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> More than 160,000 employees > Located in 63 countries > More than $60 billion in revenue With more than 160,000 employees worldwide, we draw from a diverse.

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0 EMS Internal Auditing

1 > More than 160,000 employees > Located in 63 countries > More than $60 billion in revenue
With more than 160,000 employees worldwide, we draw from a diverse set of skills, experiences, cultures and ideas. With employees in 63 countries and trading relationships with another 40, we can use the global knowledge within our company to provide local solutions that have meaning for our customers. We are committed to growth and reinvestment of the majority of our earnings back in to the company. Last year, we achieved annual sales greater than $60 billion. A majority of our net worth is outside of North America, reflecting the importance of our global operations and emerging economies. IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Yellow dent corn #2; an important agricultural product for food ingredients, animal feed and fermentation Business Unit examples across the globe: TURKEY, CORN MILLING, BEEF, PORK, BIOFUELS, RISK MANAGEMENT, COTTON, CHOCOLATE, FLOUR MILLING & 50+ others.

2 Cargill Value Added Meats Retail & Cooked Business
CONFIDENTIAL. This document contains trade secret information. Disclosure, use or reproduction outside Cargill and inside Cargill, to or by those employees who do not have a need to know is prohibited except as authorized by Cargill In writing. (Copyright Cargill, Incorporated All rights reserved.)

3 Our Products Young Turkey Breast Sweet Italian Sausage
Hot Italian Sausage Breakfast Sausage Bratwurst Sausage Ground Turkey Breast 7% Ground Turkey Ground Turkey Patties Tenderloins Breast Chops Scaloppini Tray pack Thighs Tray pack Drums Cutlets Tray pack Wings

4 Cargill’s Virginia Turkey Operation Location
* Harrisonburg, VA OTHER LOCATIONS I NCLUDE: Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Minnesota, and Nebraska

5 How Complex is our EMS? Mid-season wheat after the rains
IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Mid-season wheat after the rains

6 Agriculture… 10 Breeder Farms Hatchery Feed Mill Live Haul

7 And…The Largest Turkey Plant in the World
Feed Mill

8 Significant Aspects Boiler Air E missions Wastewater
Air Emissions from feed milling Litter Application Incineration on farms Oil Spill

9 Environmental, Health and Safety Mission.
Our mission is to create distinctive value by developing people and assuring continuous improvement in environmental, health and safety processes and performance Key message with an EMS is “continual improvement”

10 EMS History In early 2007, nearly 60 sites in Cargill Meat Solutions (beef, pork, case ready and turkey) set out to become ISO certified We implemented our corporate template with the help of Malcolm Pirnie with workshops within each BU By June 2008, the sites were certified by NSF. We chose a corporate certification. WHY?

11 EMS Model Internal Auditing fits into the check step of the model
Qualified auditors in EHS, Quality Assurance, and Operations. Internal Auditing and Management Review are the “HEART AND SOUL” of the check step Can’t sustain an EMS without strong internal audits and value-added management reviews

12 EMS Internal Audit Preparation
Preparing your people….from site leader to supervisors to shop floor associates EMS Preparation Sheet

13 EMS Internal Audit Preparation
Preparing as a lead auditor Example: Internal EMS Audit Agenda Example: Internal EMS Audit Plan ORGANIZATION IS THE KEY!

14 Cargill Qualified Auditor Structure
Attend the classroom training for becoming an EMS qualified auditor (consultant lead course) Participate in at least one EMS internal audit as an observer Participate in at least one audit as co-lead Lead an EMS audit Corporate leader or designated expert “knights” you into the kingdom of qualified EMS auditors Can take repeat audits as an EMS audit team leader to ensure competency

15 Cargill Qualified Auditor Value
Management motivated by EHS professionals for 2 reasons Improved EMS results b/c of higher competency Best practices acquired from auditing other sites Deliver on Process Improvement Expectations i.e. water efficiency (later slide) Resources Time for classroom training and hands on training $ for classroom and hands-on training Mentor (like businesses?) Cargill can be a mentor for free

16 Cargill Qualified Auditor Value
Build bench strength in a large corporation Talent Management Bottom line savings for process driven approach Often informal, non-process driven systems EMS qualified auditors are trained to be process driven and to “connect the dots” EMS process improvement overlaps into other functions of your business (safety, quality, efficiency)

17 Using the data from an EMS internal audit
Tools used by Cargill Integrated system where audit non-conformances are documented as workflows Ensures efficient on time closure and adequate sustainability Number of non-conformances and evidence of continuous improvement used in performance evaluations for management responsible for the EMS…PROACTIVE! Root causes for non-conformances discussed in annual Management Review Leads to focused training in these areas of opportunities

18 How formal should the process be?
In Cargill, the formal nature of an EMS is exactly what we needed. Structure Discipline Detailed documentation when deviation occurs Non-conformance workflows include accountability Management Reviews The more formal the better, depending on how stringent your current processes are

19 Water Efficiency Project
20% improvement in water efficiency in 16 weeks…HOW? Behavior Based Energy Management Driven by our EMS! $6 + for water in and water out Over $300K savings each year with no capital investment.

20 Water Efficiency Project
We did not meet our 2008 objective and target We are not perfect…I can assure you  Our failure caused our new success The internal audit and thus the management review demanded a culture change in water efficiency The process worked!

21 Learn from your mistakes with:
BE HUMBLE Learn from your mistakes with: Internal auditing Management Reviews Setting Objectives and Targets Documenting Environmental Management Programs (EMPs) Training Techniques

22 Conclusions Qualified Auditors are a key to success
Site leadership to promote the formal processes Organization (audit prep tools) are critical to a smooth audit Let the data speak in management reviews Water savings example

23 Conclusions Learn from mistakes
Strong audits and candid management reviews promote sustainability The process will improve other areas of your operation

24 Q & A ? IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Mid-season wheat after the rains

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