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1 PATHWAYS TO SUCCESS: WV EDGE, College Transition 101, Parental Workshops, College Review Courses.

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1 1 PATHWAYS TO SUCCESS: WV EDGE, College Transition 101, Parental Workshops, College Review Courses

2 2 TODAY’S REALITY For our students to obtain a quality job, they must continue their education beyond high school. But that does not always imply a 4 year college degree.

3 3 Labor Market Profiles

4 4 Workforce Dilemma Source: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education ▪70% college bound ▪30% Workforce with HS Diploma or less Student Cohort - 100 ▪After one semester or one year ▪Before Graduation ▪College Graduates ▪30% drop-out – 60% workforce ▪10-20% Drop-out – 70-80% workforce ▪20-30% earn degrees

5 5 The Nation’s Dilemma - The Quiet Part ▪University enrollments at all time high ▪University time to graduate at all time high ▪University drop out rates at all time high ▪University underemployment at all time high

6 6 So… How do we help change the statistics? Answer: –Think “out of the box” and engage students

7 7

8 8 West Virginia EDGE Earn a degree – Graduate Early

9 9 The EDGE A dynamic initiative that allows students to establish a college transcript while till in high school. It promotes the blend of academic and technical courses to raise the achievement of students and to increase the college-going rate and more importantly college-going success.

10 10 How Does EDGE Work? CTC worked with high school faculties to identify duplication of competencies. Courses became EDGE courses Requires an end-of-course test College Transcript for successful completion No College Tuition

11 11 West Virginia EDGE GOALS ● Provide an opportunity for all students to establish a college transcript while in high school. Increase the numbers of students attending and graduating from community and technical colleges. Establish a pathway that allows students the opportunity to obtain an associate degree one year after high school or along with a high school diploma. Bring ALL articulation agreements under the EDGE process

12 12 Total Schools Participating in EDGE

13 13 EDGE Matriculation Rates

14 14 West Virginia EDGE CHALLENGES Mind-sets toward CTC value –WV is the reverse of the entire nation Using credits toward a degree –Impacting time and money Career Knowledge

15 15 FUTURE COLLEGE PLANS Mapping out the curriculum pathway for students and parents.


17 17 BACKGROUND Legislature wanted to provide an opportunity for the “middle” group of students who are also first generation college going students access to college courses at the high school. Initiative was designed and presented to the legislature.

18 18 Legislative Funded Initiative Dollars: $997,500 distributed over a three year period. Each College Consortium would receive approximately $33,000 per year.

19 19 College Transition Initiative A three year project Facilitated by the college Comprehensive high schools or career tech centers participate Two (2) cohorts of 20 students per consortium

20 20 Key Components of the Initiative Cohorts Credit College Orientation Class Orientation for parents/students MOU between parents/students and schools Financial Aid Senior year – blended curriculum


22 22 PARENTAL WORKBOOK Parental input Free to parents

23 23 PARENTAL WORKSHOPS Orientation for the book Held in different venues Very Successful


25 25 Curriculum Alignment Workshops Identified gaps Postsecondary and Secondary designed curriculum 6 pilot programs BACKGROUND

26 26 Questions ???????

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