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Strategies for Gaining Organizational Power

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1 Strategies for Gaining Organizational Power

2 Potential to Influence
“being able to get things done”

3 Need for Power? Organizations are becoming more flatter
Fewer Managers, more potential to influence Decentralized flow of Information More discretion to employees “Boundaryless” organizations Rapid shift in authority relationships More people work in small industries Highly visible work and again potential to influence

4 How to get Power? Personal attributes Position Characteristics
Personal Power Position Characteristics Positional Power

5 Personal Power Expertise Personal Attraction Effort Legitimacy
Task relevant knowledge or experience Bill Gates, Steve Jobs Personal Attraction Friendship, charisma, agreeable behavior, physical characteristics John F Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Lady Diana Effort Higher than expected commitment of time Gordon McGovern (CEO Campbell Soup), Herb Kelleher (SW) Legitimacy Behavior consistent with organizational values Steve Ballmer (CEO Microsoft)

6 Personal Power Basically boils down to Ability Motivation
Expertise, Effort (Reliable, Dependable) Motivation Attraction, Legitimacy (Likable, Acceptable)

7 Position Power Centrality Expanding network of communication
Information routed through you Serving as source of information to others Alan Brewer (HP)

8 Position Power Flexibility Reducing routine tasks
Expanding task variety and novelty Initiating new ideas Getting involved in new projects Participating in early stages of decision making Seeking unusual and design oriented jobs Research Labs (Xerox PARC)

9 Position Power Visibility Expanding contact with senior people
Making oral presentations of work Inviting senior managers to help recognize important accomplishments within group Sending personal congratulatory messages Jean C. Jones (Intel) Kathleen Kallmer (Beartrice Company) Winston Churchill (UK)

10 Position Power Relevance or Criticality Expanding domain of work
Becoming involved in activities central to organization’s top priorities Udi Manber Head,

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