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Click to edit Master title style University of Nebraska Technology Procurement.

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1 Click to edit Master title style University of Nebraska Technology Procurement

2 Objectives for Today University of Nebraska Overview IT Procurement – Past IT Procurement – Present Transition Strategic Sourcing of Technology at UNL Results

3 University of Nebraska System University of Nebraska – Lincoln University of Nebraska Medical Center University of Nebraska - Omaha University of Nebraska – Kearney

4 Technology Procurement History - UNL Tactical Decentralized Across Campus Individual Departments Made Purchases Some Coordination Through Information Services IS Made Major Software Purchases, e.g. Microsoft Little Collaboration with Procurement Services

5 Current Approach Strategic Sourcing Plan Centralized in Procurement Services Dedicated IT Procurement Team in Procurement Services Hardware Specialists Software Specialists Software License Compliance Software Deployment

6 Transition Business Case Leadership Support New Chief Information Officer Strategic Sourcing Success in Other Areas Shift in Organizational Culture E-Procurement in Place Funding Sources New Team Members with New Skill Sets

7 From Tactical to Strategic SWOT Analysis Strengths 1. Significant buying power 2. Education contracts exist 3. Support from executive management and IT 4. E-procurement and electronic bid process 5. Policies and procedures in place

8 From Tactical to Strategic SWOT Weaknesses 1. IT procurement decentralized for years 2. Buyers and suppliers do not have central point of contact 3. Technology not used to full potential 4. Individual purchases 5. SRM did not exist

9 From Tactical to Strategic SWOT Opportunities 1. Demand consolidation 2. Supplier consolidation 3. E-procurement catalogs to drive spend 4. Contracts nearing expiration 5. Suppliers eager to participate 6. Collaboration with Big Ten Universities

10 From Tactical to Strategic SWOT Threats 1. Resistance to change 2. Software compliance Audits and Fines 3. Lack of supplier support in key areas

11 Strategic Plan Spend Analysis Supplier Optimization Targets IT Sourcing Teams Standardization Supplier Selection Contract Negotiation or Renegotiation Order and Payment Process SRM – Supplier Relationship Management

12 Software Procurement Bring Under Procurement Services Policies and Procedures Meet with Campus, College, and Department IT Staff Desktop Management Software (Asset Management) Microsoft SCCM ( System Center Configuration Management ) Determine Inventory Determine Compliance Gather Software Agreements Negotiate or Renegotiate Agreements

13 Software Purchase and Deployment Build Software Catalog in eSHOP Include the Most Commonly Used Software Currently 161 Titles Purchase in eSHOP Triggers Deployment Deployed by Procurement Software Distribution & Asset Manager Track Inventory and Compliance Markup on Catalog Items




17 Results Single Point of Contact Standardized Hardware Contracts that Favor University Majority of IT Purchases through Procurement Services Supplier Consolidation Consistent Spend Analysis Department Business Reviews Software Compliance Adopted System-wide at University of Nebraska

18 Results $3.2 million of Savings in 1 st year due to Strategic IT Sourcing by Procurement Services

19 Questions Gary Kraft, Director of Procurement Services University of Nebraska – Lincoln Bradley Logan, Senior Technology Sourcing Manager University of Nebraska – Lincoln

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