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Creating A More Competitive Practice Coach Leon Feliciano 2011 8 th DWS.

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1 Creating A More Competitive Practice Coach Leon Feliciano 2011 8 th DWS

2 Competitive Practice (Defined) a scheduled practice routine that flows with players practicing with a purpose, a drive to attain measurable rewards at the end of practice.

3 Coaching Points Posted up that afternoon Flexible time segments that are consistent, regular w/ individual, group and team periods Fast tempo/ Teach on the run/reps, reps, and reps Competitive drills Compete with teammates Compete with stopwatch

4 Practice Goals With Our Offense 1.Core Weights 2.Agilities/Plyo’s 3.Special Teams 4.Sled/Perfect Plays 5.Individual 6.Group 7.Team 8.Implementation (new plays) 9.2 PT Scrimmage (Varsity VS JV) 10.Conditioning (National Champions)

5 Practice Schedule Date:Opponent: Dress:Absent: Time SegmentActivityBacksOLTE Weights Dress/Tape Agilities Sled Perfect Plays 2PT Play/Goal Line INDO Special Teams Conditioning Pass Offense Team Extra

6 Practice Schedule Date:Opponent: Dress:Absent: Time SegmentActivity T NT Linemen/DE LinebackersDB Dress/Pre-Practice Running Agilities Pursuit Drills Tackle Fundamentals Turn Overs Conditioning Pass Rush Special Teams Blitz Inside Run Team Extra

7 Competitive Drills Defense Pursuit Drills – Rabbit – Cones – Reverse with 2 nd Rabbit – Swarm (defense drops to cover areas coach throws a pick on fumble scoop and score) Tough Guy Drills – Hurricane – Pick Two Teams – Pick Winning Point Total – Drill. In a circle team A has a runner and two blockers. Team B has a tagger. The tagger must tag the runner while defeating the blockers in a set time. Ex. 12 seconds to get a point. Very Physical Great Tempo setter for Practice Find out quickly who has heart and who can make plays

8 Defensive Line Drills Tag Game – Player(s) A get in a stance. On ball movement player A must tag player B who backpedals on ball movement. Change up player B can face forward and run on movement. Agility Hoops – Player goes around 1 hoop. Time. – Player goes around 2 hoops. Figure 8. Time. – Change up: put one player with a shield in each hoop and have him stay in hoop and push the runner away from the hoop. Time them. Very physically demanding.

9 Offense Sled Drills – Select sled captian – Studs/duds/rapid fire tempo – Time them in 100-yard drive. Post it. RB Drills – Time them: ex. Nebraska Drill – Once you go thru the right cone go back to run around the left cone. Very physically demanding Time them. Post it. Any drill that can be timed. Do so! That will creat competitive goal setting.

10 Team Varsity on the ten-yard line. They have two plays to score against the entire JV team 18-22 players. – Mindset: if you can score against twice as many players you can score against any 11.

11 Practice Schedule Date: 9/8 WedOpponent: SV Dress: Full PadsAbsent: Mason/Duran Time SegmentActivityBacksOLTE 6:15 pmWeights3x3*Bench *Hip S60 *Cleans *Squat 6:45Dress/TapeFull Pads----------------------------------------  7:00AgilitiesVar/JVRunningAgilities 7:10Sled100 yard Fit/Hit 100yd Timed(best 53 sec) 7:15Perfect PlaysUnbalanced I PackageToss/SweepX-Toss/Boot Pass 7:302PT Play/Goal LineUnbalanced IverseJV Team 7:40INDONebraska (timed) 2 on 1Down Block/ Double Team w/ OL 7:55Special Teams (w/JV)kickoff : (deep/ direction/ MOB) K.O.R:(sideline/reverse) 8:10Conditioning20’s: 12 under 1:13Pro Shuttle 8:20Pass Offense Boot/Misdirection 31 Cut Pass 45 X-Toss Church, 45/24 Boot Play ReviewW/Backs 8:35Teamw/ JV’s vsCovered Front 9:00ExtraThur. – Helmet THSReview DayTeam Dinner

12 Practice Schedule Date:9/7 Tue.Opponent: SV Dress:Full PadsAbsent: No one Time SegmentActivity TNT Linemen/DE LinebackersDB 3:05Dress/Pre-PracticeFull Pads--------------------------------------  3:15Running Agilitiesw/JVRunningAgilities 3:20Pursuit DrillsRabbitSwarm---------------------  3:30TackleCircuit Open Field Goal Line Form Angle 3:45Fundamentals Tag/Chutes Arm bar/Sled Rip Thru Reads Back Pedal Ball Drills 4:00Turn OversFumble---------INT-------------STRIP Drills 4:10ConditioningAlabama--------------------------------------  4:20Pass Rush 1 man progression Hoop agilities (timed 7 on 7 Drills------------------  4:35Special Teams Punt: tight/spread/fake Punt Return9 Block 4:50Blitz Inside Run w/ LB’s Rollo/Banjo Fire Storm Review coverage 3/4 5:05TeamScout “O”VsDefense Extra (tutoring 315 to 530)Wed Night Practice 6:15 weights7 to 9 pm practice

13 Pursuit Drill CE R Defense huddles/call “D”/adjust to formation. Coach snaps ball Coach has “D” go thru up/downs/seat rolls Coach tosses ball to rabbit who takes off. Defense pursues w/ proper angles to rabbit. CHANGE UP: Have rabbit reverse field.

14 Hurricane BB T R Must stay in circle Tagger has a set # of time to make a play (ex. 12 sec). To tag runner. Team gets 1 pt for each tag

15 Tag Game C ER LOS 3 yards Back pedal at snap of ball or face forward and run. T (DL) must tag runner. Teaches get off w/ a purpose. Must tag runner. TT

16 Agility Hoops 1 Hoop D D Coach 2 Hoop D D Coach 2 Hoop w/ Blocker D D Coach B B Time All Marks!

17 Nebraska Drill Q 5 yards 10 yards R Bags

18 Questions/Comments?

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