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1 Nebraska State Accountability Spring 2011 Test Administration Training February 28 – March 2, 2011.

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1 1 Nebraska State Accountability Spring 2011 Test Administration Training February 28 – March 2, 2011

2 2 NeSA Program to Date  NeSA-R & M Fully Operational 3 - 8 & 11  NeSA-Science Field Test grades 5, 8 & 11  NeSA-Science operational testing of all students in grades 5, 8 & 11 in 2012 and beyond

3 3 2011 NeSA Key Dates Test Administration TrainingMarch 9 Building Train School Personnel and Distribute Materials Week of March 21 Testing WindowMarch 28-May 6 Deadline to Send Test Materials to District OfficeMay 9 Please note

4 4 Scheduling the Test  NeSA-Reading, Mathematics, and Science – two sessions each  Flexibility during the 6-week window  NeSA-Reading and Mathematics - make-ups required  NeSA-Science Field Test – no make-ups required  Recommend scheduling early in the window  Recommend avoiding Mondays and Fridays  Paper/Pencil Logistics of Reading & Math

5 5 Agenda Preparing to Test—Sue & Denise Testing—Chad Tools—Julie Post-Test—Denise

6 6 Accommodated Materials  Braille and Large Print versions of the test booklets available for NeSA-Reading and Mathematics  Spanish translations of NeSA-Mathematics paper/pencil test booklets available  Online version of NeSA-Mathematics Test available in Spanish  Spanish translation versions of the NeSA-Reading test materials available from NDE  No accommodated versions for NeSA-Science Field Test – Braille, Large Print, and Spanish available in 2012

7 7 Accommodations  Online visual accommodations available to all students if requested prior to printing of tickets  Accommodations for Students with IEP or 504 Plans and English Language Learners must be reported – Answer Sheets and Student Editor  See NDE website for the Approved Accommodations Document NeSA_Accommodations.pdf

8 8 Accommodations - Paper/Pencil NeSA-Reading and Mathematics Grades 3 - 8 & 11

9 9 Spanish Translation – Paper/Pencil NeSA-Reading and Mathematics Grades 3 - 8 & 11

10 10 Accommodations - Online Completed by District Office

11 11 Reporting Students Not Tested  The reason a student was not tested in NeSA-Reading and Mathematics must be reported.  Bubble on Answer Sheet.  Recently Arrived LEP (RAL) is not applicable to NeSA- Mathematics and Science. Grades 3 - 8 & 11

12 12 Reporting Students Not Tested  The reason a student was not tested in NeSA-Reading and Mathematics must be reported.  Edit for each Content Area in Student Editor.  RAL-Recently Arrived LEP is not applicable to NeSA- Mathematics and Science. Completed at District Office

13 13 Prepare Students for Testing  Inform students of the scheduled test sessions in advance.  Explain to the students why they are being given the test and how the results will be used.  Students should realize that doing their best is important. Please emphasize this with staff!

14 14 Prepare Testing Locations  Plan ahead – check schedules.  Organize test materials: Including Graph and Scratch Paper & #2 Pencils  Provide a testing location with good lighting and comfortable seating and as free of outside disturbances as possible.  Remove visual aids/clues.  Post a “Testing: Do Not Disturb” sign.

15 15 Test Security for Test Administrators  Test is not to be viewed by anyone prior to administration.  NeSA-Reading, Mathematics, and Science materials may not be reproduced.  No coaching or feedback with regard to content.  Move around the testing site and be aware that students are following instructions.  See administration manuals for comprehensive test security information.

16 16 Test Security for Students  Restrict electronic devices (e.g., Palm Pilots, cell phones, PDAs, wristwatches with electronic displays, calculators, iPods, MP3 players, etc.)  Recommend one assistant/proctor per 12 students, in addition to Test Administrator.  Students must not be left alone with test materials.  Students cannot take test materials out of the testing site.

17 17 Agenda Preparing to Test—Sue & Denise Testing—Chad Tools—Julie Post-Test—Denise

18 18 Online Testing  Accessing Management Tools via eDIRECT  Student Tutorials and Practice Tests  Test Preparation  Test Administration  Test Wrap-up

19 19 Logging On to eDIRECT DRC’s eDIRECT web portal: https://ne.drcedirect.com Secure log on is required to access Management Tools.

20 20 Online Management Tools Management Tools are accessed in the Online Testing dropdown menu.

21 21 Online Management Tools eDIRECT Access Levels  School & Test Administrator Level/Role – Intended for School Test Coordinators -Only able to access the system for the school(s) specified by District Assessment Contacts. -Has access to information for all students enrolled in the assigned school.

22 22 Live Demonstration of Online Testing Software  CAL Version 6.6

23 23  Student Tutorials and Practice Tests are currently available.  Make sure students have practiced using software and tools.  Use the NeSA shortcuts on the computer desktop to access the Practice Tests and Tutorials. Online Tutorials and Practice Tests Practice Tests Tutorials Do These with Kids!!

24 24 Online Tutorials and Practice Tests

25 25 Agenda Preparing to Test—Sue & Denise Testing—Chad Tools—Julie Post-Test—Denise

26 26 Online Management Tools  Testing Main Page -Monitor Status Reactivate Tickets (same day) Student Status Spreadsheet -View Results (Preliminary Individual Test Results and Group Summary) for Reading and Mathematics -Audit Spreadsheet  If you get a new student during the testing window, contact Denise with student name, previous school and grade

27 27 Monitor Status

28 28 Monitor Status  Monitor Test Sessions -Color coded testing status icons. -Test Sessions may be taken out of order.  View/Print Student Status Spreadsheet -Excel-compatible format of status screen. -Status, test duration, start times, and end times by test session for each student.

29 29 Monitor Status

30 30 Reactivation  Test Session Tickets (login passwords) are only active for 90 minutes after a student logs into test.  Tests are not timed and students will never be forced out of a test.  Pause functionality (15 minutes).  Inactivity of 15 minutes during testing will cause the system to log student out of test.  Internet connectivity issues and unexpected interruptions can happen (fire drill, emergency, computer freezes up, power outage).

31 31 Reactivation  Reactivation of ticket will be required if it has been more than 90 minutes since login.  Same day only.  Reactivations will expire at the end of day.  District Assessment Contacts (Chad) may email NDE at with any questions about reactivation

32 32 Reactivation Same day reactivation only

33 33 View Results

34 34 View Results  Preliminary individual student test results and group summary information for NeSA-Reading and Mathematics only.  Students must complete both sessions.  Student Test Results – Raw Scores and Percent Correct (embedded field test items excluded).  Students testing paper/pencil and/or taking the Alternate Assessment are not included in Group Summary information.

35 35 View Results Embargoed Data!!!

36 36 View Results

37 37 Audit Spreadsheet

38 38 Audit Spreadsheet  Use this report to verify that all students in your district, school, or grade have been tested.  The Audit Spreadsheet is updated nightly.

39 39 Agenda Preparing to Test—Sue & Denise Testing—Chad Tools—Julie Post-Test —Denise

40 40 Online Testing: Wrap-Up  Disposal of Test Session Tickets -Tickets are secure materials and must be distributed and collected as such. -School Test Coordinator to collect and return to District.  Online Manual for Test Coordinators and Administrators -Posted on NDE website, eDIRECT Documents, Documentation on CAL’s NeSA Main Page, and Testing Main Page. -Provides information for test preparation and administration directions for testing day. -Includes Directions for Administering the 2011 NeSA-Reading, Mathematics, and Science Tests.

41 41 Spring 2011 NeSA Paper/Pencil Procedures The week of March 21:  Inventory materials. Notify Denise if missing items.  Train Test Administrators and prepare for testing.  Retain original shipping boxes.

42 42 Test Materials  School – Administrative Materials -2011 NeSA-Reading Manuals for Test Coordinators and Administrators -2011 NeSA-Mathematics Manuals for Test Coordinators and Administrators -2011 NeSA-Science Manuals for Test Coordinators and Administrators -School Packing List -Security Checklist  School – Secure Materials -Test booklets and answer sheets

43 43 Test Booklets and Answer Sheets  Provided in shrink-wrapped packs of 5 with range sheets.  Store securely.  Record distribution on Security Checklist.  Do not distribute to Test Administrators until day of test, unless to affix PreID Labels.  Return to secure storage ASAP after each day of testing.

44 44 Barcode Labels  PreID Labels – plain white -Student data is taken from NSSRS. -Eliminate the need to hand-bubble. -All embedded PreID info will override anything hand-bubbled.  Districts/School Labels – yellow stripe -Intended for students without PreID labels. -Use label and hand-bubble demographic info.  Do Not Score Labels – green stripe -Contain barcodes that indicate the sheets should NOT be scored.  Blank Barcode - preprinted -Completely unused answer sheets have a barcode in place that will indicate they have not been used.

45 45 Barcode Labels – Answer Sheets  School personnel must affix the labels to answer sheets, and should check the label to make sure it is correct.  Do not attempt to remove any incorrect label – instead cover with the appropriate label.  Do not write on labels.  Destroy any labels containing inaccurate information.  If a Pre-ID Label cannot be used, use a District/School Label and hand-bubble demographics.

46 46 Materials Return  School Test Coordinator -Return answer sheets and test booklets. -Use original boxes. -Separate answer sheets from test booklets. -Materials do no need to be grouped by class or grade. -Return scratch paper and manuals to District Office. -Check: All used answer sheets have labels; No answer sheets are left in test booklets; No scratch paper is left in answer sheets or test booklets. -Return Security Checklist to District Office.

47 47 Reporting  Spring 2011 NeSA-Reading and Mathematics results will be reported in August 2011 pending establishment of Mathematics Performance Level cut scores.  2011 NeSA-Reading and Mathematics Reporting Workshops will be conducted via WebEx in August 2011.  NeSA-Science Field Test results will be used for item analysis only. NeSA-Science reporting to start after the Spring 2012 assessment.

48 48 2011 NeSA-Reading and Mathematics Score Reports Immediate Online Results via CAL  Test Results (Number & percent correct for students tested online)  Group Summary Online via eDIRECT  Student Data Files  Performance Level Summary (State, District, School)  Reading and Mathematics Indicator Summaries (State, District, School)  District Report of School Performance  School Student Roster  NEW! Individual Student Report also available online Printed  Individual Student Report – 2 copies

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