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Care for the elderly in Flanders Approximately 80,000 residents in nursing homes and service flats.

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1 Care for the elderly in Flanders Approximately 80,000 residents in nursing homes and service flats

2 Rusthuis-Infofoon 078/15 25 25 Fax: 02/533 36 05

3 Mission (since 1994): Being availiable and easily accessible for questions Providing answers and solutions in a professional and client-friendly way Gathering information Seeking answers to questions in the institution first

4 Accessibility: by phone by writing Fax Mail Website In cooperation with: -Supervisors of “care for the Elderly” team -Inspectorate

5 RIF receives: Information Notifications Complaints

6 Notification in case of: Anonymous complaints without the residents’ safety being threatened. An inspection has already been instructed, ie. for another complaint or as part of the recognition process. In case of a recent regular inspection having resulted in a positive report. For instance: complainant states occupational therapy is lacking, but inspection report states occupational therapy is sufficient, and there is no staff shortage.. Complaints which can only be determined with great difficulty or not at all. Subjective complaints: ie: food contains too much pepper, unpleasant smell in cafetaria.

7 . Complainant wants to wait before officially lodging a complaint, ie. wants to talk to management first. Notification then seeks to establish whether anything has been resolved.. Complaints that can no longer be redressed but imply no direct danger to residents. Complaint can be resolved by RIF (ie. wrong monthly invoice, written contract not according to legislation.) Inspectorate is notified in order to establish whether the problem has really been solved as agreed between RIF and care provider. (ie.has the written contract been adapted and been presented to all residents?)

8 Some figures for 2008 correspondent Number of calls 2008 Percentage calls 2008 Family member54354,57 Staff11111,16 Other558,97 Social service747,44 Elderly person living alone626,23 Visitor474,72 Elderly person in nursing home757,54 Care allocator161,16 Not registered80,80 Volunteer40,40 Total calls 2008995100

9 2008% Number of information requests85285,63% Number of complaints11711,76% Number of notifications212,11% Not registered 50,50% total995100,00 %

10 Number of calls – global overview 2002200320042005200620072008 Evolution information requests6998466758407321017852 Evolution of notifications1631401001101006321 Number of complaint calls1551481411278980117 Not registered5 Number of calls1086113491610779211160995

11 Who Called? (1) Type of callerNumber of calls in 2008Percentage 2008 Family member / relative54354,57 Employee11111,16 Other558,97 Other social service747,44 Elderly living at home626,23 Visitor474,72 Residents757,54 Placement Agency161,16 Not registered80,80 Volunteering40,40 Total number in 2008995100

12 Who Called? (2)

13 Type of calls : figures for 2008 (1) 2008% Amount of information requests85285,63% Amount of complaints11711,76% Amount of notifications212,11% Not Registered50;50% total995100%

14 Type of calls : figures for 2008 (2)

15 Overview of complaint species in 2008 Complaint species 2008Amount in 2008 Rights and freedoms1810% Financial matters2715% Services6837% Care and nursing7138% total184100%

16 OrderSubject of the complaints regarding residential care Number in 2008 1Hygiene and cleaning27 2Staff20 3Help and assistance17 4Medication15 5Billing12 6Meals (including diet)10 7Wound care10 8Behaviour management/staff8 9Notice Fee7 10Agreement / contract6 Overview of complaints frequency in 2008

17 Legitimacy of the complaints (1) Legitimacy of the complaints regarding residential care 2008 Number% Legitimate8144% Illegitimate7339% Complaint can no longer be identified2011% Cancelled/withdrawn53% Under investigation63% total185100%

18 Legitimacy of the complaints (2)

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