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Nebraska Housing Developers Association

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1 Nebraska Housing Developers Association
Nebraska RentWise© Nebraska Housing Developers Association

2 What is RentWise©? RentWise© is a tenant education program to help people obtain and keep rental housing and to be successful renters through education. This program includes 6 modules with information on: Communication with Landlords and Neighbors  Managing Your Money Finding a Place to Call Home Getting Through the Rental Process Taking Care of Your Home When You Move Out

3 RentWise© Curriculum Communication with Landlords and Neighbors
– Active Listening, Positive Messages and Settling Conflict to name a few (Develop positive communication skills) Managing Your Money Income, Expenses, Credit Reports, Buying on Credit, Ways to Track Spending and Reducing Expenses (Learn how to manage money and plan for housing costs)

4 RentWise© Curriculum Cont.
Finding a Place to Call Home Determining Housing Needs vs. Wants, Where to Look for Information, Steps in Finding a Place and Checking Out the Unit (Prepare individuals to conduct searches for rental units) Getting Through the Rental Process Rental Application, Giving Information to Landlords, Fair Housing and Common Applicant Screening Practices (Understand a lease, and a tenant’s rights and responsibilities)

5 RentWise© Curriculum Cont.
Taking Care of Your Home Cleaning and Basic Home Maintenance (Encourage residents to take pride in their homes and set a positive example) When You Move Out Security Deposts, Evictions and Notices (Prepare participants to move out and move up!)

6 History of Nebraska RentWise©
RentWise© was originally created by the University of Minnesota. In 2004 the University of Nebraska Lincoln obtained the license for RentWise©. RentWise© was first introduced to Nebraska in 2005 by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Cooperative Extension. They delivered three Train the Trainer workshops in Lincoln, Omaha and Kearney. RentWise© was first provided in conjunction with a tenant-based rental assistance program for adults with serious mental illness and staff from Assistive Technology Partnership began delivering RentWise© training to people participating in the Housing for Persons with Aids Program.

7 History of Nebraska RentWise© Cont.
In 2005 the Nebraska RentWise© Coalition was formed. In 2006/2007 the curriculum was written and printed for Nebraska Renters. (English and Spanish versions) In June of 2006 & June 2008 – Train the Trainer workshops were held and over 200 people in Nebraska were trained to teach Nebraska RentWise©. In 2009 the Nebraska RentWise© Coalition developed a strategic plan and the Nebraska Housing Developers Association was identified as the Lead Agency.

8 Nebraska RentWise© Structure
Nebraska RentWise© Coalition Nebraska Housing Developers Association – Lead Agency Nebraska RentWise© Networks Individual Organizations Various Organizations A few Trainers Numerous Trainers

9 Nebraska RentWise© Coalition
Seanna Collins, Lincoln Housing Authority Sharon Johnson, Department of Health & Human Services – Division of Medicaid and Long-term Care Misty Livingston-West – Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska Amber Marker – Nebraska Housing Developers Association Shirley Niemeyer – University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension Michelle Oestmann – Heartland Family Service Lauren Rock – Assistive Technology Partnership John Turner – Region V Systems

10 Nebraska RentWise© Coalition Cont.
Mission: Helping communities create positive rental experiences through education. Supports the development of community networks that involve a broad cross-section of organizations in the delivery of Nebraska RentWise© curriculum. Participate in the delivery of training to trainers and approve the list of certified Nebraska RentWise© trainers. Develop evaluation methods that reflect the impact of Nebraska RentWise© training on increasing renter knowledge and stabilizing renter housing. Identify funding opportunities to support Nebraska RentWise©.

11 Nebraska Housing Developers Association
Builds awareness about the value and availability of Nebraska RentWise©. Provides guidance on developing training networks or delivering training. Coordinates and delivers training with assistance from Nebraska RentWise© Coalition members Train the Trainer events are held a minimum of twice each year Maintains a current list of certified Nebraska RentWise© Trainers. Maintains the website Contains general information, resource materials for training delivery and a schedule of training events in Nebraska Gathers evaluations completed by tenant participants and trainers. Manages the distribution of all training materials

12 Nebraska RentWise© Networks
Lincoln Network – formed in 2008, coordinated by the Lincoln Housing Authority Western Nebraska Network – formed in 2009, coordinated by the Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska in Gering Omaha Network – formed in 2010, coordinated by Heartland Family Services Central Nebraska Network – formed in 2010, coordinated by Center for Independent Living in Grand Island

13 How to Get Involved in Nebraska RentWise©
Become a Trainer Provide Funding for Nebraska RentWise© Landlords Provide Incentives Refer Clients, Friends and Family to Local Nebraska RentWise© Classes The next Nebraska RentWise© Train the Trainer will be in May.

14 Nebraska Housing Developers Association
Contact Information Amber Marker Program Manager Nebraska Housing Developers Association Phone: (402) x2 Fax: (402)

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