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NLM Update NAHSL Annual Meeting October 30, 2007 Martha R. Fishel Chief, Public Services Division National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

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1 NLM Update NAHSL Annual Meeting October 30, 2007 Martha R. Fishel Chief, Public Services Division National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Department of Health & Human Services

2 What’s Happening at NLM New Supervisory Staff Budget Disaster Management What’s going on at NLM Questions

3 33 New Staff at NLM Lisa Lang Head, NICHSR; and Assistant Director, Health Services Research Information Shana Potash Public Affairs Specialist, OCPL Joyce Backus Deputy Chief Public Services Division Paula Kitendaugh Head, Reference and Web Services

4 44 New Staff at NLM Steve Phillips Associate Director Division of Specialized Information Services

5 NLM/NIH Budget FY2005, FY2006 – Flat budget FY2007 – Decreased Budget FY2008 – Decreased Budget

6 FY 06

7 FY08 Appropriations Anticipated Appropriations Language  NIH Public Access Policy Mandatory participation with an embargo of up to 12 months before articles are posted on PMC. Bill passed Senate October 23  Clinical Trials Database Establishment of an expanded registry database ( and a results database.

8 Disaster Management Major consideration from the NLM Long Range plan – Development of a Disaster Information Management Research Center Disaster includes public health emergencies, manmade disasters, and natural disasters (epidemics to catastrophic seismic and meteorological events)

9 Disaster Management Goal – to ensure uninterrupted access to critical information resources in the event of disaster or other emergencies. Committees – LO and NLM wide to review and plan for disaster management, including identification of essential resources and personnel.

10 Public Services Division MedlinePlus MedlinePlus en español Go Local New Search Engine Additional Topics

11 MedlinePlus: What’s New

12 Announcement about new MedlinePlus topics, podcasts, featured sites Items display for 3 weeks RSS feed available Complements the current MedlinePlus Health News RSS, which delivers press announcements and HealthDay news stories

13 MedlinePlus Health Topic Pages Pages redesigned based on usability studies Changing long list of links with lots of scrolling Lots of words and links but no pictures and little white space

14 Long list of links with lots of scrolling Another click to get to “real” information Lots of words and links but no pictures and little white space




18 MedlinePlus en español Outreach Public Service Announcements  Su condición médica - Your Medical Condition  Ser más saludable - Staying Healthy  Preguntas a su pediatra – Questions for your pediatrician  Medicinas recetadas – Prescription medication  Mida su salud – Measuring your health

19 Don Francisco Best-known entertainer on Spanish television 100 million viewers in over 20 countries Dedicated to health issues:  Founded Chilean telethon for handicapped children  UNICEF ambassador  VP of US Muscular Dystrophy Association  PAHO spokesman for public health campaigns throughout the Americas

20 Campaign Scope: Nationwide Distribution:  100 Spanish-language television stations  450 Radio stations Nielson television tracking report:  July 24 through August 12  TV PSA’s aired 9,407 times  Estimated viewers: 68 Million

21 Impact on Usage in Select U.S. Cities Usage statistics for July, compared to pre-campaign (March) usage:  Los Angeles: up 25%  New York City: up 12%  Marina Del Rey, CA: up 182%  Phoenix: up 27% PSA link Spanish with English subtitles

22 Vivisimo Search Engine, October 2007 Selected Resource Spotlight Health Topic Summary and Image Spell checker Better Synonyms View All Results or by Collection Search Words in Context

23 Multiple browsing capabilities Hundreds of real examples Keyword searchable 26 chapters Easy-to-use instructions NISO bibliographic standards, explained!

24 Go Local - Growing New Go Local projects, Oct ’06- Sept ’07  Nebraska: Oct 2006  Michigan: Jan 2007  Minnesota: Jul 2007  Illinois: Sep 2007 10 other sites in development

25 Go Local

26 Evaluating Go Local Collected key Go Local questions from site sponsors and RMLs - Dec 06-May 07 Summarized web site use from log data – Feb-Jun 07 Awarded NIH evaluation funding – Aug 07 Consultant to interview all Go Local sites and perform content analysis for pros and cons of sponsorship – Nov 07-Mar 08 Run customer satisfaction survey on Go Local Massachusetts – Oct 07-Sep 08

27 NIHMedlinePlus Magazine Summer ’07 issue – distribution increased from 50,000 to 300,000 (six fold increase) Hope to publish a Spanish language version in 2008

28 2828 DOCLINE Today 3,166 libraries participating 3,166 libraries participating Over 1.47 million serial holdings records Over 1.47 million serial holdings records 2.31 million ILL Requests in FY06 2.31 million ILL Requests in FY06 Fill Rate is 92.2% Fill Rate is 92.2% Average number of routes is 1.24 Average number of routes is 1.24

29 2929 DOCLINE Libraries (Federal and special libraries)

30 3030 Network Delivery Methods 40 Day Snapshots

31 31 EFTS – working toward self sufficiency Increasing market share – increase marketing efforts with RMLs, promotional materials available Decreasing expenses Rollout of Canadian currency conversion feature Simplify billing with File Builder within DOCLINE Fee increase for lenders


33 Technical Services Division Open WorldCat  NLM now a participant  LocatorPlus entries link “Find other libraries that own this”  WorldCat links to NLM holdings Title Abbreviations  Using abbreviations created by the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) Centre  Modified to conform to NLM standards on punctuation and capitalization

34 Digital Repository Planning NLM Digital Repository Working Group  January 2007 functional specifications  Policy and management issues 2 nd phase underway  Evaluate commercial systems and open source software  Goal: selection for use as the NLM digital repository

35 Indexing FY2006  623,089 indexed citations added to MEDLINE.  46,918 gene indexing links created (4% increase from last year). FY2007  670,943 indexed citations added to MEDLINE  7.7% increase

36 OLDMEDLINE Mapping OLDMEDLINE Keywords to current MeSH:  76% of citations mapped completely (over 1.34 million citations).  Completed records converted to the status [PubMed – Indexed for MEDLINE]. Conversion of the citations from the 1949 Current List of Medical Literature (CLML) has begun; anticipate loading into PubMed in November 2007.

37 PubMed – Oct 2007 PubMed – over 17.4 million records MEDLINE – over 16.1 million (92.5%) In Process records – over 211,634 (1.2%) OLDMEDLINE – over 420,000 (2.4%) PubMed-only records – over 253,000 (3.9%)

38 Drug Information from PubMed

39 39 MedMaster on the NCBI Bookshelf

40 PubMed Central As of Oct 1, 2007:  365 journals participating  1,255,907 articles (reached 1 million mark in June)  2.9 million unique users PMC Back Issue Scanning Project  Approximately 90 journals, 5 million pages  As of Sept 2007, 749,697 scanned articles in PMC Journal Back Issues loaded to PubMed  39 Completed Journals and growing.  > 70,000 total citations added.  > 40,000 new abstracts added to existing PubMed citations.

41 3 rd Party Back Issue Citations Publisher requests to include their retrospective data into PubMed. Goal:  Load citations for journal issues not previously included in MEDLINE/PubMed.  Not indexed with MeSH.  Add abstracts from Publisher citations that are not found in MEDLINE citations. First test case – Science  Back to 1880.  94,298 citations added.

42 Training NLM and NTCC Online Search Clinic: Chemicals and Drugs in PubMed  1 hour long clinic on Aug 23  Recorded and available to view (including transcript) at  140 registered sites participated  Positive responses, planning for additional workshops in 2008.

43 Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) New SNOMED CT licensing agreement put into place on April 26, 2007. Transfer of ownership of SNOMED CT to the new International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). NLM is the U.S. member and founding member of IHTSDO.

44 DailyMed Provides high quality information about marketed drugs. Includes FDA approved labels (package inserts). 3,313 approved prescription drugs included in the database. Additional legislative requirements for linking to FDA data may happen.

45 Specialized Information Services (SIS) New design for ChemIDplus (April 2007)  Including a new search feature for quick access to salts and hydrates New TOXMAP release (Aug 2007)  New search features, including user created geographic regions, and other new search options (Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) facility name/ID, release medium, release year ranges, release amount, Superfund (NPL) site name/ID, and Hazard Ranking System (HRS) score).

46 46 Information for Veterinarians NLM, NAL, USAIN, AVMA, MLA Developing a web portal Obtain feedback from veterinarians, librarians  Focus groups at 2007 AVMA Conference  MLA VMLS  AgNIC

47 New Digital Collection from HMD

48 Thank you!

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