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Nebraska The Cornhusker State By, Kathy Keating February 17, 2004.

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2 Nebraska The Cornhusker State By, Kathy Keating February 17, 2004

3 2 Table of Contents History Land & People Symbols, Stamps & Coins Geography State Government Federal Representatives Famous People from Nebraska Resources, Agriculture & Industry Travel & Tourism Recreational Activities Sources

4 3 History Originally inhabited by several Native American tribes –original tribes: Pawnee, Omaha, Ponca & Oto –immigrated tribes: Lakota, Arapaho & Cheyenne Organized as a territory on May 30, 1854 Entered Union on March 1, 1867 becoming the 37 th state State constitution adopted on October 12, 1875 –extensively amended 1919-1920

5 4 Land & People The area of Nebraska is 76,872 sq. mi. The population was 1,578,385 in 1990 - it rose to 1,711,263 in the year 2000…. …that’s an increase of 132,878 people ! Median Age: 35.3 yrs.

6 5 Symbols, Stamps & Coins ? State quarter to be issued in 2006 State Bird: Meadowlark State Flower: Goldenrod ….Wagons Ho!!!

7 6 Geography Located in Midwest Region of the United States Surrounded by 6 states: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota and Wyoming Major Rivers: Missouri, Niobrara, Platte, and Republican Major Lakes: Lewis & Clark, Harlan County, and C.W. McConaughty Highest summit: Panorama Point 5,424 feet Capital city: Lincoln Largest city: Omaha Other major cities: Norfolk, Columbus SD MO KS CO WY IA Click to return to table of contents

8 7 State Government Has single house legislature known as the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature The State of Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns State Motto: “Equality before the law” Nebraska State’s Official Website

9 8 Federal Representatives Charles Hagel, (R) Ben Nelson, (D) Doug Bereuter, (R) Tom Osborne, (R) Lee Terry, (R) U.S. RepresentativesU.S. Senators 5 Electoral Votes

10 9 Famous People From Nebraska Vice President Dick Cheney George Wells Beadle Geneticist 1903-1989 Red Cloud Native American Rights Activist 1856-1868 Warren Buffet Investor Click to return to table of contents

11 10 Resources, Agriculture & Industry Natural Resources More varieties of grasses for foraging than in any other state Sand, gravel and limestone Petroleum & natural gas Agriculture Livestock –dairy cows –hog production Crops –wheat –sorghum –corn Industry Food Processing Manufacturing –car parts –phone equipment –industrial machinery

12 11 Travel & Tourism Tourist Destinations: Agate Fossil Beds National Monument The home of Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody) Scotts Bluff National Monument

13 12 Recreational Activities Swimming, fishing, boating Hiking the Oregon trail Camping Hunting Horse-racing Click to return to table of contents

14 13 Sources easpri9909.htm

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