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.…because life is beautiful! Phone: (402)399-0299 Fax: (402)399-0501 143 South 38 Street, Omaha, NE 68131 Nebraskans United.

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1 .…because life is beautiful! Phone: (402)399-0299 Fax: (402)399-0501 143 South 38 Street, Omaha, NE 68131 Nebraskans United for Life

2 Our Mission Nebraskans United for Life’s goal is to restore a culture of life through: legal, social and personal recognition of the value and right to life of each individual, from biological beginning to natural death, and ensuring abstinence is presented as a positive choice. We help coordinate activities of member groups in this region who have the same purpose.

3 NUL cares: –Free pregnancy test –Free STD testing –Medical referrals: OBGYN, ultrasound, STD treatment, etc. –Free counseling for: »Pregnancy »Pregnancy and child loss »Abortion – post abortion syndrome »Parenting issues, classes, support »Abstinence before marriage »Side walk counseling Pregnancy Services

4 Material Assistance NUL provides free material assistance in the form of: –Clothing –Diapers, formula, bottles, etc. –Cribs, car seats, high chairs, etc. –Household items, house wears. –Financial assistance –Food, and more…

5 Educational Services Adoption referral, counseling, and information. Free Educational services: –Sexual education –Free library with a large variety of material on DVDs, CDs, and paper on: STDs, abstinence, pregnancy, abortion, post abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, etc.

6 More on education NUL visits schools to give free talks on life issues, as well provides free materials for boys and girls to understand their sexuality, their options and consequences better.

7 More on our services NUL works with its clients to help them fulfill their goals, helping them grow! NUL provides education for the public at large as well as working with the pro-life movement and local youth.

8 NUL supports and promotes other pro-life organizations and their work. NUL also refers clients to some of those organizations if necessary (e.g.: homeless pregnant woman who needs shelter). NUL sponsors other organizations to reach different cultures/communities (e.g.: Pro-Vida Nebraska) NUL trains counselors. NUL promotes a culture of life through direct projects and partnerships with organizations to provide food and basic personal care items offsite. Organization Support

9 Pro-life Activism NUL encourages the community to participate and voice their opinion on life issues. NUL alerts the community providing information necessary to take action. NUL organizes and sponsors pro-life events and trips, both local and national (e.g.: March for Life, 40 days for life, Life Chain, etc.)

10 Churches and NUL NUL works to encourage churches to remain the foundation for our communities culture of life. NUL teams up with churches to encourage praying for life.

11 Political Action NUL and its Political Action Committee work hard to promote a culture of life in our legislative system: Lobbying pro-life legislation Demonstrating against anti-life measures Interviewing politicians and candidates to determine where they stand on their pro-life views Endorsing only those candidates that are 100% pro-life. Maintaining a dialog with Nebraska’s representatives and local leaders to broaden the pro-life reach.

12 Thank you To contact NUL visit us at: 143 South 38 Street, Omaha, NE 68131 Phone: (402)399-0299 Fax: (402)399-0501 Send us an e-mail to: Visit our Web Page at: or

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