mule and finally train. The Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railway still follows the headwaters of the Arkansas River up to a spectacular view of Fremont Pass, then back down to French Gulch Water Tower, where the train stops to view Mount Elbert, Colorado's highest snowcapped peak, wildflowers and the scenic beauty of Colorado.

12 1893 History The Bust Of The Silver Kings The repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act effectively wiped out much of the wealth enjoyed by so many, yet Leadville tenaciously clung to mining and discovered markets for other minerals in the area. The next boom arrived with the mining of molybdenum in 1918. The Climax Mine, located just off the Scenic Byway, was once the largest underground molybdenum mine in the world.

13 1896 History Creation of the Leadville Ice Palace To counter the effect of falling silver prices, local businessmen financed the building of the Leadville Ice Palace. The current Crystal Carnival celebration includes ski joring, snowmobile races, cross country skiing and snow shoeing events, an ice fishing derby, a parade and other fun family activities, weekends, January through March. The Heritage Museum features a model of the famous Leadville Ice Palace.

14 1942 History Camp Hale Becomes the 10th Mountain Division. Ski Cooper was originally the training ground for the famed "Soldiers of the Summit" who fought valiantly in the Italian campaign and led the pursuit of the Germans toward Austria. Today Ski Cooper offers short lift lines, reasonable prices and abundant snow for skiers and snowboarders. The more ambitious can find thrills at Chicago Ridge, accessed by snowcat

15 1993 History "Top Of The Rockies" Scenic and Historic Byway is designated by Colorado. Leadville is the hub of this 76 mile route which offers some spectacular views of the Sawatch and Mosquito mountain ranges.

16 Interesting Places  The Central City (Colorado) Opera House, designed by prominent Denver architect Robert S. Roeschlaub, was the pride of the west when it opened in early March of 1878 at the height of Central City's mining heyday. It was a building befitting "the richest square mile on earth." As one of the town's most visible women, Elizabeth McCourt was likely in the audience on one of the two opening night performances, with her husband Harvey, her friend Jacob Sandelowsky (a.k.a. Jake Sands) or both. She would only recently have been dubbed "Baby Doe," by the town's miners (a nickname that would follow her to her grave and beyond), who admired both her youthful beauty and her willingness to do hard-rock mining in order to have food to eat.

17 Recreation  Ski Cooper Is what Laedvillians do for fun

18 Recreation  Ski cooper is a small ski resort but Laedvillians have another way of fun. Opera in the Tabor Opera House.

19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Opera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Tabor Opera House was built in 1879 by Horace Austin Warner Tabor, one of Colorado's most well known mining magnates. It was one of the most costly and most substantially-built structures in Colorado history. The construction materials used to build the Tabor Opera House were not available in Leadville, so HAW Tabor ordered that they be brought up by wagons... a tedious task. Nevertheless, the Tabor was completed in only 100 days from the date of ground-breaking which was a record time.  The massive 3-story opera house was constructed of stone, brick and iron, and trimmed with Portland cement. It's solid brick walls stand 16 inches thick! The color scheme used was red, gold, white and sky-blue, with the blending beauty of everything fully revealed by 72 jets of brightly burning gas lights. This substantial construction has weathered the test of time, and stands today as a proud monument to Colorado history

20 Food!!!!!!!!  Leadville's premier Irish bar established in 1879 and featuring great pub style dishes complimented by a full bar service daily for lunch and dinner

21 Food!!!!!!!!!!!! The Leprechaun is the symbol of the Silver Dollar

22 Food!!!!!!!!!!  The Silver Dollar Solon menu is Biscuits and Gravy, Three Egg Omelet, Two Buttermilk Pancakes with Ham, Bacon or Sausage, Hamburger and Cheese Burger. Doesn't it sound tasty.

23 My Friends. - - THE END - 2976644-silver_dollar_saloon_leadville-i http://medi a.photobuck ge/smiley% 20face/golia th227/Smile y- face.gif?o= 82 Leadville Chamber of Commerce Delaware Hotel Leadville http://www.taboroperahou 164&step=2

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