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Sponsored by the Lincoln Association for the Education of Young Children “Helping Star City Children Develop”

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1 Sponsored by the Lincoln Association for the Education of Young Children “Helping Star City Children Develop”


3 Congratulations to the following NAEYC Accredited Programs in Lincoln!

4 CEDARS Carol Yoakum Early Childhood Development Program

5 CEDARS Northbridge Early Childhood Development Center

6 Children’s Choice Centennial Mall Learning Center

7 KinderCare Learning Center 69 th & Huntington

8 Knowledge Beginnings

9 Lincoln Public Schools @ Bryan Community

10 Lincoln Public Schools @ North Star High School

11 Lincoln Public Schools @ Lincoln High School

12 Lincoln Public Schools @ Arnold Elementary School

13 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Beattie Elementary School

14 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Belmont Elementary School

15 Lincoln Public Schools @ Brownell Elementary School

16 Lincoln Public Schools @ Calvert Elementary School

17 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Campbell Elementary School

18 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Cavett Elementary School

19 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Clinton Elementary School

20 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Elliott Elementary School

21 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Everett Elementary School

22 Lincoln Public Schools @ Holmes Elementary

23 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Humann Elementary School

24 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Kooser Elementary School

25 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Maxey Elementary School

26 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Meadow Lane Elementary School

27 Lincoln Public Schools @ McPhee Elementary School

28 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Pershing Elementary School

29 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Riley Elementary School

30 Lincoln Public Schools ExCITE @ Roper Elementary School

31 Lincoln Public Schools @ Saratoga Elementary School

32 Lincoln Public Schools @ West Lincoln Elementary School

33 UNL Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory

34 Westminster Preschool

35 Celebrating Outstanding Early Childhood Contributions

36 Family Services Margaret Stander

37 Family Services Preschool Staff Kelli Hajny, Nicki Miller and Seraphine Moulandze

38 Family Services Infant/Toddler staff Yuson Nix, Courtney Nansel and Kara Hilton

39 Family Services Toddler staff Heather Hofstetter, Toyin Alabi, Catherine Shelden and Tiffany Crable

40 Family Services Infant staff Jenny Fanders, Sherrie Brown and Cynthia Ericson

41 Early Head Start Program Manager ~ Ruth Burke

42 Southeast Community College Jeanette Volker

43 St. Mark’s Preschool & Kidzone Ernie Thayer

44 Christ United Methodist Church and Christ Academy Childcare Center

45 Celebrate the Week of The Young Child April 23-27 th “Early Years Are Learning Years”

46 Early Childhood Celebration Committee Members Josette Bright – Co-Chair Crystal Kozak – Co- Chair Melinda Brown Pat Enevoldsen Theresa Gerlach Melissa LaRue Mary Jo McCain Summer Mertens Ivette Pena Mary Phillips Margaret Stander Esther Steckly Janeen Ward

47 Lincoln Association for the Education of Young Children Board Crystal Kozak - President Amber McCants – Past President Suzanne Schneider – Secretary Ivette Pena – Treasurer Janeen Ward – Membership Mary Phillips – Public Policy Mary Jo McCain – At-Large Member Melissa LaRue – At Large Member

48 Thank You Celebration Contributors Southeast Community College LAEYC Lincoln Public Schools Graphic Design Department 10/11 News ~ Jon & Taryn Vanderford

49 Thank You Contributors Russ’s Market Super Saver Wal~Mart Lincoln Lancaster County Early Childhood Planning Team UNL Big Event Volunteers State Farm Insurance –Breed Team

50 Thank You Contributors Lincoln Fire & Rescue SCC Fire Protection & Technology Program SCC Maintenance staff

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