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Paralegal Program – South Campus Omaha, NE. The American Bar Association (ABA) definition of a paralegal: A paralegal is a person, qualified by education,

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1 Paralegal Program – South Campus Omaha, NE

2 The American Bar Association (ABA) definition of a paralegal: A paralegal is a person, qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. What is a Paralegal?

3 Where Do Paralegals Work? Law Firms Corporations State & Federal Government Insurance Companies Mortgage Departments Social Security Immigration Offices Banks Financial/Brokerage Houses

4 Career Choice The paralegal career is exciting and challenging. As a paralegal working in a law firm, your work will be delegated and supervised by a licensed attorney. The skills developed will be in demand, giving you an opportunity to earn a good salary.

5 Types of Legal Work Attorneys will delegate many tasks to paralegals. Examples of these tasks are preparation for hearings, mediations, trials, corporate mergers and acquisitions, will preparation, tax work, and real estate closings. In addition, you may draft research memos, pleadings, agreements, and correspondence.

6 Unauthorized Practice of Law Nebraska Statutes prohibit the practice of law by non-lawyers and provides criminal penalties for those engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. The practice of law is generally held to include accepting a client, setting a legal fee, giving legal advice, and representing a client in court. Outside of these restrictions, paralegals may perform legal tasks as properly delegated and supervised by licensed attorneys, or as may be permitted by law.

7 Accreditation MCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (formerly North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.) The MCC paralegal program is approved by the American Bar Association. Elkhorn Campus of MCC

8 Paralegal Studies What is Paralegal Studies (LAWS)? This is an introduction to legal ideas, legal institutions and legal processes to help you decide what career path interests you. This coursework may inspire you to be paralegal, a criminal justice student or other legal advocate.

9 Paralegal Program History 1987 - Program Began 1989 - First graduated class 1990 - American Bar Association (ABA) approval ABA reapproval subsequently obtained Member of American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE)

10 Program Strengths Courses are taught by licensed attorneys and experience paralegals in good standing in Nebraska. Courses are geared to projects and hands-on experience. Internship program provides corporate and law office environment as real-life practicum.

11 Main MCC Campus at Fort Omaha

12 Paralegal Faculty The faculty have longevity with MCC Our faculty come with first-hand legal experience Our faculty are dedicated to providing the best educational experience

13 Paralegal Program Director Jo V. Wandel Department Head since 2008 24 years private practice JD – Creighton Law School BA Sociology – College of St. Mary Graduate Studies at UNO and Iowa State Certified Federal and Family Law Mediator

14 Faculty The strength of the MCC Paralegal Program lies in its faculty. Their dedication goes to the heart of the program. There are about 10-12 local attorneys and paralegals who teach regularly sharing their expertise in the varied courses.

15 Adjunct Instructors Many adjunct faculty members have separate law practices and teach in our evening courses. Their hands-on teaching techniques are valuable experiences for graduates.

16 Faculty and Students

17 Paralegal Advisory Committee The advisory committee plays a critical role in planning and revising the curriculum to reflect changes and advancement in technology and job requirements. This committee meets twice a year and is a vital link between the legal community and Metropolitan Community College

18 Paralegal Advisory Committee The Paralegal Advisory Committee consists of attorneys, paralegals, law office administrators, representatives from the general public and student members. Advisory Committee members are listed at ______________

19 Paralegal Degrees MCC offers an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies, which may be earned in 2 years. Students with a bachelor’s degree may earn a Certificate of Paralegal Studies.

20 To be successful you need: Critical thinking skills Critical thinking skills Oral and written communication skills Oral and written communication skills Organizational skills Organizational skills Problem-solving skills Problem-solving skills Computer technology skills Computer technology skills Is the legal field for You?

21 Curriculum for paralegal students without a bachelor’s degree, click on ransform.asp?program=LSPAO ransform.asp?program=LSPAO ransform.asp?program=LSPAO There is a suggested class schedule for students wishing to attain an associate’s degree. Paralegal Program No Bachelor Degree?

22 Paralegal Program Do you have a Baccalaurate Degree? To earn an accelerated certificate in paralegal studies, click on ?program=LSACC ?program=LSACC ?program=LSACC The suggested class schedule provides a guide to acquire the accelerated certificate.

23 Transfer Agreements The MCC Paralegal Associate Degree may transfer to the College of St. Mary toward credit of its four-year degree program. Bellevue University accepts MCC pre-law credit hours toward its four-year degree in pre- law.

24 Career Education Requirement The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the Associate Degree as the most significant source of education or training for the paralegal career field, but with over 40% listed as having a college degree or higher.

25 Career Future Projection The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 2006 – 2016 growth to be at 22%, greater than all other occupations. This trend has continued for a decade, but is slowing due to the number of individuals entering into career field. This career emphasizes the need for verbal skills.

26 NePA Nebraska Paralegal Association NePA promotes the paralegal profession and provides legal education. Students enrolled in the MCC’s program are encouraged to join as student members. NePA holds monthly luncheon meetings with speakers who address legal issues. NePA provides an annual scholarship to paralegal student.

27 Certified Paralegal Preparation Course After receiving your Associate Degree, you are eligible to participate in the CLA/CP Review Course offered at MCC. The CLA/CP program is recognized nationally as the competency standard for exceptional paralegals. Having this credential identifies one as being capable of providing quality legal services.

28 Certified Paralegal Preparation Course To be eligible for the CLA/CP exam, a paralegal must meet one of these criteria: *Graduation from an ABA approved paralegal program *Graduate of an associate degree program *Post Baccalaureate certificate in paralegal studies *Bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies.

29 Graduate Recognition To graduates who acquire the CLA/CP designation, a special recognition and pinning ceremony is held in conjunction with the Nebraska Paralegal Association.

30 Local Job Placement Jobs continue to be available for those excelling in course work. Those graduates who have worked hard and have received good grades are rewarded with unique jobs and competitive salaries.

31 Make the Decision Today to join the Paralegal Career Admissions and Registration Center Services Call with questions at 402- 457-2400. AdmissionsTestingOrientation Advising and Registration Student Records Cashier Services Financial Aid Veterans Affairs Services Bookstore

32 Student Facilities Campus City Bus Stops South Omaha Food Court

33 MCC Facilities South Omaha Campus Connector Building

34 Discussion points Testimonials of Paralegal on specific Paralegal web site Testimonial of attorney using intern or graduate Testimonial of campus convenience because of locations and services MAT bus services

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