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1/19 D EPLOYING C ONDOR U SING V IRTUAL B OX ® ON W INDOWS ® H OSTS David Herzfeld 1, Craig A. Struble, Ph.D 2, and Lars E. Olson, Ph.D 1 Marquette University.

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Presentation on theme: "1/19 D EPLOYING C ONDOR U SING V IRTUAL B OX ® ON W INDOWS ® H OSTS David Herzfeld 1, Craig A. Struble, Ph.D 2, and Lars E. Olson, Ph.D 1 Marquette University."— Presentation transcript:

1 1/19 D EPLOYING C ONDOR U SING V IRTUAL B OX ® ON W INDOWS ® H OSTS David Herzfeld 1, Craig A. Struble, Ph.D 2, and Lars E. Olson, Ph.D 1 Marquette University 1 Department of Biomedical Engineering 2 Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Southeast Wisconsin High Performance (SeWHiP) Computing Consortium (

2 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 20092/19 I NTRODUCTION Most systems on Marquette’s campus run Windows XP® or Windows Vista® Most researchers at Marquette require Linux based environments Most sys-admins have primarily Windows ® based experience 2

3 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 20093/19 P ROJECT G OALS Allow researchers to use underutilized Marquette systems Requires Linux environment Allow researchers full use of the Condor system check pointing, migration, etc. Do not change Windows® users’ experience Easy installation and maintenance for Windows® sys-admins 3

4 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 20094/19 P OSSIBLE S OLUTIONS Use Condor for Windows® Very few researchers using Windows® based applications Most require a GUI Windows® – Linux dual boot systems Management is difficult Windows® users will be affected Condor Virtual Universe VMware® = $ Xen does not support Windows® hosts Configuration Overhead Virtualization 4

5 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 20095/19 I NITIAL S OLUTION : C O L INUX Based on previous work by Neeman, Serverini (U. of Oklahoma), and Sumanth (Nebraska-Lincoln), 2006 Runs natively in Windows® Near native performance Small hardware dependencies Open source × Relatively unsupported – small community × Only supports 32 bit environments × No current SMP support × Few recent developments 5

6 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 20096/19 C URRENT S OLUTION : S UN V IRTUAL B OX ® Free & “Open Source” Capable or running under 32 & 64 bit Windows® Guest Additions allow for near native speeds Some disk intensive operations may see a speed up Supported & continually developed Large community support × No current SMP support planned for future release 6

7 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 20097/19 7 V IRTUAL B OX ® & W INDOWS ®

8 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 20098/19 C ONDOR MAC & C O M ON CondorMAC: Allows for distribution via images Replaces the VirtualBox® MAC address with a modification of the host MAC address CoMon: Determine sec. since last key stroke Determine total processor utilization Determine VirtualBox® processor utilization Write data to file in host-guest shared folder Visual Basic monitor service 8

9 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 20099/19 HCLUST _ SERVICE Fork headless VirtualBox® machine at Windows® startup. Remove any VirtualBox® “remnant” machines “Nicely” shut down guest system when requested (via ACPI) 9

10 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 200910/19 10 C ONDOR V IRTUAL M ACHINE

11 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 200911/19 V IRTUAL M ACHINE B ASICS Guest hostname is based on assigned IP address Central Manager name & IP are determined Personalized text file in shared folder Variables replaced in condor_config.local For remote administration ssh key in shared folder Condor launches after guest startup init.d script 11

12 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 200912/19 B ENEFITS OF I MMUTABLE H ARD D RIVES Defines an upper limit on the amount of space Condor users can utilize (100 GB). Removal of the snapshots – by hclust_service – returns the VM to an original state. Returns unused hard drive space back to the Windows® host. This space would not be returned if it were simply a dynamically expanding.vdi image 12

13 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 200913/19 13 C ONDOR V IRTUAL M ACHINE

14 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 200914/19 VM A DDITIONS Additions included in immutable hard drive Software packages utilized by researchers Geant, OpenFOAM, AutoDock, etc. Sets up execution path for use in Condor jobs Package names and versions added to Condor ClassAds 14

15 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 200915/19 I NSTALLATION Distributed as a zip file, batch installer Installs VirtualBox® Creates a new virtual machine MAC Address set by CondorMAC Memory computed as fraction of total system memory Bridged networking set up Adds CentOS image to virtual machine Sets services to run at system startup Starts the new VM Installation time is minutes 15

16 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 200916/19 V IRTUALIZATION I SSUES Networking Problems Current bridged connection requires an additional IP address for each worker Doubles the on campus IP addresses! 16

17 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 200917/19 F UTURE W ORK SMP Support Support for different networking modes using NAT, OpenVPN, etc. Specific VM updates via repositories Tailored distributions Bioinformatics Fluid Dynamics Neural Simulations 17

18 Tuesday, Apr. 21, 200918/19 A CKNOWLELDGMENTS Information Technology Services; Marquette University Kathy Lang; CIO, Clifford Brown, Patrick Blume, Aaron Gember, Chad Gorectke Lingtao Zeng; Marquette MSCS System Administrator Brad Bonczkiewicz; Marquette Engineering System Administrator Biomedical Engineering Department Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Department 18

19 19/19 Q UESTIONS /C OMMENTS ? Thank you!

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