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SEC March 2014 AHS Parent Survey. Demographics 1 Survey ran Jan 16 th to Feb 3 rd -Announcement of ED role elimination did not have a material impact.

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1 SEC March 2014 AHS Parent Survey

2 Demographics 1 Survey ran Jan 16 th to Feb 3 rd -Announcement of ED role elimination did not have a material impact on results Total of 103 families responded, covering 115 students. Students coming from 15 different school, pulling from Mancos, Ignacio, Bayfield etc. Largest population from MMS

3 Satisfaction 2 Satisfaction is high across all grades but is lowest for 10 th grade, highest for 12 th 71% (very satisfied or satisfied) this year unchanged from last year, 89% in ’12, 88 in ‘11

4 Satisfaction – Year over Year 3 Need to watch - % “Very Satisfied” remains low compared to ‘12

5 Satisfaction – Returning Students 4 Down from last year, with ~50% of the returning student as satisfied as last year (was 70%)

6 Satisfaction – New Students 5 Freshman make up 90% of new students Satisfaction compared to prior school is very high at nearly 70%; same as last year

7 Why you choose\returned to AHS 6 Small school environment rated highest

8 Would you recommend AHS 7 92% of all parents would recommend AHS 51% rated at 10!

9 What parents like… 90 comments 8 Culture and Community “Animas High provides an environment in which my child feels accepted for who he is and is surrounded by others who think education is important.” Small school/teacher student relationships “I love the relationships that very organically develop between teachers and students.” “Great energy from most of the teachers, sense that they love teaching and they are where they want to be - kids react to that.” The Model “Support and expectations of critical thinking and project-based learning connected to the real world.” “College prep/internship support is also excellent.”

10 What parents would like changed 82 comments 9 Better communication about exhibition times ( 5 comments) Liberal bias especially in Humanities (many comments) Students cut class( 3 comments) More communication from teachers/SLC and health issues Better teacher evaluation process, especially new teachers Parents don’t seem welcome Sigs and X Block Address lack of outside space Address drugs/stoned students Transportation/parking issues After school activities More integration across subjects and grade levels More choice art, science More rigor (10th grade parent) Better security

11 Meeting the mission…. 10 Overall rating is 8.01, down slightly from last year Nearly 90% rate meeting the mission 7 or higher

12 Comments on Any Class…. 36 Comments 11 SIGs need improvement ( 1/3 of the comments) “If they play sports, why not another choice for X-Block like art” “Spanish instead of SIG and X-Block made for a long day” “All classes are strong this year - strong teachers, strong content. Good support when needed.” “My student is frustrated by the school's unwillingness to change students' Project Week assignments. Not interested at all in the one placed in. My student self-advocated, but the process was completely inflexible and my child is dreading attending, which is too bad.” “Overall I wonder classes are too easy. Our student doesn't seem to study very much and gets A's. Even though he didn't choose the challenge extensions, the regular class offering doesn't seem as rigorous as we would have expected.”

13 Meeting Academic Needs - Math 12 Overall rating is up nearly 1 point to 8.44 from 7.64 last year Number of respondents in parentheses

14 Meeting Academic Needs - Science 13 Overall rating is 8.02 up from 7.65 last year Highest rating is in Physics (which is the largest class) Number of respondents in parentheses

15 Meeting Academic Needs - Humanities 14 Overall rating 8.46 down from 8.76 last year Rated highly by all grades Rating highest for all academic area Number of respondents in parentheses

16 Meeting Academic Needs - Spanish 15 Number of respondents in parentheses Overall rating 7.28 Rating for Spanish 1 is up from last year (6.97); Spanish 2 & 3 down from last year

17 Meeting Academic Needs – Other 16 Number of respondents in parentheses Digital Media is rated highly 8.74; up from 8.47 Journalism also remains highly rated at 8.88

18 Set up a testing road map beginning with sophomores Take tests early and often and finish at the end of junior year First generation info Improve College Counseling 57 Comments

19 Thanks for creating a Humanities/Math morning and afternoon schedule that allowed for concurrent enrollment More info on how to do it. Little support in how to do it. School seems to have a shift in promoting it now as opposed to before. Concurrent Enrollment 35 Comments

20 Faculty Staff Concerns 65 Comments Culture seems lacking Communication between Special Ed and classroom teacher lacking Teacher (AH) students have passed on concerns No feedback after meeting with Jake Teacher teasing can cross the line Negative KE and CD Leftist background in Humanities Poor communications with MA Spanish program lacks leadership. Poor exhibition Poor classroom mgt Span 1, 3 comments HOS and ED not present in building Teacher AH not organized, difficult to follow

21 Meeting Academic Needs – Honor & CE 20 First year reporting; small and varied sample size Number of respondents in parentheses

22 Reason not taking Honor or CE 21 First year reporting; small and varied sample size Multiple selections allowed

23 Meeting Academic Needs – SIGs\X-Block 22 SIG rating of 7.36 is up from last year (7.20) X-Block rating is down from last year (7.46) Number of respondents in parentheses

24 Sense of Belonging & Safety 23 Both ratings remains high Number of respondents in parentheses

25 Comments - Sense of Belonging 26 Comments Positive My child loves school (6 comments) Exhibitions have helped overcome shyness Great culture/peers do healthy things Culture accepting of differences Negative Bullying is rampant Lot’s of cutting Need more social activities school sponsored/clubs (3 comments) Student needs more support Culture lacking since move Seniors not around

26 Comments – Feeling Safe 13 Comments Positive Proactive regarding bullying Negative Bullies are cunning Locked door for entry? Freshman more intolerant than in the past

27 Culture, Rules, etc. 31 Comments Positive Dress code good (4 comments) Culture generally good (5 comments) Negative Young women don’t know what business attire is Too much pot smoking (2 comments) Dress code too strict Dress code enforcement erratic What happened to dress code? Parking policy not good/first come first served upper lot (2) Mixing more of the grades Where are Michael and Jake? Freshman not seeing them is having an effect on culture. More clubs please (2 comments) Be consistent with rules

28 Orientation 27 Number of respondents in parentheses

29 Orientation 16 Comments Positive Liked it (5 comments) Wouldn’t mind attending once, as a parent Negative More team building, this year pathetic and dull (2 comments)

30 Student Led Conference 98 respondents 29

31 Student Led Conferences 36 Comments More teacher parent talk time (20 comments) One grade a night please Still have not met senior teachers More time Skype might be a good idea

32 Advisory 98 respondents 31

33 Advisory 29 Comments Like it (1 comment) Young staff need more guidance. (4 comments) Not sure what goes on (4 comments) Advisor didn’t call when student found with drug para No communication from advisor (5 comments) Better early, less important later years Jennifer is awesome Same advisor means student is stuck Family feel isn’t working. Good idea, just isn’t working.

34 Exhibitions 99 Respondents 33

35 Exhibitions 35 Comments Great (5 comments) Better communication about schedule (7 comments) Spanish unorganized (2 comments) Too long. 1 ½ long enough Lunch time better for working parents Humanities not as good as last year More info ahead of time about what the exhibitions are about Maybe have an exhibition about the reflection Shark Tank and Model Senate great Durango discovery too crowded. Rube better at Fair Grounds 34

36 Anything else? 18 Comments Removing position of M A makes us concerned (3 comments) Parking not great (3 comments) More communication about the success of our students. Academics, sports, clubs, volunteer, work, More reading and writing. Summer reading list? “I am very proud to have a student graduate from AHS. All she could say is 'AHS prepared me so much for college, it's incredible!' Also, proud to have both my son and daughter attend AHS, they love AHS! Thank you, thank you for providing them with top notch education!” “If the teachers tried to make more of a connection with the parents and in a way market the school I think more parents would feel a attachment and donate more. Right now I feel the message is drop off your kids and give us money. Don't talk to the teachers. Trust me I now have no interest in meeting with any teachers or helping beyond the minimum. I talk to my child at home and correct the misinformation one on one.”

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