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Media Literacy Connecting For Success 2010 Wednesday, June 30 10:00am Stephanie Weinfurt Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School.

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1 Media Literacy Connecting For Success 2010 Wednesday, June 30 10:00am Stephanie Weinfurt Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School

2 What is “Media Literacy”? Understanding the media that surrounds us and being able to filter it properly Teaching students how to recognize media as it bombards them both visually and aurally Teaching students how to utilize media effectively and not have it use them Teaching students how to be safe when using the internet

3 What do students know already? Based on a class survey, most students know how to get on the internet and do basic searches, how to IM and text, how to check email, and how to use a computer to write papers. From class discussion, most students were not aware that mass media includes all forms of communication to large groups of people: television, radio, newspapers, and the internet. Many students also did not know the reason for most media

4 What do students need to know to be “media literate”? Radio, television, and the internet are primarily advertising media – not entertainment venues. Advertising historically has been geared toward the primary household purchaser and the primary holder of the purse strings Advertising now is highly geared toward children who make demands of the purse string holder

5 Artwork by Heidi Cody

6 Children as Consumers… Children as Consumers…

7 The internet is a resource for learning as well as a minefield of misinformation Anyone can publish a webpage There are ways to help determine legitimacy of websites The internet is full of strangers who may seem like friends Just a little personal information can reveal your true identity (and put you at risk) The internet can be like those baby pictures of you in the bathtub that your mom has – but now everyone can see them, forever

8 Website Legitimacy Website Legitimacy Quality Criteria: Your job, when looking at any web site, is to find as much information as possible about the site itself to make judgments about its validity as a whole. 1. The following questions should be able to be answered. Sites that do not contain the following information may be suspect (but not always – and not all sites that contain this information are to be considered perfect!): Author (and an author that can be contacted via email is even better) Sponsoring organization (sometimes this simply means going to the base website: eliminate the words/characters after,.com, Sponsor’s real address (PO Boxes are okay usually, too) for contact purposes Date of last update (a recent one is always best – some information changes over time) A reliable or common extension,.org,.gov, A domain extension is not usually as reliable. Please understand that not addresses are sponsored by the college or university – if there is a ~ in the address, that means it is a personal page or a department page, which may or may NOT reflect the college/university completely. Please use caution with these! Sources cited section. Look at the sources cited, as well – some may be as suspect as the site itself! 2. You should also look at the sponsoring organization or author’s information about itself if available, especially if this is on a controversial topic! domains are held by groups that may have views different from the traditionally accepted views on controversial topics; as long as they are not for profit organizations, they can get 3. Check to see what websites link to this website (use the Advanced Search option on any search engine, like Google). If reputable sites link there, you may be safe. 4. Use your common sense as well! It is your best weapon once you’ve exhausted the other avenues.

9 Internet Safety Personal information should never be given out Even small amounts can add up to a true identity Tagged pictures can mean strangers know what you look like and, possibly, where you live Phishing scams can lead to identification fraud/theft Teens tend to believe strangers online and are less careful than adults, leading to danger Teresa's Story

10 Web 2.0: The good, the bad, and the ugly Blogs, wikis, and a variety of other online tools can be great teaching tools Students can interact with teachers and other students outside of class but still in an educational forum Students who do better writing than speaking up in class can demonstrate their knowledge and interact with the class at the same time Students can help each other learn Social networking responsibly can be a good way for students to learn from each other Social networking can also be used for bullying and harassment Inappropriate content placed on the internet by students or their friends may follow them indefinitely (pictures especially) Students need to “Google” themselves to know what is out there about them

11 Course Content

12 Major Course Projects/Assignments Advertising Discovered ▫Students look for ads in newspapers, magazines, internet sites, or television and report on them Disney Movie Project ▫Students watch an animated Disney classic and review it for its portrayal of gender, ethnic, and class stereotypes Product Placement Assignment ▫Students watch a recent live-action movie and look for product placements, and then they write a report TV Viewing Log and Essay ▫Students log all television viewing activity for a week and write an essay on what they have learned about their viewing habits Personal Internet Search ▫Students “Google” themselves to see what information and images they can find

13 TV, Internet & You Blog Content from this course comes from a variety of sources, including Carrie McLarenCarrie McLaren

14 Questions and Answers Thank you

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