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Patrick & Mary McNally Duffy Family

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1 Patrick & Mary McNally Duffy Family
I started my research with three goals: Determine when our family name changed from “Duffy” to “Duffie” Identify the seven mystery women pictured in the “Beach Sisters” photographs included in this Power Point. Identify the alleged “Mayflower” connection of our Pollard ancestry. The following family groups are in some way related those pictured in this presentation: Israel & Lavinia Martin Collins, Dereham Twp, Oxford, Ontario County, Canada Patrick & Armina Collins Duffy, Dereham Twp, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada Nathan & Rebecca Trine Leasure/Lesher, Otter Creek Twp, Mercer County, Pennsylvania Joseph G. & Mary Gilstrap Pollard, Joplin, Missouri, & Little Rock, Arkansas Isaac G. & Sarah Ester Yoes Pollard, Little Rock, Arkansas Hugh Percy & Mary McCall Beach, Maidstone, Essex County, Ontario, Canada. Clyde & Evalyn Pollard Lesher, Transfer, Mercer County, Pennsylvania Jacob & Catherine Bobenmeyer Trine, Trenton, Butler County, Ohio Those interested in more family data can go to:

2 Harriet Elizabeth Allen Duffy
The true “matriarch” of the “Duffie” clan, since it is alleged that she was responsible for changing the spelling of our name from “Duffy” to “Duffie”. She is pictured here holding her grandson, Monroe Anderson Duffie Parents: Seth C. & Margaret Ann Jacob Allen Born 17 May 1858, USA Died: 8 Oct 1933, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada Husband: James Munroe Duffy

3 Harriet Elizabeth Allen Duffy
On several of the marriage licenses I have located for Harriet's children her maiden name was spelled "Allan". I do not believe that is right. Harriet's official death certificate lists her surname as "Duffie“, which is wrong. She was legally “Duffy”. Death Certificate gives her father's place of birth as Watertown, N.Y. Death Certificate gives her mother's place of birth as Durham Township, Canada. Harriet’s death certificate gives her birthplace as Durham, Ontario, Canada. I originally thought she was born in the U.S., but that is apparently not true.

4 Harriet Elizabeth Allen Duffy
Harriet Elizabeth Allen Duffy is credited with changing the spelling of our name from Duffy to Duffie. We were told that it was because she wanted to disassociate us from “Father Duffy” and “Duffy’s Tavern”. Her funeral service was conducted by S. Franklin Logsdon, Moody Church & others, so that could very well be true. Suggesting she was a Protestant may be roughly comparable to suggesting that the Pope leans slightly towards Catholicism!

5 Blake Monroe Duffy: Child
Born as Blake Monroe “Duffy”, 31 Aug 1879, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada Died as Blake Monroe “Duffie”, 12 Dec 1951, Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio On his birth certificate, his parents are clearly listed as James & Harriet Duffy. While the spelling varied from time-to-time, he used “Duffie” throughout most of his adult life. He named all his children accordingly. The first legal document I have located in which his name was spelled “Duffie” was on his 1902 marriage certificate to his first wife, Lucinda Beatrice Campbell. Lucinda died in 1909.

6 Blake Monroe Duffy: Adult
Married Lucinda Beatrice Campbell, She died in 1909; no children Married: Sarah Ann Beach, 24 Dec 1910 Children: Monroe Anderson Duffie Margaret Eileen Duffie Ruth Beach Duffie

7 Blake & Allen Arthur Duffy
Monroe Duffie wrote in the album “Blake in car, Will outside”. Blake Duffie was his father; Will was his uncle. The back of the picture states “Blake & Allen”. I believe the name on the back is correct. It was probably written by their mother, Sarah Ann Beach Duffie, in which case the man outside the car is Allen Arthur Duffy, (b 15 Mar 1890).

8 Harriet Allen Duffy & Family
Standing L-R: William Godfrey & Lillian Maud Daniels Duffy; Harriet Allen Duffy; Margaret Eileen Duffie; Norma & Aubrey Duffy, children of Will & Lillian, are to the left and right of Sarah Ann Beach Duffie, Monroe Anderson Duffie. Blake Monroe Duffy probably took this picture. We know he was present at the time because of the following picture of Blake, Harriet, and Will. Will and Harriet are wearing the same clothes.

9 Blake, Harriet & William Duffy/Duffie
In the album, Monroe A. Duffie identifies the man on the right as “Alex”. I cannot find an Alex in the family tree. However, I believe he is actually Blake Monroe Duffie’s brother, William Godfrey Duffy (b 16 Sep 1884). Based on the clothing, it appears this picture was taken at the same time as the previous picture on which Monroe identifies him as “Will”.

10 Descendants of Harriet Allen Duffy
Back L to R: Blake Monroe Duffie; Ida Ethel Duffie Hallam; Ruth Duffie Barnes Foxvog; Margaret Eileen Duffie; Unknown. Front: Left Unknown (possibly Monroe’s cousin, Ken Springstead); Right, Monroe A. Duffie.

11 Harriet Duffy With Family
Blake Monroe Duffie; Harriet Allen Duffy; Hazel Duffie Springstead; Ida Ethel Duffie Hallam

12 Harriet Allen Duffy & Margaret Eileen Duffie
Margaret Eileen Duffie, daughter of Blake Monroe & Sarah Ann Beach Duffie, never matured much beyond the age of 12. It is my understanding that at birth she was trapped in the birth canal and suffered oxygen deprivation which caused brain damage. In spite of all that, she was a superb pianist. She was never naturalized, so when Sarah Ann Beach Duffie died in 1960, Margaret was deported to Canada where she died in the 1970s.

13 Hugh Percy Beach Hugh Percy Beach in front of his sod hut in Arnold, Nebraska, ca Based on estimated ages, the woman on the left is probably Henrietta Beach (Anderson), and I believe the woman on the right is Emma Beach (Carlyle). The boy would be one of the twins: Alex or Will.

14 The Beach Sisters Series
The following three pictures were a mystery when we found them. We believed the women were all Beach Sisters, including the only one we could identify: the chaperone, Sarah Ann Beach Duffie. Three of the sisters dress up like male suitors and pair off with their “girlfriends”. The male suitors are introduced to the chaperone. The chaperone falls asleep giving the couples the opportunity to “spoon”. Determining time, place, and opportunity, I concluded that the pictures were probably taken between October & November, 1910, in Shelby, Ohio. Several events brought the family that stretched at the time from Oregon to Canada together in Ohio: Agnes Beach died in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 3, 1910. Sisters Rachel & Sarah, and a brother, William, were all getting married between October & December, 1910. With the death of Agnes, I concluded that one of the women was Elizabeth Wolfe Beach, wife of Dr. William Henry Beach. That was confirmed on October 4, 2007, when I received a call from Marcia Beach Ditter, granddaughter of Will & Elizabeth Wolfe Beach. She said her grandmother Elizabeth was the “young lady” seated on her “beau’s” lap, picture 3, right couple.

15 The Beach Sisters 1

16 The Beach Sisters 2

17 The Beach Sisters 3

18 Rachel Alice Beach, ca 1890 Rachel Alice Beach is one of seven daughters of Hugh Percy & Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach: Born 6 Mar 1887, Arnold, Custer County, Nebraska Married Clare Bloomfield, 12 Aug 1910. Died 28 Jun 1980, San Leandro, San Diego County, California. The picture was taken in 1890 in Broken Bow, Nebraska, the probable location of the family’s sod hut home. This picture was the missing link that enabled me to piece together the Beach family. Once I learned that they had lived in Broken Bow, Nebraska, I was able to match census data with what I already knew about the family and their relationship with Shelby, Ohio, where Monroe Anderson Duffie was born.

19 “Grandmother Beach” The identification on the back of this picture simply states “Grandmother Beach”… but who’s grandmother? If Sarah Ann Beach Duffie wrote it, the women are Emerencianna Beach (Left – Grandmother) and Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach (Right - Mother) If Monroe Duffie, or one of his siblings wrote it, the women are Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach (Right - Grandmother), and the woman on the left is unknown. I believe it is Emerencianna Beach (b England), wife of William Beach and mother of Hugh Percy Beach. We have no information as to when she died, but this was early 1900s, and she would have been in her 80s at the time.

20 Elizabeth & Elvira Beach
I received this graphic from a 2nd cousin with the note that the lady on the left was Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach, wife of Hugh Percy Beach. He did not know the lady on the right. I located Hugh Percy Beach’s mother & siblings in the 1851 Canadian census. Hugh’s older brother was John Beach (b New York City, 1835). In searching subsequent years for Hugh’s siblings, I located John & Elvira Beach in Whitman County, Washington, just north of Walla Walla County, Washington. Since this picture was taken in Walla Walla, Washington, I concluded that the mystery woman was Hugh Percy Beach’s sister-in-law: Elvira Beach.

21 Hugh & Elizabeth Beach Family
Three of Hugh & Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach’s children: Gertrude Martha Beach Mills (Arthur E. Mills); Dr. William Henry Beach (Elizabeth Wolfe); Mary Elizabeth Beach Robinson (Homer M. Robinson). The two women are in the above series of three pictures. The “daughter-in-law” included in the pictures was the wife of Dr. Will.

22 Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach
This family portrait was taken in 1904 when Gertrude Beach was thirteen. I believe she is front row left. Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach is second right. The daughter second left has the look of the eldest daughter & mother's caretaker. I believe she is Emma Beach Carlyle. This picture came from Rachel Beach’s grandson, and he said that Rachel is back row, second left. He also stated that left of Rachel is Henrietta Beach Anderson. That leaves only front row right, and back row second right: Mary Elizabeth (b 1874) and Agnes (b 1880). Right front looks older, so I believe that is Mary Elizabeth and Agnes is back row, second right. The men are the twins, Will & Alex. Sarah Ann Beach is missing.

23 Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach, ca 1904
From , Elizabeth Mary Beach (rear left) and her daughters Mary Elizabeth (Robinson), Rachel Alice (Bloomfield), and Gertrude Martha (Mills) lived with Dr. Willis & Henrietta Beach Anderson in Shelby, Ohio. The lady back row right has the same dark eyes as Elizabeth, so she could be Elizabeth’s sister. Perhaps the couple is one of her sisters and brothers-in-law.

24 Alex & Will Beach Born 9 May 1876, Maidstone, Essex County, Ontario, Canada Alex (left) lived in Oregon and died in a railroad accident, date and location unknown. Will (right) married Elizabeth Wolfe, Fremont, Ohio, and served as a medical missionary to Siam for almost 40 years. He died 16 May 1964, Newburgh, Indiana.

25 Dr. William Henry Beach Dr. William Henry Beach, son of Hugh Percy & Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach, twin brother of Alexander Beach, brother to Sarah Ann Beach Duffie.

26 Dr. William & Elizabeth Wolfe Beach
Dr. Will and Elizabeth Wolfe Beach served on the mission field in Siam for almost 40 years. This picture was taken about 1915 in Cheng Rae Province, Siam. Margurite is on her mother’s lap. Richard is on Dr. Will’s lap.

27 Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach
Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach with Henrietta Beach Anderson & son Ralph. Henrietta’s husband, Dr. Willis Beach, delivered Monroe Anderson Duffie in Shelby, Ohio, and gave him his middle name. Dr. Anderson died in 1919. Ralph Anderson married Mary Louise Kirkpatrick of Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. He was an attorney in the footsteps of his uncle, Charles J. Anderson, a Probate Judge and former Ohio State Senator. Mary Louise died on February 28, Ralph died in a car accident on March 16, 1934.

28 Elizabeth Mary McCall Beach & Family
Left to Right: Emma Beach Carlyle, wife of Samuel Carlyle. Sam & Emma’s daughter, Elizabeth Carlyle, was a missionary nurse in China much of the early 20th. Century. Oregon State University has several letters she wrote to her parents during the Japanese invasion of China in the 1940s. Dr. William Henry Beach, husband of Elizabeth Wolfe Beach and medical missionary to Siam. Henrietta Beach Anderson, wife of Dr. Willis Anderson.

29 Isaac G. Pollard Son of Joseph G. & Mary Gilstrap Pollard
Born 21 Apr 1848, Joplin, Newton County, Missouri Died 12 Jul 1926, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois Ordained Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church Married Sarah Ester Yoes 11 Aug 1867. Child: Isaac Haven Pollard, Sr. (Isaac Haven & Catherine Howe Pollard, / Evalyn Pollard Lesher / Lesher-Jenny-Duffie)

30 Elizabeth Dillahay Pollard
Elizabeth Dillahay, b 1868, Little Rock, Arkansas, married our 2nd great grandfather, Isaac G. Pollard, in Little Rock, Arkansas, November 5, 1883. The fact that the 32 year-old Isaac divorced his second wife to marry the 16 year-old Elizabeth only added to the furor in Little Rock. Elizabeth was a “mulatto” from the all black Walden Seminary. At the time, Isaac G. Pollard was on the original Board of Trustees of Walden Seminary. Walden Seminary is currently Philander Smith College. Elizabeth was his 3rd wife. They had nine children. Many of their descendants now live in LaPorte and Michigan City, Indiana.

31 Isaac G. & Elizabeth Dillahay Pollard
In 1883, Isaac G. Pollard created somewhat of a scandal when he divorced his 2nd wife, Mary Lou Hays Pollard, and married a 16 year old mulatto, Elizabeth Dillahay. The majority of this family was born in Butler, Pennsylvania, and they are all Great Grand Aunts & Uncles to the Lesher/Jenny/Duffie family. The children were probably lined up left to right based on age: Lillian, b Nov 1883; Charles, b Jun 1886; Gertrude, b Feb 1888; John, b Jan 1890; Elmer, b Aug 1891; Henry, b Oct 1894; Amos, b Jun 1897; Clinton, b Sep 1899; Frances, b Mar 1902

32 Four Generations of Pollard Men
Isaac G. Pollard, b 21 Apr 1848, Joplin, Newton County, Missouri, d 12 Jul 1926, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois Isaac Haven Pollard, b 12 Apr 1873, Newburg, Arkansas, d 3 Jul 1937, Greenville, Mercer County, Pennsylvania Darrel Wendell Pollard, Sr., b 13 Sep 1898, Greenville, Mercer County, Pennsylvania Darrel Wendell Pollard, Jr., b 6 Mar 1924, New Castle, Pennsylvania

33 Catherine “Kitty” Howe Pollard
Evalyn Esther Pollard Lesher; Shirley Evalyn Lesher Duffie; Catherine “Kitty” Howe Pollard. Children are probably Ed (left) & Tim (right) Duffie.

34 Evalyn Pollard (Lesher)
This is Evalyn Pollard, wife of Clyde Lesher. Children: Shirley Evalyn Lesher Duffie Betty Lesher Jenny Daniel Haven Lesher I can see both Shirley Lesher Duffie and Betty Lesher Jenny in this picture.

35 Betty Pollard The caption on this picture was simply “Betty Pollard”, middle. The other two are unidentified. The children of Isaac Haven & Catherine Howe Pollard were: Evalyn Esther Pollard Darrell Wendell Pollard Marion Rozetta Pollard Stanley Isaac Pollard Elizabeth Rosemond Pollard Audra Irene Pollard Robert L. Pollard Evalyn Pollard is not in this picture, so that leaves Marion, Elizabeth & Audra. The woman on the left resembles the Audra identified in another picture. If so, then the right must be Marion.

36 The Pollards Stanley Isaac, b 6 Nov 1903 Robert L. b About 1911
Isaac Haven, Jr. b About 1914 Marion Rosetta, b 18 May 1902 Elizabeth Rosemond, b 4 Mar 1906 Audra Irene, b About 1917.

37 Four Generations Of Pollard Women
Betty Lesher Jenny Catherine “Kitty” Howe Pollard Evalyn Pollard Lesher The littlest Pollard is Karen Jenny Schwab Catherine “Kitty” Howe Pollard was the granddaughter of Oil City, PA, oil tycoon John B. Benninghoff: “The Man Who Didn’t Believe In Banks”.

38 Daniel John & Anna Williman Lesher
Born 13 Jul 1860, Otter Creek Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania Died 1945 Anna: Born 1862, Greenville, Mercer County, Pennsylvania Died: 14 Feb 1942 Married: 18 Aug 1881 Daniel Lesher was the town blacksmith in Transfer, PA, most of his life. The 1920 lists him as a “lamp man” for the Steam Railroad in the 1920 census. The 1930 census lists him as a “government mail messenger”. He was the son of Nathan & Rebecca May Catherine Trine Leasure/Lesher. This is the oldest and best graphic we have of our “Trine/Lesher” connection.

39 Daniel John Lesher’s Blacksmith Shop
Three chimneys suggest more than a simple blacksmith shop. He was also a wagonmaker, so this was “state-of-the-art” for the 1880s, Transfer, Pennsylvania

40 Anna Williman Lesher? This picture was unidentified, but I think it could well be Anna Williman Lesher, wife of Daniel John Lesher. The picture seems old enough, it has the same “feel” as the previous picture. It appears as though it could have been taken beside Daniel’s blacksmith shop.

41 Daniel John Lesher & Family
Standing L to R: Betty Lesher Jenny & Jack Jenny; Shirley Lesher Duffie; Daniel John Lesher (son of Nathan & Rebecca May Catherine Trine Lesher). Kneeling: Clyde Lesher.

42 Lesher Children 1 Back Row L to R: Eva May Lesher Deevers; Daniel John & Anna Margaret Williman Lesher; Marion Rosetta Pollard Skamer; Evalyn Pollard Lesher. Front Row: Paul C. Deevers – Ralph D. Deevers – Shirley Lesher Duffie – Betty Lesher Jenny

43 Lesher Children 2 This picture was probably taken at the same time as “Lesher Children 1”. I believe these are the same children, which would be (L to R) Ralph D. Deevers, Shirley Lesher Duffie, Betty Lesher Jenny, Paul C. Deevers, with Daniel John Lesher.

44 Daniel Lesher w/Grandchildren
Daniel John Lesher with (I think) Shirley & Betty Lesher. The child in front is unidentified, and I cannot make out the writing on the edges of the picture. This was probably taken at the site of Daniel’s blacksmith shop. The Transfer depot and hotel appear to be in the background on the far side of the railroad tracks.

45 Evalyn Pollard Lesher & Unknown
Evalyn Pollard Lesher (left) with unknown woman. Two of the children may well be either/both Shirley & Betty Lesher. That appears to be the Transfer hotel in the background, so this may have been taken at the same location as others of Daniel John Lesher and his grandchildren. The unknown woman is probably one of either Clyde’s or Evalyn’s sisters.

46 Clyde & Evalyn Pollard Lesher
w/Shirley Evalyn Lesher (Duffie), ca 1920, on what we believe to be a 1910 Fairbanks Morse gasoline operated velocipede. Clyde ultimately purchased the vehicle, and they used it for years to run into Transfer for groceries.

47 Evalyn Pollard Lesher & Family
Evalyn Pollard Lesher (right) with Shirley & Betty. I suspect the others are Clyde’s sisters: Maude Luella Lesher Taylor lived next to Clyde & Evalyn, and Eva May Lesher Deevers was close enough that her children frequently appeared in pictures with Shirley & Betty..

48 Shirley, Betty, Dan Lesher
The Clyde & Evalyn Lesher home, Transfer, Pennsylvania, ca

49 Shirley & Betty Lesher, Transfer School
Shirley & Betty #s 5 & 7, back row left to right.

50 Clyde Lesher & Friends Clyde (2nd right) with friends at the Lake Erie Ice Cream Company Transfer, Pennsylvania, ca 1918

51 Evalyn Pollard Lesher & Fish
Evalyn Pollard Lesher with one of Clyde Lesher’s “Trophies”. She is relatively young in this picture, so we do not know if Clyde & Evalyn were vacationing at Buckshot Lake, Canada, yet.

52 Clyde Lesher & Fish Clyde Lesher was perfectly capable, and more than willing, to hold his own trophies to show off a wee bit.

53 Evalyn Pollard Lesher & Friends
No doubt a fishing camp; perhaps in Canada. Evalyn Pollard Lesher (far right) is holding Tim Duffie. Ed Duffie is sitting in the front. Tim looks about 2 years old, so this picture was taken about 1946.

54 Lesher Siblings The children of Daniel & Anna Williman Lesher. I can’t identify them, but the siblings would be Olivia Deleon, Maud Luella, Vinnie Eliza, Eva May, Montro Daniel (probably front, second right), Paul Emerson (probably right rear), Clyde (rear center)..

55 Williman Family Picture
Daniel John & Anna Williman Lesher, parents of Clyde Lesher.

56 Clyde, Evalyn, Dan Lesher
Olive Jenny (left) wife of Fred Jenny and Jack Jenny’s mother. Dan Lesher (front) looks to be in his teens, so this picture was probably taken mid-to-late 1940s. Evalyn Lesher (right) has a scowl on her face, so Clyde was probably on his way to his “Dog House”…or…more likely…he was on his way to fish when this picture was taken.

57 Clyde Lesher & Family Clyde Lesher with Monroe Anderson & Shirley Evalyn Lesher Duffie, 1940.

58 Daniel Haven Lesher Son of Clyde & Evalyn Pollard Lesher. Isn’t he a cutie…all dressed up in “hand-me-downs” from his sisters!

59 Clyde & Evalyn Pollard Lesher
Clyde Lesher, son of Daniel John & Anna Margaret Williman Lesher Born 22 Sep 1898, Pymatuning, Mercer County, Pennsylvania Died 1 Mar 1984, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio Evalyn Pollard Lesher, daughter of Isaac Haven & Catherine Howe Pollard Born 7 Jul 1897, Greenville, Mercer County, Pennsylvania Died 1 Feb 1985, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

60 Daniel Haven Lesher Born 27 Nov 1930; married Eunice Vianna Herber ( ); married Naomi Ruth Parsons 9 Jun The Indiana license plate is a curiousity. I can’t pull a date off it, but he attended Taylor University, Upland, IN, about His first wife, Eunice Vianna Herber Lesher, was from Upland, so this may well have been her family’s vehicle.

61 Eunice Herber Lesher & Tim Duffie
Eunice, wife of Daniel Haven Lesher, with Tim Duffie. Must be at Buck Shot Lake, Canada, Clyde’s favorite spot in the 40s & 50s. That appears to be his outboard motor on the boat on the right.

62 Lesher-Duffie-Jenny Picnic
Front L to R: Jack Jenny, Betty Lesher Jenny, Dan Jenny, Ed & Tim Duffie Back L to R: Fred Jenny, Eunice Herber Lesher, Kathy Lesher, Brenda Duffie Woodworth, Karen Jenny Schwab, Shirley Lesher Duffie, Evalyn Pollard Lesher.

63 Clyde & Evalyn Pollard Lesher
With Grandchildren: Brenda Duffie w/Evalyn Fred Jenny w/Clyde Tim Duffie Karen Jenny Ed Duffie That appears to be Betty Lesher Jenny looking on from the right.

64 Karen Jenny Schwab Born 9 Mar 1946 to Jack & Betty Lesher Jenny.
Husband: Arthur J. Schwab.

65 Lesher Cousins Grandchildren of Clyde & Evalyn Pollard Lesher
Left: Brenda Kay Duffie, b 26 Jun 1948, West Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Married William Woodworth Right: Karen Jenny, b 9 Mar 1946, New Castle, Pennsylvania. Married Arthur J. Schwab

66 Clyde & Evalyn Lesher Family
Includes: (left – right) Back Row: Clyde Lesher, Jack Jenny, Monroe Duffie Middle Row: “Aunt” Betty, Olive Jenny, Evalyn, Betty, & Shirley Lesher, Fred Jenny. Front: Ed Duffie, Fred Jenny, Karen Jenny, Brenda Duffie, Tim Duffie Fred & Olive Jenny were Jack Jenny’s parents. Jack married Betty Lesher, and their children were Karen, Fred, and Dan Jenny.

67 Lesher Clan, Transfer, Pennsylvania
Front L to R: Ed Duffie; Fred & Karen Jenny Schwab; Brenda Duffie Woodworth; Dan Jenny Rear L to R: Eunice Herber Lesher, Daniel Haven w/Kathy Lesher, Shirley Lesher Duffie, Betty Lesher Jenny; Evalyn Pollard Lesher. In front is Dan Jenny

68 Clyde & Evalyn Pollard Lesher Children
Left to Right: Elizabeth “Betty” Lesher Jenny Daniel Haven Lesher Shirley Evalyn Lesher Duffie This picture was taken at the Monroe & Shirley Duffie home, 30 W. South Street, West Alexandria, Ohio, 1965.

69 Clyde & Evalyn Pollard Lesher Family: 1965
Left to Right: Evalyn Pollard Lesher Betty Lesher Jenny Shirley Lesher Duffie Daniel Lesher Clyde Lesher This picture was taken at the Monroe & Shirley Duffie home at 30 W. South St, West Alexandria, Ohio.

70 Lesher Gathering, 1981 Front L to R: Sharon Levengood Capehart (Tim Duffie’s Step-Daughter); Unknown; Sarah Duffie, Rebecca Lesher Grundei. Back L to R: Judy Hilderbran Duffie; Monroe Duffie; Shirley Lesher Duffie; Clyde Lesher; Brooks Duffie; Evalyn Pollard Lesher; Blake Duffie; Daniel Haven Lesher; Janie Faulkner Gattari (Friend of Judy & Tim); Brenda Duffie Woodworth

71 Clyde & Evalyn Lesher Family, 1995
Taken on , this is one of the last pictures of Clyde & Evalyn Pollard Lesher’s children w/spouses. L-R: Dan & Naomi Lesher, Jack & Betty Lesher Jenny, Monroe & Shirley Lesher Duffie

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