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West Palm Beach Police Department Portable Video Recorder (PVR) Program Presented by: Chief Bryan Kummerlen.

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1 West Palm Beach Police Department Portable Video Recorder (PVR) Program Presented by: Chief Bryan Kummerlen

2 Rialto Police PVR Program

3 Issues Facing Police Today What does a Police Chief do? Implement strategies to reduce crime and fear of crime Manage change Implement strategies, programs and technology to increase police legitimacy in their community and within their organization Reality “…over the past 30 years, public support for the police – often indexed as trust and confidence has not increased and has generally ranged between 50-60%” Dr. Tom Tyler, Yale Law School, 2014 Trust and confidence in the police is historically lower in economically challenged and minority communities Public expects the police to utilize technology that provides unbiased evidence (DNA and NIBIN) and transparency (video/audio recording)

4 Legitimacy and Procedural Justice Legitimacy: constantly changing metric Community trust and confidence in the Department Extent to which public defers to law and police authority Believe that police actions are a justified and appropriate Procedural Justice: good bedside manner Treat people with dignity and respect Authority figure should appear neutral Give public chance to explain their side of the story

5 Benefits and Challenges Benefits: 1.Reduce complaints 2.Reduce use of force 3.Clear account of an incident from the officer’s perspective 4.Monetary saving (complaint investigation and civil litigation) 5.Increased legitimacy 6.Evidence and case management Challenges: 1.Privacy concerns 2.Implementation 3.Cost 4.Employee support 5.Evidence and case management

6 Our Process 2012 our onboard video was at end of life ($950,00) to replace, captures less than 10% of what we do Body camera technology and use began to gain momentum and notoriety Started monitoring news and professional publications on use and issues. Daytona Beach site visit 2013 Spring 2014 evaluated systems and field tested two of them Budget approval on October 2014 ($815,000) Contracts finalized December 2014 Delivery January or February 2015 Implementation phase 1 March 2015

7 Why Taser AXON Flex? AXON Flex = More Options. Multiple mounting options. End-to-End Solution with users since 2011. Taser weapons system X-26 since 2000. TASER® is the only brand of its kind with a presence in more than 100 countries and 16,500 law enforcement agencies.

8 Taser Axon Flex

9 DUI traffic stop / Fleeing woman

10 Partnership Study John Ortiz Smykla Ph.D. Director and Professor School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Florida Atlantic University Five Year Comparison: 2009-2013 Research study will consist of: Surveys of Officers. Analysis of past/present/future data. Independent analysis of results. 20092010201120122013 Calls for Service 205,271187,239182,778171,426194,430 Citizen Complaint Investigations 113951108893 Use Of Force 155131136162147

11 Implementation Phases PatrolNew HiresEDUTrafficK-9CRTSIDCIDTotals: Phase 1 March 2015 16131011 50 Phase 2 June 2015 30 389454 Phase 3 September 2015 44 3891074 Phase 4 January 2016 36 18 72 250

12 Future Integration of PVR Technology Taser weapon system (ECD) Police vehicle lights Smart Holsters Easy dissemination of evidence Report and records management Total digital evidence management system

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