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Problems in the United States

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1 Problems in the United States
Bellringer Please write the question and the copy the graphic organizer. What are some problems that the country is facing in 1850 which could lead to war? Attach specific examples to each bubble on the graphic organizer. Political parties Tariffs Problems in the United States States’ Rights Slavery

2 Compromising for Slavery
With a partner, do the following: Look at the maps on pg. 323, 326, and 327. Write a brief description of what each map is showing (i.e. pg. 323: How adding California would change the make-up of the Senate) Make a list of the problems and the solutions addressed by the Compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Comp. of 1850: Problem: California ready for statehood. Solution: Add California as a Free State.

3 Compromising for Slavery
Maps: Pg. 323: How adding California would effect the make-up of the Senate. Pg. 326: Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, and the make-up of slave states after each Pg. 327: The states after the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

4 Politics as Usual Take a look at the list of the political parties below. Use pgs Fill in the chart so you know where they stood on slavery: Political Party Stances on Slavery Southern Democrats Northern Democrats The Cotton Whigs The Conscience Whigs The Liberty Party The Free-Soil Party The American Party

5 Political Poster Within a small group, make a poster for a political party in the 1850s. On the poster, be sure to include some phrase or slogan that identifies the policy goals of the party. You will have 20 minutes.

6 Bellringer Write the question and the answer. Do you think that there were more Americans who supported slavery or more who were against it? Were there more people in the industrialized North or in the agrarian* South, and how did those people tend to vote? *Agrarian= dependent upon agriculture as the major form of economic activity Please take a few minutes to consider your answer.

7 Slavery and Conflict ON YOUR OWN AND IN YOUR NOTES:
Write the the Key Terms and People on page 329. Read section 2 to find the meanings/ importance of the words. Record these meanings in your notes. After identifying the terms and people from section 2, briefly describe what these two things have in common with one another: Dr. John Doy::Missouri “Bleeding Kansas”:: Lawrence John Brown:: Harpers Ferry

8 Slavery and Conflict Dr. John Doy::Missouri
“Bleeding Kansas”:: Lawrence John Brown:: Harpers Ferry

9 Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLE!
Look at the cartoon below. What event from section 2 does this represent? Describe the people, what is taking place, and why it is they are doing what they are doing. What was the outcome?

10 The Election of 1860 You may use your phones/devices to search for the following terms in a group. One person is responsible for one term and needs to summarize it for the group. Write down an description of each on a sheet to turn in. Candidates in Election of 1860 Lincoln-Douglas Debates Freeport Doctrine

11 The Election of 1860 Look at the map on pg Use it to answer the following questions. What states did Douglas win? What region did John Breckinridge win? What regions did Lincoln win? How many votes were against the Southern Democrats and their pro-slavery platform?

12 Bellringer Please write the question and the answer. As a Southerner, how would you react to the nomination of Lincoln as the Republican nominee? As a northern abolitionist, how would you react? Please take a few minutes to consider your answer.

13 Bellringer Please write the question and the answer. Some historians still argue over the cause of the Civil War. Do you believe it had to do more with ending slavery or the ability of a state to control what happens within its borders? Explain your answer. Please take a few moments to consider your answer.

14 Quiz Do not talk during the quiz. Doing so will result in a zero. Keep your answers covered. When finished, place the quizzes facedown on the desk at the front of the room.

15 Bellringer (9/20/13) Please write both question and answer. When finished, please turn in your journals in a neat stack on the back counter. Following the First Battle of Bull Run, expectations changed. List two expectations of the war that changed for most Americans. Please take a moment to consider your answer.

16 What can you tell from this picture?

17 Image 1 [Antietam, Md. Bodies of Confederate dead gathered for burial]. Gardner, Alexander, , photographer. CREATED/PUBLISHED 1862 September. SUMMARY Photograph from the main eastern theater of the war, Battle of Antietam, September-October 1862.

18 What can you tell from this picture?

19 Image 2 Stone church, Centreville, used as a hospital, after the battle of the 18th July, [Stereograph] Barnard, George N., CREATED/PUBLISHED 1861 MEDIUM Stereograph SUMMARY Stone church, Centreville, used as a hospital, after the first battle of Bull Run, July 18, 1861, with picket on duty in the foreground.

20 Image 3

21 Image 3 [Fort Pulaski, Ga. Interior view of front parapet].
O'Sullivan, Timothy H., , photographer. CREATED/PUBLISHED 1862 April. SUMMARY Photographs of the Federal Navy, and seaborne expeditions against the Atlantic Coast of the Confederacy -- specifically of Fort Pulaski, Ga., April 1862.

22 1861- The Beginning of Civil War
Take a look at this timeline, created by the Library of Congress. January The South Secedes February The South Creates a Government. February The South Seizes Federal Forts. March Lincoln's Inauguration April Attack on Fort Sumter April Four More States Join the Confederacy June West Virginia Is Born June Four Slave States Stay in the Union July First Battle of Bull Run. July General McDowell Is Replaced July A Blockade of the South Port Royal, South Carolina Confederate Winter Quarters

23 1861- The Beginning of Civil War
What is the first major battle of the war? Who wins? What is one reason the other side is defeated? What is a method the Union tries to use in order to shorten the war?



26 What happened in 1861?

27 Predictions Take a look at the graphic on page 360.
Who has the advantage when it comes to the following: People Food and Farms Money or Capital Transportation Infrastructure Better Goods for Trade

28 1861- The Beginning of Civil War
Agree or Disagree: At the end of 1861, the Union realizes that there will be a much longer lasting conflict than originally believed. Agree or Disagree: The Confederacy was in a position to prove Sam Houston wrong by winning independence.

29 On your Own… Using pages 357-362, …
…List the border states and how they were dealt with by the Union. …briefly describe the strategies employed (used) by the North and South before the outset of war. …Define “cotton diplomacy,” and describe how and why it failed. This will be turned in after 20 minutes.

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