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Leadership: the future “must have” item Tom Irvine Director of Leadership.

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1 Leadership: the future “must have” item Tom Irvine Director of Leadership

2 presentation summary Public Value approach to leadership as the new “must have” Public Value Leadership as the foundation of the future strategic management of the local authority Implications for the relationship between the local authorities and its strategic partners


4 what is ‘public value’? Public Value is the value created by local government through services, regulation and other actions Public Value is ultimately defined by the public – citizens’ preferences, expressed through a variety of means, and refracted through the decisions of locally elected politicians

5 the added value of ‘public value’ The ‘added’ Public Value of local government is the difference between the benefits achieved by the deployment of resources and the powers which citizens decide to give to local government Fundamentally, the legitimacy of local government as a whole generally depends on how well it creates value

6 ‘public value’ as more than ‘desirable’ For something to have ‘public value’ it is not enough for citizens to say that it is desirable. It is only of value if citizens – either individually or collectively – are willing to give something up in return for it.

7 the things that citizens value These tend to fall into three categories: 1.Outcomes – rather than outputs 2.Services that deliver benefit 3.Trust in the organisation as a social entity


9 public value “Public value” is a useful way of thinking about the goals and performance of public policy. It includes outcomes, the means used to deliver them, as well as trust and legitimacy.

10 legitimacy & support This is the way in which the senior political and managerial leadership work together to broker an agreement about the “public value” that has the broad support of a range of customers and stakeholders.

11 organisational capacity “Organisational Capacity” is about the organisation’s ability to change its structure, processes, and key relationships with partner organisations to delivery the brokered “public value”.

12 leadership in local government is ….. …...the ability to work with a wide range of stakeholders to broker agreement about the organisation’s ambition for public value, and then to adapt the organisation to achieve that ambition.

13 implications for leadership of local government Greatest ‘public value’ is not necessarily achieved by the local authority delivering most of the services to the community Partnerships (LSPs, LAAs, Children’s Trusts) may become the forum through which ‘public value’ is articulated and commissioned Political and managerial leadership in local government need to hang onto their electoral mandate so as to maintain the trust of, and accountability to, the electorate

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