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Final Exam Review: 2nd Semester Content. Why did US fight the Mexican American War ?

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1 Final Exam Review: 2nd Semester Content

2 Why did US fight the Mexican American War ?

3 Texas was annexed; war provoked to gain land

4 How did Congress try to stop slavery in land gained from the Mexican American War ?

5 Wilmot Proviso: any land gained in war against Mexico would be free and not slave - it failed to pass

6 What are the geographic features of the Northeast?

7 Rushing rivers, rocky soil, good for industry

8 The benefits to industrialism were ?

9 Economic wealth, tech, stable employment;

10 Drawbacks ?

11 Pollution, child labor, overcrowded cities

12 Define Henry Clay’s American System.

13 Govt. to help build canals etc, National Bank, tariff

14 What was difficult in building the Trans.Railroad ?

15 Weather of Sierras, Indian Attacks, and

16 supply delivery was difficult

17 What were push and pull factors of immigration ?

18 War, famine, economy; freedom, jobs

19 Who were some progressive reformers and what did they do ?

20 Horace Mann

21 – education,

22 Jane Addams

23 –Hull House

24 Susan B. Anthony

25 - right to vote,

26 Elizabeth Cady Stanton

27 – Women’s rights

28 What were the key characteristics of the South ?

29 Slavery, slow wide rivers, fertile land

30 Who resisted slavery and how did they resist ?

31 Tubman

32 – Underground RR,

33 Nat Turner

34 – violent rebellion

35 Frederick Douglass

36 - North Star Newspaper

37 Grimike sisters

38 - moral suasion

39 John Brown

40 - Harpers Ferry raid

41 Garrison

42 – newspaper the Liberator

43 How do historians know the details of life during the westward movement ?

44 Letters, diaries, photos, newspapers

45 Who were famous abolitionists ?

46 Garrison, Grimike, Tubman, Truth, Douglass

47 What compromises made to avoid a civil war ?

48 Missouri Comp, Compromise of 1850, and Kansas- Nebraska Act

49 How was slavery justified ?

50 In Bible, existed since ancient times and

51 economic necessity, civilization given to slaves, cared for by owners

52 What were the causes of the Civil War ?

53 Economics, slavery, states rights

54 What are famous Lincoln documents and what do they say ?

55 Gettysburg Address; ideals of Dec. of Independence and

56 preservation of union requires the sacrifice

57 Emancipation Proclamation

58 free slaves in southern states, not border states, allow enlistment of African Americans

59 House Divided debate speech –

60 we will become all slave or all free, we will not fall

61 2nd inaugural address

62 malice toward none, charity toward all

63 What advantages and disadvantages did the North and South have to win the war ?

64 North: population, economy, transportation, factories weapons

65 South: Motivation to defend homeland; General Lee, military training

66 What battles are remembered from the Civil War and why ?

67 Antietnam, Gettysburg, Shiloh, Bull Run, Fredericksburg - # of deaths, turning points

68 What amendments were added to the Constitution during Reconstruction ?

69 13,14,15

70 What resources did the United States have that helped it to industrialize ?

71 Natural resources, immigrant labor, transportation, inventions

72 What political parties emerged on the West ?

73 Grangers, populists

74 Who are some famous industrialists and what area did the specialize ?

75 Carnegie

76 steel

77 Rockefeller

78 oil

79 Vanderbilt

80 trains

81 JP Morgan

82 banking

83 What were the waves of immigration ?

84 Northwestern Europe, Southeastern Europe

85 Vocabulary terms to know

86 Wilmot Proviso ?

87 land gained in war with Mexico would be free

88 Manifest Destiny-

89 duty to move west and bring democracy

90 American System-

91 Henry Clay idea govt help build infrastructure, national bank necessary

92 Transcontinental Railroad-

93 Railroad connected east and west

94 Suffrage-

95 voting rights

96 Abolitionist-

97 wanted to end slavery

98 Muckrakers-

99 journalists exposed negatives of ind. rev

100 Underground Railroad

101 -network of escape for slaves to Canada

102 Scorch and Burn-

103 destroy all in path from Atlanta to the sea by Sherman

104 Jim Crow laws-

105 Laws that segregated races

106 Reconstruction-

107 time of rebuilding nation and ensuring rights of freed slaves

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