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Kris W. Kobach Presidential Commission on Election Administration September 20, 2013 Presentation by Kansas Secretary of State Kris W. Kobach.

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1 Kris W. Kobach Presidential Commission on Election Administration September 20, 2013 Presentation by Kansas Secretary of State Kris W. Kobach

2 Kris W. Kobach Photo ID and Electronic Poll Books Interstate Voter Registration Data Crosscheck and

3 Kris W. Kobach Interstate Voter Registration Data Crosscheck

4 Kris W. Kobach National Voter Registration Act of 1993 Section 2 Findings and Purposes (b) Purposes (1) to establish procedures that will increase the number of eligible citizens who register to vote in elections for Federal office; (2) to make it possible for Federal, State, and local governments to implement this subchapter in a manner that enhances the participation of eligible citizens as voters in elections for Federal office; (3) to protect the integrity of the electoral process; and (4) to ensure that accurate and current voter registration rolls are maintained.

5 The features (of the National Voter Registration Act) include a requirement that states “conduct a general program” the purpose of which is “to protect the integrity of the electoral process by ensuring the maintenance of an accurate and current voter registration roll for elections for Federal office” From the Federal Election Commission’s guide: Implementing the National Voter Registration Act of 1993:

6 2006 Interstate Crosscheck

7 2012 Interstate Crosscheck

8 2013 Interstate Crosscheck

9 2014 Interstate Crosscheck

10 2013 Crosscheck Program—Number of Records Compared Total Records:84,877,703 Alaska 513,126Michigan7,450,820 Arizona 3,713,607Mississippi 2,077,096 Arkansas 1,638,069Missouri 4,119,984 Colorado 3,629,559Nebraska 1,167,533 Florida10,466,039Ohio 8,011,975 Georgia 6,117,582Oklahoma 2,116,364 Illinois 8,574,144Oregon 2,636,511 Iowa 2,122,030South Carolina 3,106,420 Kansas 1,753,183South Dakota 583,495 Kentucky 3,136,712Tennessee 3,590,439 Louisiana 2,918,581Virginia 5,434,434

11 Kris W. Kobach Interstate Crosscheck Data Format Fields Status (“A” – Active, “I” – Inactive) Date_Generated First_Name Middle_Name Last_Name Suffix_Name Date_of_Birth(YYYY/MM/DD Example: “2010/01/01”) Voter_ID_Number Last four social security number Mailing Address (if no mailing address, provide residential address) Address line 1 Address line 2 City State Zip County Date_of_Registration(YYYY/MM/DDExample: “1970/01/01”) Voted_in_2010(“Y” – they did vote, or “N” – they did not vote, or “” – data not available) Comma delimited ASCII file with double quote text qualifiers and {CR} {LF} row delimiters. Example: “A”, “2010/01/01 12:00:00 AM”, “Bob”, “Alan”, “Jones”, “”, “1940/06/16”, “123456”, “7890”, “123 Anywhere St”, “Apt 201”, “Anytown”, “KS”, “12345”, “County”, “1958/06/17”, “Y” The file is encrypted and password protected and uploaded to the secure FTP site. Interstate Crosscheck Data Format FieldFormatExample StatusA=Active; I=InactiveA Date_GeneratedYYYY/MM/DD2010/01/01 First_NameBob Middle_NameAlan Last_NameJones Suffix NameJr Date_of_BirthYYYY/MM/DD1940/06/16 Voter_ID_Number123456 Last_4_SSN7890 Mailing AddressLine 1 Line 2 City State Zip123 Anywhere St... CountyAllen Date_of_RegistrationYYYY/MM/DD1970/01/01 Voted_in_2010Y=did vote; N=did not voteY

12 Kris W. Kobach How does it work? Each state pulls data on January 15 each year using prescribed data format Upload data to secure FTP site (hosted by Arkansas) Kansas IT department pulls data, runs comparison, uploads results to FTP site Each state downloads results from FTP site, processes them according to state laws & regulations Kansas deletes all other states’ data

13 First: John Middle: Last: Public DOB: 01/01/1975 SSN: 1234 State: Colorado First: John Middle: Q. Last: Public DOB: 01/01/1975 SSN: 1234 State: Kansas Potential match

14 2013 Grid of Potential Duplicate Registrants Within States by DOB LastName FirstName Number of rows Invalid or Null Dates of Birth Duplicate Voter IDs Voters with more than 1 row ALASKAARIZONAARKANSASCOLORADOFLORIDAGEORGIAILLINOISIOWAKANSASKENTUCKYLOUISIANAMICHIGANMISSISSIPPIMISSOURINEBRASKAOHIOOKLAHOMAOREGON SOUTH CAROLINA SOUTH DAKOTATENNESSEEVIRGINIA COMPARED WITH OTHER 21 1 ALASKA 513,12660737 36087014,5502,8492,8211,7967077011,1877522,3726321,4434411,8799433,6671,1923931,0601,86335,557 2 ARIZONA 3,713,607003,9253,608 3,94933,37416,94712,67422,1067,3174,7106,8012,56133,1172,9419,8174,52219,3145,74218,2535,5613,4074,90612,933234,560 3 ARKANSAS 1,638,0692002,0777013,949 5,6457,9918,1748,0902,4583,2824,1936,8895,8007,65613,2811,2235,39110,2641,9833,3535857,2764,298112,482 4 COLORADO 3,629,559002,1094,55033,3745,645 26,17718,34224,31410,47312,0407,4015,45118,9703,94014,88410,69918,08310,82416,5037,8625,1367,36217,792279,822 5 FLORIDA 10,466,039007,8322,84916,9477,99126,177 107,89250,7927,0096,67427,34712,31944,41212,39418,8663,63153,5037,4258,06534,9442,09825,94050,422527,697 6 GEORGIA 6,117,58217506,8282,82112,6748,17418,342107,892 34,9205,2695,98322,58321,77832,54819,63915,7822,94036,4846,9176,33562,4791,31340,57845,305510,756 7 ILLINOIS 8,574,144 158,29 43086,4951,79622,1068,09024,31450,79234,920 32,6766,68818,7915,83353,10612,26845,3874,51439,1115,7118,88612,2991,74613,76921,077423,880 8 IOWA 2,122,0301005967077,3172,45810,4737,0095,26932,676 4,3183,0791,3746,7841,77711,11311,5195,9662,2112,8792,4745,2342,7024,011131,350 9 KANSAS 1,753,1831001,1157014,7103,28212,0406,6745,9836,6884,318 2,7681,4274,5221,45933,6464,9155,2118,6602,6152,5091,1042,4154,363120,010 10 KENTUCKY 3,136,7123703,3001,1876,8014,1937,40127,34722,58318,7913,0792,768 4,70417,6635,4639,1401,28656,9953,4443,2829,85869122,31114,174243,161 11 LOUISIANA 2,918,581058,0271,0167522,5616,8895,45112,31921,7785,8331,3741,4274,704 5,90218,9275,2759066,9663,1522,4755,0233304,6547,967124,665 12 MICHIGAN 7,450,82068363,0242,37233,1175,80018,97044,41232,54853,1066,7844,52217,6635,902 8,26012,7722,70554,2004,7347,72213,9851,51818,30618,201367,599 13 MISSISSIPPI 2,077,096214011,4826322,9417,6563,94012,39419,63912,2681,7771,4595,46318,9278,260 5,9209366,9512,8611,5225,14336917,5886,530143,176 14 MISSOURI 4,119,984704,6941,4439,81713,28114,88418,86615,78245,38711,11333,6469,1405,27512,7725,920 5,24814,2459,3915,2466,1501,5388,10010,701257,945 15 NEBRASKA 1,167,533203514414,5221,22310,6993,6312,9404,51411,5194,9151,2869062,7059365,248 2,7471,4741,7921,2763,3971,2652,42969,865 16 OHIO 8,011,9750017,8331,87919,3145,39118,08353,50336,48439,1115,9665,21156,9956,96654,2006,95114,2452,747 5,5277,45721,8591,54817,91227,035408,384 17 OKLAHOMA 2,116,36415,09406,3899435,74210,26410,8247,4256,9175,7112,2118,6603,4443,1524,7342,8619,3911,4745,527 2,7843,0655843,6244,554103,891 18 OREGON 2,636,511860356553,66718,2531,98316,5038,0656,3358,8862,8792,6153,2822,4757,7221,5225,2461,7927,4572,784 2,9581,2013,1996,741115,565 19 SOUTH CAROLINA 3,106,420034833,0181,1925,5613,3537,86234,94462,47912,2992,4742,5099,8585,02313,9855,1436,1501,27621,8593,0652,958 75812,97230,001245,721 20 SOUTH DAKOTA 583,49519,46725,4033933,4075855,1362,0981,3131,7465,2341,1046913301,5183691,5383,3971,5485841,201758 7351,13534,820 21 TENNESSEE 3,590,439580365,7246,7551,0604,9067,2767,36225,94040,57813,7692,7022,41522,3114,65418,30617,5888,1001,26517,9123,6243,19912,972735 17,047233,721 22 VIRGINIA 5,434,43401265,8301,86312,9334,29817,79250,42245,30521,0774,0114,36314,1747,96718,2016,53010,7012,42927,0354,5546,74130,0011,13517,047 308,579 84,877,70335,557234,560112,482279,822527,697510,756423,880 131,35 0 120,010243,161124,665367,599143,176257,94569,865 408,38 4 103,891115,565245,72134,820233,721308,579

15 Alaska35,557Michigan367,599 Arizona234,560Mississippi143,176 Arkansas112,482Missouri257,945 Colorado279,822Nebraska69,865 Florida527,697Ohio408,384 Georgia510,756Oklahoma103,891 Illinois423,880Oregon115,565 Iowa131,350South Carolina245,721 Kansas120,010South Dakota34,820 Kentucky243,161Tennessee233,721 Louisiana124,665Virginia308,579 2013 Crosscheck Program—Number of Potential Matches Total Potential Matches:5,033,206 Based on match of First Name, Last Name, DOB These totals count the matching records in both states.

16 Kris W. Kobach Success in Kansas Double Votes from 2008 and 2010 Referred to Prosecution Discovered through Interstate Crosscheck Program 20082010 Kansas - KentuckyKansas – Arkansas (2) Kansas - ColoradoKansas – Colorado (5) Kansas - KansasKansas – Iowa Kansas – Louisiana Kansas – Nebraska Kansas - Oklahoma

17 Kris W. Kobach Success in other states - Colorado Four individuals indicted for voting in Colorado and Arizona in first year of participation Six additional cases of double voting referred to FBI in 2012

18 Kris W. Kobach What does it cost to participate? $0

19 Kris W. Kobach How Can a State Join the Crosscheck? 1. Chief State Election Official signs the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 2. CSEO assigns two staff members: - one election administration person - one IT person 3. Staff members will: - participate in annual conference call and email - pull VR data in January - receive cross check results and process - instruct local elections officials (respond to requests for addresses, signatures on poll books, etc.)

20 Kris W. Kobach Photo ID and Electronic Poll Books

21 Kris W. Kobach



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