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Understanding the Obstacles to Corporate Entrepreneurship

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1 Understanding the Obstacles to Corporate Entrepreneurship
Reasons for an emphasis on Entrepreneurship Framework for understanding the obstacles Limitations that constrain the corporate entrepreneur Overcoming the obstacles and limitations

2 Reasons for an Emphasis on Entrepreneurship
Strategic necessity Maturation of existing businesses

3 Framework for Understanding the Obstacles
Six major obstacles – Table 9.2 Systems Structures Strategic Direction Policies and Procedures People Culture

4 Limitations that Constrain the Corporate Entrepreneur
Lack of Political Savvy: Learning to work the system Lack of Time: Crisis Management Lack of Rewards for Innovation: Beyond Tokenism Lack of Good Financial Proposals: Projecting the Numbers Lack of People Development Skills: Autocracy Rules Lack of Legitimacy: Untested Concept and Untested Entrepreneur Lack of “Seed” Capital: The Problem of Early Resources

5 Limitations - Continued
Lack of Open Ownership: Protecting Turf Lack of a Sponsor: Someone to Watch over You Lack of Energy and Shared Enthusiasm: the Inertia Problem Lack of Personal Renewal: the Issue of Reinforced Denial Lack of Urgency: Fear as Good and Bad Lack of Appropriate Timing: The Resource-Shift Dilemma

6 Overcoming the Obstacles and Limitations
Build Social Capital Gain Legitimacy Political Tactics Resource Acquisition Co-optation Focus on the Right Obstacles at the Right Time

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