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¿Cómo hallar recursos para Español 615? por Denis Lacroix Bibliotecario de español y francés.

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1 ¿Cómo hallar recursos para Español 615? por Denis Lacroix Bibliotecario de español y francés

2 Session Outline  Finding Subject Guides, Reference resources, and Bibliographies  Finding Microforms  Finding online and print Articles in Periodicals  Databases and ILL  Print Indexes  Book Reviews

3 Finding Subject Guides  Click on the Subjects tab on the Library home page  Click on Humanities and Social Sciences  Under Languages & Literatures  Click on Spanish Or  Click on Film and Media  QuickStart Guides

4 NEOS Library Catalogue

5 More Subject Headings  Use the following Subjects in combination with Spain or Spanish or Latin America$ or hispan$ or south america$ or central america$ or the name of a country or personal name:  allegor$, avant-garde, aesthetics, biograph$, bunuel luis, coups d’état, documentary films, ethnicity, exile, feminism, film criticism, globalization, hollywood, identit$, nationalism, national characteristics, marginality, mass media, peronism, postcolonialism, postmodernism, race, revolution, surreal$, etc.  Sample search in Advanced search :  [Words Anywhere] nation$ or identi$ or nacion$

6 Useful Reference Resources Diccionario Espasa cine - PN 1993.45 M86 1996 Glossary of filmographic terms - PN 1993.45 G244 Diccionario del cine español, 1896-1966 - PN 1993.45 V86 1968 Quién es Quién en el teatro y el cine: español e hispanoamericano - PN 1998.2 Q122 1990 v.1-2 Critical dictionary of film and television theory - PN 1993.45 C75 Diccionario de directores de cine español – PN 1998.2 M46 1994 Dictionnaire filmographique – PN 1997.85 T43 1971 International Film Guide – PN 1993.3 I622 International Directory of Films and Filmmakers –PN 1993.5 A1 Z9 The Macmillan Film Bibliography – PN 1993.5 A1 Z9 1982 New York Times Film Reviews – PN 1994 N53 LA and Caribbean research sources – Z 1601 L357 South American Cinema: A Critical Filmography (1915-1994) PN 1993.5 S63 S68 1996 (5th floor) Literature Resource Center

7 Finding Microform Resources  Go to the Guide to Research Collections in Microformat online through the Databases tabGuide to Research Collections in Microformat  Click on Advanced Search, e.g. [keyword] latin america  e.g NACLA  use guide to find references to Culture, e.g. Chile – Culture – Film – Misc. publications 1973-1979  Miscellaneous cultural publications also exist for other countries  Online indexes:

8 Electronic and Print Indexes  Use electronic databases or print indexes to find periodical articles.  Use databases to find articles published since 1980 and print indexes for older material.  Databases are all different:  some contain full-text articles  some list only citations and abstracts  others have a mixture of both

9 Electronic Databases  Latin American Resources: HAPI*, HLAS, Clase.  General Humanities: MLA, Humanities Abstracts*, Web of Science*, IBZ*, American Humanities Index*.  Films: Film Indexes Online, Art Index*, Communication & Mass Media Complete*  Newspapers: Paper of Record, Factiva*  Women’s Studies: Women’s Studies International.  World-wide or Rare Resources (books & articles): Centre for Research Libraries (CRL), OCLC.  Theses: DAI, Index to Theses. * Limitable by Book Review

10 Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI)  Click on Search:  [Subject] motion pictures mexic Add [Keyword] nation  Save citations to bibliography and send by e-mail or print  Search for periodical or book in Library catalogue  Search for Revista Iberoamericana 68:199 (Apr-June 2002), 283-301  In Library Catalogue´s “Other Search Options”  Choose Starting with and Periodical Title  Periodical is available in print.

11 Otros términos: Nacion, identit Se puede cambiar de país o excluirlo, e.g. Argentin.

12 Art Index  Type in search terms in Find box and combine terms using Combine checked  Click on Display beside search string  Click on Check for Holdings.  or check Library Catalogue for holdings:  choose Periodical Title from menu  click on “Starting with” radio button  search for the title of the journal  e.g. Quarterly Review of Film and Video (QRFV) v 21 no1 Jan/Mar 2004. p. 25-38.


14 Communication & Mass Media Complete  Enter Search terms  Limit terms by Subject and Default Fields  Click on Search  Add articles to folder for printing or e-mailing  Click on full-text icon or on Get it button  e.g. #9, “Latin America: Cultures in the communication media”, Journal of Communication, Spring93, Vol. 43 Issue 2, p18


16 Center for Research Libraries  e.g. search for [Keywords] (cinema* or motion picture*) and (spain or mexic*)  All resources here can be ordered through Interlibrary Loan. U of A students benefit from a 4 month renewable loan period.  Searching is also available through Telnet  type “guest” and enter search field code  e.g. cinema and spain

17 Dissertation Abstracts (DAI)  Click on the Search tab.  Search for [Keyword] Latin America* [Subject] cinema [Keyword] identi* or nation* or nacion*  Dissertations from 1996- can be downloaded for free using an automatically generated id and pin which are sent by e-mail  Older dissertations can be ordered through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) or purchased online.

18 Inter-Library Loans (ILL)  If the document that you are looking for is not in our Library Catalogue,  fill out an ILL electronic form:  indicate, if possible, where your document is located in the world.  using OCLC WorldCat locate your document in libraries world-wide by clicking on “Libraries Worldwide.”OCLC WorldCat  Check the status of your ILL after 2 weeks: x.cfm x.cfm

19 Print Indexes  Index to Latin American Periodical Literature What: (1929-1970) Where: Rutherford North Floor 1 Ref. F 1401 I38 folio  The Complete Caribbeana, 1900-1975 : a bibliographic guide to the scholarly literature Where: Rutherford North Floor 1 Ref. F 1608 Z9 C734 1977  Public Affairs Information Service : Annual Cumulated Bulletin 1915-1971 and Cumulative Subject Index to the PAIS Annual Bulletins 1915-1974 Where: Rutherford N flr1 Indexes H1 Z9 B932  MLA International Bibliography What: (1921 to 1962) Where: Rutherford N flr1 Indexes PB 1 M58

20 Print Indexes – the Sequel Film literature index What: Index to motion picture periodicals (1973-) Where: PN 1993 F45 v.30 2002 Reference The International Film Index What: film titles, directors’ filmography and indexes (1895-1990) Where: PN 1998 I614 1991 Reference International Index to Film Periodicals What: Index of motion picture periodicals Where: PN 1993 A1 I62 1972-1982 Ref Aux.

21  Book Review Index Where: Rutherford North Floor 1 Index Tables Z 1035 A1 B73 What: (Since 1965-) Provides author and title indexes, but no excerpts of the reviews.  Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Humanities Journals, 1802-1974 Where: Rutherford North Floor 1 Index Tables Z 1035 A1 C7 1982  Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals, 1886-1974 Where: Ruth. North Floor 1 Index Tables Z 1035 A1 C72 1979 Book Review Indexes

22 Websites  Latin American Network Information Center  Latin America: Subject Resources  Film in Latin America: A Selective Bibliography  De identidades: María Luisa Bemberg, filmografía y bibliografía

23 Ask Your Librarian  This slide show is downloadable at:  Contact Librarians through Chat reference, E-mail reference, telephone reference, or in-person at the reference desk.  Make an appointment with me for subject-specific and in-depth searching help.

24 ¡Buena suerte en su búsqueda!

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