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1 Everybody knows that oxygen important to life on Earth. Important Correction: is important.

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1 1 Everybody knows that oxygen important to life on Earth. Important Correction: is important

2 2 The woman that you saw her was my sister. her Correction: Ø

3 3 The story ______ told me about was fascinating. that that you which what

4 4 I know what you are smart. what Correction: that

5 5 The school ______ you went to prepared you well. that what that it was

6 6 ______ late for the movie, we missed the beginning. Because we Although we were Because of Since we were

7 7 I was very excited about what my sister told me the news. the news Correction: Ø

8 8 It is difficult to believe ______ one day fly to work in our sky cars. that that we which we will that we will

9 9 Deciding that school to study at is a very important decision. that Correction: which

10 10 Dinosaurs used to live in that is now San Francisco. that Correction: what

11 11 The guy ______ you saw was my brother. what him that was

12 12 The teacher made me believe that she said was true. that she Correction: that what she

13 13 Believing ______ is not always a good idea. that you are see you seeing which you seeing what you see

14 14 Mother Theresa dedicated her life to helping the people …. about whom we read about that we read we read whom we read

15 15 The book ______ read about in class was difficult to understand. that we that what was

16 16. The United States Congress made Washington, D. C., ---- in. (A) after the government center (B) of the government center (C) the center of government (D) then the center of government

17 17. Poodles were once used as retrievers in duck hunting, but the American Kennel Club does not consider them ---- because they are now primarily kept as pets. (A) where sporting dogs (B) sporting dogs (C) when sporting dogs (D) they are sporting dogs

18 18. A microphone enables a soft tone (to be) (amplified),thus (making it possible) the gentle renditions of (romantic) love songs in a large hall.

19 19. (It is) the interaction between people, (rather than) the events that occur in their lives, that (are) the main focus of (social psychology).

20 20. ----who was the first Black woman to run for the office of President of the United States in. (A) Shirley S. Chisholm (B) It was Shirley S. Chisholm (C) Shirley S. Chisholm was (D) When Shirley S. Chisholm

21 21. ----an increasing international exchange of educational films. (A) It is (B) There is (C) Though there is (D) Although it is

22 22. The spiral threads of spider's web have a sticky substance on them ----- insects. (A) traps (B) trap its (C) which traps (D) which it traps

23 23. In blank verse----of ten syllables, five of which are accented. (A) line consists of each (B) consists of each line (C) each line consists (D) it consists of each line

24 24. After the First World War, the author Anais Nin became interested in the art movement known as Surrealism and in psychoanalysis, both ----her novels and short stories. (A) in which the influence (C) to have influence (B) of which influenced (D) its influence in

25 25. ---- did Cornell University begin to offer a degree in ornithology. (A) Not until (B) Not since (C) Until (D) In

26 26. Only in recent years----begun to realize that wild dogs, kept within bounds, often do more good than harm. (A) people have (B) since people have (C) have people (D) people who have

27 27. Pewter, (a metal) with an (ancient heritage), is still (practical medium) for the (nonprofessional) metalworker.

28 28. (The hardness) (of mineral) often (gives) a clue to (its) identity.

29 29. Commercial expansion from city to suburb has affected the way people in the United states ---. (A) living and working (B) they live and work (C) live and work (D) to live and to work

30 30. Most crocodiles will eat anything----capture and overpower. (A) can (B) they can (C) which can (D) and

31 31. A majority of people in the United States can get all the calcium their bodies----from the food they eat. (A) require (B) requires (C) requiring (D)to require

32 32. (Although) afflicted by serious (eyesight problems),Alicia Alonso was (one the principle) stars of the American Ballet Theater and later formed (her own) dance company.

33 33. ------relatively costly, the diesel engine is highly efficient and needs servicing infrequently. (A) Even (B) It is (C) Even though (D) There is

34 34. All marble is composed of crystals of the minerals calcite or dolomite, ----, are perfectly white. (A) when, pure which (B) when, which pure (C) which, pure when (D) which, when pure

35 35. Although----rigid, bones exhibit a degree of elasticity that enables the skeleton to withstand considerable impact. (A) apparently (B) are apparently (C) apparently their (D) are they apparently

36 36. ----by transferring the blame to others is often called scapegoating. (A) Eliminate problems (B) The eliminated problems (C) Eliminating problems (D) Problems are eliminated

37 37. ----wooden buildings helps to protect them from damage due to weather. (A) Painting (B) Painted (C) The paint (D) By painting

38 38. X-rays are able to pass through objects and thus make----details that are otherwise impossible to observe. (A) it visible (B) visibly (C) visible (D) they are visible

39 39. Using many symbols makes- ---to put a large amount of information on a single map. (A) possible (B) it possible (C) it is possible (D) that possible

40 40. The less the surface of the ground yields to the weight of the body of a runner, ----to the body. (A) the stress it is greater (B) greater is the stress (C) greater stress is (D) the greater the stress

41 41.The lower ------ in a room, the more slowly our eyes focus. (A) the level of lighting (B) light level (C) leveling of light (D)lighting is level

42 42. The stronger----magnet, the greater the number of lines of magnetic force. (A) of (B) the (C) is the (D) is of the

43 43. The quantum theory states -- --, such as light, is given off and absorbed in tiny definite units called quanta or photons. (A) energy that (B) that it is energy (C) it is energy (D) that energy

44 44. Studies of the gravity field of the Earth indicate----yield when unusual weight is placed on them. (A) although its crust and mantle (B) its crust and mantle to (C) that its crust and mantle (D) for its crust and mantle to

45 45. The chief foods eaten in any country depend largely on ----- best in its climate and soil. (A) it grows (B) what grows (C) does it grow (D) what does it grow

46 46. During the eighteenth century, Little Turtle was chief of the Miami tribewhose territory became----is now Indiana and Ohio. (A) there (B) where (C) that (D) what

47 47. In the United States, a primary election is a method -- -- voters select the nominees for public office. (A) that (B)by which (C)is that (D)by those

48 48. Croquet is a popular lawn game ----- players hit wooden balls through wire arches called wickers. (A) when (B) which (C) is when (D) in which

49 49. Mercury differs from other industrial metals ---- it is a liquid. (A) whereas (B) in that (C) because of (D) consequently

50 50. Hovercraft, or air-cushion vehicles, are unusual ---- travel over land and water on a layer of air. (A)they (B)in they (C)that they (D)in that they

51 51. A prolific writer of prose and verse, ---- of Native Americans in her novel, Century of Dishonor. (A) Helen Hunt Jackson took up the cause (B) the cause taken up by Helen Hunt Jackson (C) was Helen Hunt Jacksons cause (D) the cause that Helen Hunt Jackson took up.

52 52. Often very annoying weeds,-----and act as hosts to many insect pests. (A) that crowd out less hardy plants than goldenrods (B) crowding out less hardy plants by goldenrods (C) the goldenrods crowding out of less hardy plants (D) goldenrods crowd out less hardy plants

53 53. The tongue,-----,is an important aid in chewing and swallowing. (A) is the chief organ of taste (B) tasting the organ chiefly (C) the chief organ of taste (D) the organ chiefly tastes

54 54. An Olympic marathon is miles and yards, approximately ---- from Marathon to Athens. (A) the distance is (B) that the distance is (C) is that the distance (D) the distance

55 55. In Benjamin Franklin founded one of the first adult- education organizations, ---- the Junto. (A) has been called (B) which group called (C) to call (D) a group called

56 56. The grape is the ----, juicy fruit of a woody vine. (A) smooth-skinned (B) skinned is smooth (C) skin which is smooth (D) smooth skin

57 57. ----- a short-handled, long- bladed weapon, similar to a dagger but larger. (A) Like a sword (B) A sword is (C) A sword is what (D) Before a sword

58 58. Western Nebraska generally receives less snow than ---- eastern Nebraska. (A) does (B) in (C) it does in (D) in it does

59 59. Hot objects emit----- do cold objects. (A) rays more than infrared (B) rays are more infrared than (C) more than infrared rays (D) more infrared rays than

60 60. The activities of the international marketing researcher are frequently much broader than ----. (A)the domestic marketer has (B)the domestic marketer does (C)those of the domestic marketer (D)that which has the domestic marketer

61 61. The annual worth of Utahs manufacturing is greater than ----. (A) that of its mining and farming combined (B) mining and farming combination (C) that mining and farming combined (D) of its combination mining and farming

62 62. Most crocodiles will eat anything----capture and overpower. (A) can (B) they can (C) which can (D) and

63 63. A majority of people in the United States can get all the calcium their bodies----from the food they eat. (A) require (B) requires (C) requiring (D)to require

64 64.Indigo is a vat color, ---- called because it does not dissolve in water. (A)which it (B) it is (C) but (D) so

65 65. The Smithsonian Institution preserves more than sixty-five million items of scientific, historical, or artistic interest,--- - winning the popular title, "attic of the nation." (A) however (B) thus (C) and (D) moreover

66 66. Snow aids farmers by keeping heat in the lower ground levels, thereby----from freezing. (A) to save the seeds (B) saving the seeds (C)which saves the seeds (D) the seeds saved

67 67. (To produce) one pound of honey, a colony of (bees) must fly a distance (equals) to twice (around) the world.

68 68. A neutron star (forms) (when) a star (much more) massive than the Sun dies and (exploded).

69 69. The crane is----of the wading birds. (A) the tallest (B) the tallest that is (C) which is the tallest (D) which the tallest is

70 70. Cows (are said) (to be) the least (intelligently) of (domestic) animals.

71 71. (On) December,, (the) Model A Ford, which (cost), (is) introduced.

72 72. The Rodeo Association of America (set up) a (system) of points for (determining) the (nation) rodeo champions in.

73 73. Automatons programmed to perform a given task ----the flexibility and adaptability of human beings. (A) without (B) lack (C) minus (D) not having

74 74. Antibodies ----by small, round cells called lymphocytes and plasma cells. (A) to be made (B) making (C) made (D) are made

75 75. ----Wupatki National Monument in Arizona features structures built of red sandstone by ancestors of the Hopi people. (A) That the (B) In the (C) Around the (D) The

76 76. Having been served lunch, -- --. (A) the problem was discussed by the members of the committee (B) the committee members discussed the problem (C) it was discussed by the committee members the problem (D) a discussion of the problem was made by the members of the committee

77 77. ----was not incorporated as a city until almost two centuries later, in. (A) Settling Brooklyn, the Dutch (B) The Dutch settled Brooklyn (C) Brooklyn was settled by the Dutch (D) Settled by the Dutch, Brooklyn

78 78. At thirteen ----- at a district school near her home, and when she was fifteen, she saw her first article in print. ( A) the first teaching position that Mary Jane Hawes had (B) the teaching position was Mary Jane Hawe's first (C) when Mary Jane Hawes had her first teaching position (D) Mary Jane Hawes had her first teaching position

79 79. Canadian scarlet-clad (guards) and mounties (with) horseback are (part) of the (summer scene) in Ottawa.

80 80. Allan Pinkerton, (founder) of (the famous) detective agency that bears (him) name, directed a Civil War espionage system (behind) Confederate lines.

81 81. Proteins form (the most) of the (structure of) the (body) and also (act as) enzymes.

82 82. (Since beginning) of photography, inventors have (tried) (to make) photographs that duplicate (natural) colors.

83 83. The Yukon River, which (flows) into the Bering Sea, gives (its) name to a region of Alaska (and a) territory (of the) Canada.

84 84. The diamond (is) the (hardest) (substance) (in the nature).

85 85.(The nitrogen) makes up (over) (percent of) the Earth atmosphere,the gaseous mass (surrounding) the planet.

86 86.(Researchers) at the University of Colorado (are investigating) a series of indicators that (could) help (themselves) to predict earthquakes.

87 87. The continental divide refers to an imaginary line in the North American Rockies that (divides) (the waters) flowing (into) the Atlantic Ocean from (it) flowing into the Pacific.

88 88. In the presidential candidate Warren Harding (coined) the word normalcy to (express) social and (economic) conditions (they) promised the nation.

89 89. Many critics (believe) that Amy Lwell's most important (work) is not poetry, but (his) biography, John Keats, (published) the year of her deat

90 90. The (sounds) of jazz are not (similar to) (them) of (traditional orchestra).

91 91. Although (he is) employed in the scientific and (technical) fields, the metric (system) is not generally (utilized) in the United states.

92 92. John Dewey is generally (considered) one of the (greatest) modern (educational) (philosopher).

93 93. Sarah and Angelina Grimke (were among) the first (woman doctors) (to lecture) in (public) in the United States.

94 94.The Millicent Rogers Museum houses (five thousands) pieces of Hispanic and American Indian jewelry, textiles, and (other) objects (documenting) the vibrancy of (these two cultures).

95 95. Lizards (lack) the built-in body temperature (control) many (another) creatures (possess).

96 96. (At) birth, an infant (exhibits) a (remarkable) number of motor (response).

97 97. (A number of) those (who) (study) engineering is increasing (steadily).

98 98. Historians (believe that) some (forms) of (an advertising) must be as old (as barter) and trade.

99 99. In the (early) years of the Republic, George Washington (proposed) the (establishment) of (an) university in the nations capital.

100 100. Jim Thorpe, (a football), track, and baseball (stars) from Pennsylvania, is considered (by many to) be the (greatest) all-around athlete of modern times.

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