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Nebraska RentWise © Nebraska Housing Developers Association.

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1 Nebraska RentWise © Nebraska Housing Developers Association

2 What is RentWise © ? RentWise © is a tenant education program to help people obtain and keep rental housing and to be successful renters through education. This program includes 6 modules with information on: Communication with Landlords and Neighbors Managing Your Money Finding a Place to Call Home Getting Through the Rental Process Taking Care of Your Home When You Move Out

3 RentWise © Curriculum  Communication with Landlords and Neighbors – Active Listening, Positive Messages and Settling Conflict to name a few (Develop positive communication skills)  Managing Your Money – Income, Expenses, Credit Reports, Buying on Credit, Ways to Track Spending and Reducing Expenses (Learn how to manage money and plan for housing costs)

4 RentWise © Curriculum Cont.  Finding a Place to Call Home – Determining Housing Needs vs. Wants, Where to Look for Information, Steps in Finding a Place and Checking Out the Unit (Prepare individuals to conduct searches for rental units)  Getting Through the Rental Process – Rental Application, Giving Information to Landlords, Fair Housing and Common Applicant Screening Practices (Understand a lease, and a tenant’s rights and responsibilities)

5 RentWise © Curriculum Cont.  Taking Care of Your Home – Cleaning and Basic Home Maintenance (Encourage residents to take pride in their homes and set a positive example)  When You Move Out – Security Deposts, Evictions and Notices (Prepare participants to move out and move up!)

6 History of Nebraska RentWise © RentWise © was originally created by the University of Minnesota. In 2004 the University of Nebraska Lincoln obtained the license for RentWise ©. RentWise © was first introduced to Nebraska in 2005 by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Cooperative Extension. They delivered three Train the Trainer workshops in Lincoln, Omaha and Kearney. RentWise © was first provided in conjunction with a tenant- based rental assistance program for adults with serious mental illness and staff from Assistive Technology Partnership began delivering RentWise © training to people participating in the Housing for Persons with Aids Program.

7 History of Nebraska RentWise © Cont. In 2005 the Nebraska RentWise © Coalition was formed. In 2006/2007 the curriculum was written and printed for Nebraska Renters. (English and Spanish versions) In June of 2006 & June 2008 – Train the Trainer workshops were held and over 200 people in Nebraska were trained to teach Nebraska RentWise ©. In 2009 the Nebraska RentWise © Coalition developed a strategic plan and the Nebraska Housing Developers Association was identified as the Lead Agency.

8 Nebraska RentWise © Structure Nebraska Housing Developers Association – Lead Agency Nebraska RentWise © Coalition Nebraska RentWise © Networks Individual Organizations Various Organizations Numerous Trainers A few Trainers

9 Nebraska RentWise © Coalition Seanna Collins, Lincoln Housing Authority Sharon Johnson, Department of Health & Human Services – Division of Medicaid and Long-term Care Misty Livingston-West – Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska Amber Marker – Nebraska Housing Developers Association Shirley Niemeyer – University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension Michelle Oestmann – Heartland Family Service Lauren Rock – Assistive Technology Partnership John Turner – Region V Systems

10 Nebraska RentWise © Coalition Cont. Mission: Helping communities create positive rental experiences through education. Supports the development of community networks that involve a broad cross-section of organizations in the delivery of Nebraska RentWise © curriculum. Participate in the delivery of training to trainers and approve the list of certified Nebraska RentWise © trainers. Develop evaluation methods that reflect the impact of Nebraska RentWise © training on increasing renter knowledge and stabilizing renter housing. Identify funding opportunities to support Nebraska RentWise ©.

11 Nebraska Housing Developers Association Builds awareness about the value and availability of Nebraska RentWise ©. Provides guidance on developing training networks or delivering training. Coordinates and delivers training with assistance from Nebraska RentWise © Coalition members – Train the Trainer events are held a minimum of twice each year Maintains a current list of certified Nebraska RentWise © Trainers. Maintains the – Contains general information, resource materials for training delivery and a schedule of training events in Nebraska Gathers evaluations completed by tenant participants and trainers. Manages the distribution of all training materials

12 Nebraska RentWise © Networks Lincoln Network – formed in 2008, coordinated by the Lincoln Housing Authority Western Nebraska Network – formed in 2009, coordinated by the Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska in Gering Omaha Network – formed in 2010, coordinated by Heartland Family Services Central Nebraska Network – formed in 2010, coordinated by Center for Independent Living in Grand Island

13 How to Get Involved in Nebraska RentWise © Become a Trainer Provide Funding for Nebraska RentWise © Landlords Provide Incentives Refer Clients, Friends and Family to Local Nebraska RentWise © Classes The next Nebraska RentWise © Train the Trainer will be in May.

14 Contact Information Amber Marker Program Manager Nebraska Housing Developers Association Phone: (402) x2 Fax: (402)

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