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The Academy for Advanced Leadership and Development

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1 The Academy for Advanced Leadership and Development

2 “Do you ever feel you just need a little time to yourself? Do you find yourself questioning the way you are living your life? Do you have questions about what is best for you now? Do you feel overloaded or overwhelmed?” Matthew Kelly, The Rhythm of Life, page 76 NumberFour Key Questions 1What makes you happy? 2Where do you find peace? 3What one thing do you want most? 4What do you want from life?

3  Let Your Life Speak  Five Key Questions  Wants and Needs  Finding Your Better Self  Discovering Your Rhythm  Success vs Happiness  Mindfulness  Celebrate!

4 Vocation: Latin for “voice” “Vocation does not mean a goal I pursue. It means a calling I hear. Before I can tell my life what I want to do, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.

5 NumberQuestion 1Who am I? 2Where did I come from? 3What am I here for? 4How do I do it? 5Where am I going?

6 CategoryNeed PhysicalThe foundation upon which we build our life, like eating and sleeping, the easiest to assess legitimacy. EmotionalMuch more subtle, hard to prove legitimacy, but essential to life and wellness. As social beings, relationships bring out the best in us. We need to be accepted, to belong. IntellectualIdeas shape our lives and history, yet intellectual development may be the easiest to overlook. Books and learning remind us of school and work — viewed as a means to an end — yet the need to think, reason, decide, imagine, and dream are essential to life. SpiritualSpiritual needs tend to change with the seasons of our life; the noise of life tends to distract us from the voice that resides within us.

7 Despite the addition of some healthy kids' meal options, less than 1% of all kids' meal combinations - 33 out of 5,427 possible meals - met recommended nutrition standards.

8 Desires NeedsTalents The Best Version of Yourself What You are Passionate About What You Need to Thrive What You Were Born To Do Adapted from Matthew Kelly’s The Rhythm of Life

9 Desires Needs Talents The Best Version of Yourself Environment  Situation  Relationships  Attitude  Societal Pressure  Physical Condition

10 “The future depends on what we do in the present.” Mahatma Gandhi

11 “Mediocrity is a high price to pay for a lifetime of safety.” Todd Henry, The Accidental Creative

12  Busy  Priorities  Timing  Energy  Sleep  Sacred Hour  Take a Day  ???  >>> 3 Instruments Obstacles Matthew Kelly, The Rhythm of Life

13 “Life is not about finding yourself; Life is about creating yourself.” PrincipleConsequence/Impact KnowledgeKnow thyself well enough to claim what success looks like and pursue it. DreamA world of possibility, claim the one(s) your heart desires. VisionLooking forward, planning ahead. Life PurposeWhy do I exist, how does my plan support who I am? ThoughtWhat you think becomes. If you think you can you will. DedicationCommit to a plan and hold yourself accountable. BeliefFaith in the future, hope. PeopleLife is relationship(s), build and sustain them. CommunicationBe clear, concise, open, and honest with self and others.

14 “It matters that you care, it matters that you feel, it maters that you notice.” Roger Keyes, HOKUSAI Says WEEKTO DO (Adapted from Williams and Penman) 1Wake Up to Autopilot 2Keep the Body in Mind 3Avoid Being the Mouse in the Maze 4Move Beyond the Rumor Mill 5Turn Toward Difficulties 6Live in the Present, Not the Past 7Start Dancing 8Embrace Your Wild and Precious Life Mindfulness, Mark Williams and Danny Penman

15 “How you react emotionally is a choice in any situation.” Judith Orloff, Emotional Freedom

16 *P = RB – b(i) + S X ∑E + H² *P=Positive Frame of Mind RB/bi= Your brain S = Strengths ∑E = Measure of happiness H = Hope You cannot be happy unless you are in a positive frame of mind. Happiness may link to success, but success does not necessarily link to happiness.

17  Take 20 minutes and go for a rhythm walk.  Spend a few minutes sharing with a partner.  Are you in touch with your rhythm?  Does it allow you to be your better self?  What, if anything, would you like to do to ensure your rhythm is consistent with your life priorities?

18  Look For Viewing Points  Believe It And You'll See It  Recognize Abundance  Look For Possibilities  Unleash Your Energy To Fix What's Wrong  Ride The Changes  Take Yourself To Your Edge  Be Your Best For The World

19  What message from the video resonates most with you?  As our time comes to a close, what do you choose to celebrate?

20 “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.” Albert Schweitzer SUCCESSHAPPINESS A feeling of accomplishmentA feeling of contentment Something we achieveSomething we become Something we work forSomething we yearn for Means to an endEnd in and of itself TangibleIntangible Links to careerLinks to life

21  Listen to the voice within.  Distinguish needs from wants.  Distinguish wants from needs.  Seek the rhythm in your life.  Be mindful in your approach.  Free yourself from the past.  Recognize the difference between success and happiness.  Celebrate What’s Right


23 Record two or three ideas or issues that came out of the discussion that were most meaningful to you.

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