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Granville Academy Black Business History Instructional Website Design Treatment.

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1 Granville Academy Black Business History Instructional Website Design Treatment

2 Client and Stakeholders Granville academy of Northern Virginia

3 Project Vision Client Goals –Provide students with an understanding of Black business history –Host a trivia game at yearly conference on this subject matter –Teach facts about Black business history –Increase learner interest in business future through awareness of this history

4 Presentation Outline Analysis Performance Analysis Content/Task Analysis Design Design Approach Development Flowchart and Storyboards PrototypeEvaluation Formative Evaluation Recommendations

5 Purpose –Identify drivers and barriers –Gain an understanding of the student abilities, environment, content, and project scope Data Gathering –Subject Matter Expert (SME)/Client meetings –In-person interviews with the students –Student surveys Performance Analysis Analysis

6 Performance Analysis Results Drivers –Client –Access to students Barriers –Large project scope –Broad content area –Lack of data in regard to target audiences prior knowledge Analysis

7 Performance Analysis Results Audience/Environment –Students are reading at a college level –Use of the product will be on the students’ own time at home –Instruction will be self-paced Analysis

8 Performance Analysis Results Project Scope –Two projects identified An instructional website Competitive Quiz Bowl game –Development of instructional website was selected Analysis

9 Content/Task Analysis Purpose –Identify content –Develop Instructional Objectives Method –Client interview –Web-based research –Research history standards for 8-12 graders Analysis

10 Content/Task Analysis Results Content categories –Black business leaders –Black business organizations –Literature related to the leaders and organizations Analysis

11 Content/Task Analysis Results Content for Instructional Website Date and Place of Birth/Date of Death Education Type of business & how they got started Organizations/Affiliations Interesting fact Fact that illustrates impact Fact related to published biography/autobiography Analysis

12 Content/Task Analysis Results Instructional Objectives –Objective 1 Identify and recall Black business history facts –People –Black Business Organizations/ Institutions –Objective 2 Describe commonalities among black business leaders Analysis

13 Content/Task Analysis Results Instructional Objectives –Objective 3 Gain awareness to long history of African Americans in business Analysis

14 Design Approach Client Goals Design Approach Teach Black business history factsTeach Black business history facts Increase learner interest in business future through awareness of this historyIncrease learner interest in business future through awareness of this history Analysis Strategies: Recall Performance Integration Design

15 Design Approach Instructional Strategies Behavioral Objectives 1 and 2 –Present learner with list of leaders in black business history. Organized by chronology or industry –Learner controls sequence –For each figure Biographical introduction Treasure Hunt Questions/ web resources with answers “Big Question” Quiz Design

16 Design Approach Instructional Strategies Objective 3 –Initial presentation is the same as for objective 1 and 2 –Integration strategy - Learner responds to a “Big Question”. (more open ended, requires synthesis) –The learner will also have the opportunity to contribute a ‘big question’ of their own Design

17 Flow Chart Development

18 Logo & Banner Sub:Navigation Contact Us Copyright Photo (if available)Name: Date and place of Birth: Education: Died: Quote: Paragraph form, include the following: Early Job(s)/how they got started Primary Business(es)/Industry Organizations/Affiliations Key Achievement Practice: Treasure Hunt Game Quiz Suggested Readings & External Links: Page Title: Name of Person Navigation: | Timeline | Industry | Trivia Game | Reference Materials |Sponsors | Contact Us | Help| Storyboards Development

19 Logo & Banner Sub:Navigation to Individual Biography’s Navigation: | Timeline | Industry | Trivia Game | Reference Materials |Sponsors | Contact Us | Help| Description of siteSponsor info Contact Us Copyright Home page Storyboards Development

20 Prototype html html Development

21 Formative Evaluation Methods –Expert Review GMU students for Instructional and Web Design expertise Experts recommended by client –One to One reviews conducted with Granville Academy students Instruction that was evaluated –Top-level pages in the storyboard/ prototype –Five of the ten biographical pages, including the treasure hunt and quiz for each Evaluation

22 Student survey results –Positive comments –Recommendations Formative Evaluation Results Evaluation

23 Recommendations Incorporate database or content management system Add additional biographies in accordance with content template. Build out on-line trivia game using randomly generated questions about biographies Add means for presenting Big Question responses Incorporate questions from students into on-line trivia game. Develop Case Studies along the recommendations made by Dr. Juliet Walker

24 Recommendations Implement a marketing plan to introduce students/parents/other Granville programs to the site Incorporate audio and professional graphics into the motivational introduction Incorporate video clips for each leader as one of the web resources (follow example of Reginald Lewis) Complete additional formative evaluations as outlined in plan

25 Resources Tools –The following free tool was used to create the timeline Timeline creator: –Coursebuilder was used to develop the treasure hunts –HTML and javascript were used to develop the on-line quizzes

26 Resources Hong, J. I., Landay, J. A., & Van Duyne, D. K. (2003). The design of sites: Patterns, principles, and processes for crafting a customer-centered web experience. Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc. Ross, S. M., Morrison, G. R., & Jerrold, E. K. (2001). Designing effective instruction. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Tessmer, M. (1993) Planning and conducting formative evaluations: Improving the quality of education and training. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge Granville Academy of Northern Virginia Suggested Readings downloaded February 21, 2006 Internet 4 Classrooms Learning Domains or Blooms Taxonomy National Center for History in the Schools downloaded March 3, 2006 downloaded March 4, 2006

27 Resources SBC Education downloaded March 1, 2006 Library of Congress, America’s Story downloaded March 4,2006 downloaded March 4,2006 Economic Education Web, Nebraska Entrepreneur lessons downloaded March 5, 2006 downloaded March 5, 2006 Black Business Journal Online downloaded March 5, 2006 Education, Training and Enterprise Center downloaded March 5, 2006

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