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Comparing Forms of Government

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1 Comparing Forms of Government
How should economic and political power be divided?

2 Monarchy Rule by one hereditary ruler
Advantages: efficiency and a clear line of succession Disadvantages: varying quality of hereditary leaders Pictured: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

3 Dictatorship Taking hold of power by force
Advantages: power is centralized in the hands of one military or political leader who can accomplish things efficiently Disadvantages: Dictators can abuse citizens and they face legitimacy problems Pictured: Pakistan’s General Musharaf

4 Theocracy Government headed by religious leaders
Advantages: A single, state-supported religion encourages political and social unity Disadvantages: Enforcing religion can be difficult Now only exists in Vatican City and Iran

5 Communism Belief in state control over the economy. System focused on equality and economic security for all. Advantages: Unity Disadvantages: Limited personal freedom

6 Representative Democracy
Government by the people Advantages: Many personal freedoms, VOTING!, checks and balances (limit power to one group) Disadvantages: Hard to pass laws and the process is slow, takes time to remove people from office

7 ECONOMIC SYSTEMS Communism– the means of production are owned by the government Capitalism– the means of production are owned by individuals

8 Send Off What form of government creates the most legitimate leaders? Legitimacy– accepted and respected as an authority

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