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Nebraska Autobody Association 2010 Legislative Agenda Watched Bills LB 1066 Extended Taxation of Vehicle Repairs

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1 Nebraska Autobody Association 2010 Legislative Agenda Watched Bills LB 1066 Extended Taxation of Vehicle Repairs LB 912 Underinsured Motorist Protection LB 1065 Towing LB 1092 Towing LB 807 Specifies minimum insurance policy term—Not Applicable

2 Nebraska Autobody Association 2010 Legislative Agenda NABA Focus On LB1066 Most Potential Industry Impact Closely Related To Collision Repair LB 1066 Recap Objective: Raise Funds To Cover Budget Deficit Tax All Repairs of Tangible Personal Property If Sale of Property Would Be Subject To Tax Repeal Certain Exclusion of Motor Vehicle Tax Exemptions LB 1066 Extended Taxation of Vehicle Repairs

3 Nebraska Autobody Association Sen. Dierks Sen. Cap Dierks District 40 Room #2108 P.O. Box 94604 Lincoln, NE 68509 Phone: (402) 471-2801 Email: Occupation: Rancher; retired veterinarian Born July 2, 1932, in O ’ Neill. Elected to Nebraska Legislature: 1986; re-elected 1990, 1994 and 1998; 2006 Education: Ewing High School, University of Nebraska, College of Agriculture, Kansas State University, College of Veterinary Medicine (doctor of veterinary medicine), 1961. Family: Married four children

4 Nebraska Autobody Association Highlights of LB 1066 — Taxable Items Vehicle Repair Battery, Tire, Electronic Machine & Motor Repair, Sheet Metal Rental of Motor Vehicles Welding, Wrecking Service History Introduced Jan 21; Referred To Revenue Committee Jan 25; Hearing Date: February 25 Room 1116, State Capitol, Lincoln (402) 471-2615 Would Become Operative January 2011 Revenue Committee Members Sen. Abbie Cornett, Chairperson Sen. Greg Adams Sen. Cap Dierks Sen. Galen Hadley Sen. LeRoy Louden Sen. Pete Pirsch Sen. Dennis Utter Sen. Tom White

5 Nebraska Autobody Association Lobbying Strategy Before Hearing Weekly Online Meetings Write Draft Letters For Industry Use Make Email Addresses Available Update NABA Web Site Contact With Other Entities ASA New Car Dealers Association Insurance Associations At Hearing Up To Three People Testify Talking Points, Focused, Brochures – Tax It … Lose It Likely Face Time Limitations After Hearing Meet With Nebraska Dept. of Revenue

6 Nebraska Autobody Association Senators Contact Compilation;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Mail Labels In MS Word PDF

7 Nebraska Autobody Association

8 Potential Allies Property Casualty Insurers Assn of America Contact: Don Cleasby 2600 South River Road Des Plaines, IL 60018-3286 847-553-3678 Professional Insurance Agents for Nebraska & Iowa 920 s 107th ave suite 305 Omaha, NE 68114.392.1611 | fax: 402.392.2228 | ProfessionalProfessional Towers Association of Nebraska Nebraska New Car & Truck Dealers Association Director: Loy Todd 701 South 13th Stree Lincoln, NE 68508-3224 (402) 475-1079 ASA Nebraska ASA of Nebraska 7101 Arbor Road, Lincoln, NE 68517 (402) 540-8055

9 Nebraska Autobody Association Challenges, Talking Points, Action Plan Nebraska Facing Severe Budget Shortfall Lawmakers need to find $335 million (Prior to Special Session) Tough Environment To Gain Legislative Concessions Numerous Associations & Lobbyists Fighting For Their Interests Talking Points Acknowledge Budgetary Problem Exempt Sales Tax From Total Loss Calculations Lose Sales Tax Revenue On Parts Sales Today Select People To Testify NABA to send information Packet To Testifiers Next Week Meet Online Tuesday, February 9 th at 2:30 p.m. Post Meeting Information on NABA ’ s Online Calendar Have Letter Ready For Mailing Have All Action Information Online Sample Letter Email Addresses Senator Labels Senator Telephone Numbers Continue To Contact Potential Partners

10 Nebraska Autobody Association Tentative Action Plan Considering the severity of Nebraska ’ s Budget deficit and the likelyhood of broad lobbying activities on behalf of numerous entities each of which will be effected by the sweeping tax legislation, it will be virtually impossible to repeal or fight the proposed sales tax increases. Therefrore, a realistic action plan is to try to eliminate the sales tax from total loss calculations, a move that will keep more vehicles in the repair pool. In addition, NABA may become involved in ensuring that any new tax legislation will interpreted and implemented in a smooth manner. NABA will also maintain a legislative web page that maintains all current legislative activities including contact information and hearing dates.

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