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1 Information Exchange Package Documentation N-DEx.

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1 1 Information Exchange Package Documentation N-DEx

2 2 1.Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) 2.National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) 3. LEISP Exchange Specification (LEXS) Overview 4. N-DEx Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD)

3 3 GJXDM Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM)  An XML standard designed specifically for criminal justice information exchanges  Provides law enforcement, public safety agencies, prosecutors, public defenders, and the judicial branch with a tool to effectively share data and information in a timely manner  Includes a data model, a data dictionary, and an XML Schema function

4 4 NIEM National Information Exchange Model (NIEM )  An interagency initiative to provide the foundation and building blocks for national-level interoperable information sharing and data exchange  Leverages both the extensive GJXDM reference model and the comprehensive GJXDM XML-based framework and support infrastructure  Harvests the building blocks from GJXDM and reorganizes them into a partitioned model that is more useful and easily expands to a wide range of government business functions

5 5 LEXS LEISP Exchange Specification (LEXS)  Leverages and reuses work from LEISP and NIEM  Defines the data model, syntax and semantics so that more detailed XML specifications for information sharing can be developed LEXS in the construction of an IEPD  Dealing with entities in business and relational terms  Defining an abstract model  Mapping this model to NIEM

6 6 IEP Information Exchange Package (IEP)  Represents a set of data that is transmitted for a specific business purpose and reuses work from both LEISP and NIEM  Is an actual XML instance that delivers the information NOTE: The N-DEx IEP will incorporate LEXS and NIEM.

7 7 IEPD Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD or IEP Documentation)  A collection of artifacts that describe the structure and content of an IEP  Artifacts include: XML Schemas, XML Instances, XSL Stylesheets, UML diagrams, Use Case Diagrams, Business Requirements, Domain Model, XML Mapping (to NIEM Components) NOTE: The N-DEX IEPD follows the NIEM IEPD Template Requirements.

8 8 NIEM: Current Status  Approved by the DOJ/DHS CIO’s February 2005  DHS/DOJ Announced on February 28 th, 2005  DOJ/DHS CIO Memorandum of Agreement  Key points:  Rename GJDXM to signify broader scope  Add DHS/DOJ Content  Rework Model and Tools (support modularity)  Status: Signed  Regular National NIEM PMO Meetings  NIEM Version 1.0 released September 2006

9 9 NIEM: Future Plans  NIEM and GJXDM will merge in Harmony release  NIEM 2.0/GJXDM 4.0 (Harmony) release candidate is currently out for comment. 

10 10 LEXS Exchange Specifications LEXS Basics  Is compliant with NIEM  Is focused on information fusion, entity analytics Sweet spot is heterogeneous data  Is a family of IEPDs  Publication & Discovery (LEXS-PD)  Search & Retrieval (LEXS-SR)  Is built for reuse Generic, flexible, and extensible

11 11 LEXS 3.0 Tasks and Additions  Provide support for rich media attachments  Develop enhanced schemas and mechanisms for structured content  Review efforts of other sharing programs to leverage prior work  Develop mechanisms for extensible customized schemas and structures to support multiple domains and initiatives

12 12 Prototype activities supports the following program initiatives  Support and establish the N-DEx data set and data submission guidelines through GJXDM/NIEM  Working with Georgia Tech Research Institute to develop Law Enforcement N-DEx Incident Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD)  Support the evolution of N-DEx business and policy rules through the APB  Provide law enforcement active participation and submission/validation of existing RMS data

13 13 Prototype Capabilities  Prototype agencies will have access to other prototype agencies data  Gathering data for the production System  Creating realistic data set for System test to ensure operational benefit  Providing useable data in the System from Day One forward  Validation of the data against the standards  Establishing connectivity with the user community  Utilizing the data for standards development  Basic mapping and graphical displays based upon user search requests  Simple searches on people, location, vehicle, and agency.

14 14 LEO

15 15 Prototype  Login Screen presented to user.

16 16 Welcome  Welcome Page  User functionality based on simple roles.

17 17 Google Appliance  Google search capability of contributor submitted data

18 18 Google Appliance  Incident Report returned from Google search of data.

19 19 ESRI (Mapping)  Mapping capability (zoomed in over LA)

20 20 ESRI (Mapping)  Street level mapping of incident locations.  Red - represents primary location of incident.  Blue – represents other locations identified in incident.

21 21 Metrics  Daily and total count of submissions  Metrics broken out by contributor  Percentage of add, modify, deletes  Duplicate records identified  Percentage of crime classifications by agency

22 22 This email is an automated notification from the N-DEx prototype system. Please do not respond to this message. Before today, the N-DEx prototype had a total of 1399923 incident reports. Today, we received an additional 1944 documents from our prototype contributors. Today's Submissions By Agency: ================================================== Delaware: 1367 Los Angeles: 577 San Diego: 0 Nebraska: 0 ================================================== Total Documents Before Today By Agency: =================================================== Delaware: 24119 San Diego: 837284 Los Angeles: 537416 Nebraska: 815 Test Submissions: 1097 =================================================== Agency submission formats are as follows: ================================================== Delaware: N-DEx Bundle 1.0.4 Los Angeles: N-DEx Bundle 1.0.4 San Diego: Search Incident Reference Nebraska: N-DEx Bundle 1.0.4 ================================================== This Notification was sent on: Tue May 22 23:55:00 EDT 2007 For more information concerning activity on the N-DEx Prototype, please send questions to

23 23 N-DEx Prototype  Los Angeles Regional Crime Information Center (LARCIS)  537,416 Submissions submitted (May 22, 2007)  Mapped data to N-DEx Bundle Version 1.0.4  Daily submissions via standard web interface over the CJIS Wide Area Network  Delaware Justice Information System (DELJIS)  24,119 Submissions submitted (May 22, 2007)  Mapped data to N-DEx Bundle Version 1.0.4  Daily submissions via standard web interface over the CJIS Wide Area Network

24 24 N-DEx Prototype  San Diego Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS)  837,284 Submissions submitted (May 22, 2007)  Mapped data to SEARCH Incident Reference IEPD  Daily submissions via standard web interface over LEO  Nebraska  815 Submissions submitted (May 22, 2007)  Mapped data to N-DEx Bundle Version 1.0.4  Daily submissions via e-mail (LEO)

25 25 Next participating N-DEx Prototyping Agencies  ARJIS connectivity is established  Working through minor validation issues  Ohio submitted test data, mapped to new IEPD  Preparing to submit data  Marietta, GA data validated  AFOSI mapping to the new IEPD  Nebraska mapping to new IEPD

26 26 N-DEx Data Standards  N-DEx Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) v1.0 published in compliance with NIEM v 1.0 and LEXS PD version 3.0.  The release candidate of NIEM v2.0/GJXDM v4.0 (Harmony) published on 05/29/2007.  The next release of the N-DEx IEPD version 2.0 will be published in November 2007. However, N-DEx Increment 1 will accept N-DEx IEPD v1.0.

27 27 N-DEx IEPD  Registered at Registered at  Resides at Resides at  N-DEx.1.0.0\N-DEx IEPD catalog.html N-DEx.1.0.0\N-DEx IEPD catalog.html  Master Documentation Master Documentation  Domain Model (PDF) Domain Model (PDF)  Domain Model Associations (PDF) Domain Model Associations (PDF)  N-DEx LEXS NIEM Mapping N-DEx LEXS NIEM Mapping  N-DEx LEXS NIEM Code Tables N-DEx LEXS NIEM Code Tables  Change Log Change Log  N-DEx Concept of Operations N-DEx Concept of Operations  LEXS 3.0 User Guide LEXS 3.0 User Guide

28 28 N-DEx Artifacts N-DEx Version NIEM/LEXS Date Due 1.0 IEPD Incident/Arrest 1.0/3.0 Done 2.0 IEPD Incident/Arrest 2.0/3.1 11/16/2007 2.0 IEPD Booking/Incarceration 2.0/3.1 2/15/2008 2.0 IEPD Parole/Probation 2.0/3.1 TBD

29 29 LEXS Schema Artifacts LEXS Version NIEMFeature Set Date Due 3.0 PD Schemas 1.0Strawman 3.0 Done 3.1 PD Schemas 2.0 Initial 7/16/2007 w/o constraints 3.1 SR Schemas 2.0 Initial 7/27/2007 w/o constraints 3.1 PD/SR Schemas 2.0 Final 8/31/2007 3.2 PD/SR Schemas 2.0 (or later) TBD 1/31/2008

30 30 LEXS Other Artifacts  LEXS Version Date Due  3.1 SR Requirements Doc Done  3.1 Design Doc 6/18/2007  3.1 Implementer Guide 9/30/2007  3.2 Requirements Doc 10/31/2007  3.2 Design Doc 12/17/2007  3.2 Implementer Guide 2/29/2008  3.x Implementer Tools TBD

31 31 Questions N-DEx Program Office Criminal Justice Information Services Division 1000 Custer Hollow Road Clarksburg, WV 26306-0101 SSA Edward C. Waigand (304) 625-4232

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