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19 - 22 OCTOBER 2010 Fleet Admiral Julio Soares de Moura Neto Commander of the Brazilian Navy Subject: Strengthening international cooperation to boost.

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1 19 - 22 OCTOBER 2010 Fleet Admiral Julio Soares de Moura Neto Commander of the Brazilian Navy Subject: Strengthening international cooperation to boost maritime situational awareness

2 The world's eyes are on the huge potential of the marine environment, as well as increasingly sensitive issues related to environmental pollution of the oceans. Deepwater Horizon platform OCEANS SPOTLIGHTED

3 many countries have difficulty in providing adequate monitoring of the areas under their responsibility; there are still some major lacunae in international maritime legislation ; and illicit agents, terrorists and criminals enjoy favorable environment due to impunity. MARINE ENVIRONMENT - FAVORING IMPUNITY

4 The subject of this symposium - "Dialogue & Cooperation as Maritime Security enablers" - is an important issue not only for the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries, but for the entire global maritime community.

5 boosted world trade broadened international relations grew up the financial investments between countries enhanced the value of natural resources GLOBALIZATION more discussion on exploitation and control of oceans EXPLOITATION OF THE OCEANS

6 On the continents, natural resources have been almost totally demarcated and quantified but there is growing demand for these resources on the high seas. International forums are expected to discuss how these resources should be tapped. NATURAL RESOURCES

7 Natural resources may prompt nations to claim certain rights and lead to conflicts, since the United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) was not signed by the totality of countries and it does not cover all controversial ocean-related issues. NATURAL RESOURCES Amazonas estuary Pará Maranhão Barreirinhas Ceará Potiguar Pernambuco Paraíba Sergipe Alagoas Camamu-Almada Jequitinhonha Cumuruxatiba Campos Santos Pelotas Brazil offshore basins / oilfields

8 Defense of natural resources is becoming one of the key issues in defense strategy and in the national security documents of several countries. DEFENSE AND SECURITY STRATEGIES

9 UNCLOS freedom of navigation boost security on the oceans Currently maintain freedom of navigation ~ need to review international law

10 New Threats GREATER IMPORTANCE ATTRIBUTED TO OCEANS LAWFUL ACTIVITIES growth of tourism growing numbers of recreational vessels more scientific research increased exploitation of oil, gas and minerals military operations growth of international trade ILLICIT ACTIVITIES overfishing devastation of marine environment arms smuggling drug trafficking piracy terrorism illegal immigration

11 LEGAL SYSTEM IMO - maritime issues resolutions on: maritime traffic monitoring and more knowledge of activities UN - security issues greater concern over illegal activities at sea, in particular piracy

12 I believe navies will increasingly be playing a key role in their own countries and on the world scenario, and taking the lead in defining new legal instruments and operational procedures for proper protection of territorial waters. IMPORTANCE OF NAVIES

13 Covers three distinct aspects: 1 - legal framework, internal and external; 2 - capability of each country to track everything going on in their territorial waters - Maritime Situational Awareness; 3 - capability to take action when necessary in order to avoid the effects and illegal use of vessels in each area of interest. able to sanction able to detect /track able to act; MARITIME SECURITY

14 The threat to maritime security is now more unpredictable and on a larger scale than in the past. Transparent and open dialogue in all fields of cooperation is seen as essential to successfully build peace and prosperity. The constant information interchange enhance the reliability between navies and it is the indispensable tool to guarantee the Maritime Situational Awareness (MAS) INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION

15 There is space for organizations on three levels: global, regional and national, coexisting harmoniously without power struggles. To ensure maritime security, joint efforts by actors involved at national and then international level have become imperative. Each state must undertake efforts to promote development of this concept. MARITIME SITUATIONAL AWARENESS

16 In Brazil, Maritime Authority is exercised by Naval Command, which is responsible for managing and coordinating all actions taking place in our territorial waters together with other private/public agencies and military/civilian institutions. BRAZILIAN MARITIME AUTHORITY

17 To apply the concept of maritime situational awareness and fulfill all requirements efficiently, the BN is developing a complex system to monitor our territorial waters. DEVELOPING NEW SYSTEM Blue Amazon Management System (local acronym SisGAAz ), which the propose is to track the whole activities linked to the sea

18 There seems to be consensus in the international maritime environment on the need to proceed to enhance and modernize the existing legal framework in order to respond to current threats. INTERNATIONAL LEGAL SYSTEM

19 Any progress in this direction must obtain acquiescence from a significant number of countries in order to confer the same legitimacy achieved by UNCLOS, and meet society's expectations for security in relation to maritime issues. INTERNATIONAL LEGAL SYSTEM

20 In relation to the dichotomy "freedom of the seas" and "maritime security", there can be no advances on one side at the expense of the other. Major challenge: progress in maritime security while maintaining freedom of the seas. CHALLENGE FOR THE FUTURE

21 We, as ocean professionals, must aim to avoid society and political powers in our countries addressing ocean- related issues in the same way as those that occur in their own territories. The ocean differs from land as a medium and requires a specific, adequate approach. NAVY AND SOCIETY

22 BRAZIL's POSITION Brazil is ready to support measures and resolutions at regional and multilateral forums such as this that may help boost maritime security worldwide. International cooperation and dialogue are the best ways of assessing and settling the major ocean-related issues.


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