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Alaska The Circle F Ranch. Made for Alaska.

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1 Alaska The Circle F Ranch

2 Made for Alaska

3 Great For Alaska’s Youth

4 Best Tasting and Healthiest Red Meat 4 oz. Meat Comparison YakBeefBeefaloPorkChicken Calories Cholesterol49mg89.31mg65.57mg89.31mg93.84mg Fats6.10g19.42g7.14g6.84g8.69g Protein24.7g29.3g34.6g31.4g33.2g

5 Less Expensive to Raise and Maintain— —Higher Weight Gain Ratio—

6 Naturally Disease Resistant For Alaska

7 Easy Keepers

8 Longevity EICH Camarie (C112 ear tag) aka:“Twelver” who was born in the late 1980’s on the McRoberts Game Farm in northeast Nebraska. She had calves from 1994—2010 and probably earlier calves (before 1994) that are unknown. She died in

9 Browsers-Grazers

10 At Home on Alaska’s Trails

11 Naturally Guard Against Predators


13 High Diversity of Unique In-Demand Characteristics F IBER H IDES S KULLS, H ORNS & B ONES


15 Alaska The Circle F The Circle F Ranch Mile 14.9 Edgerton Highway Lower Tonsina, Alaska

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