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University of Nebraska Lincoln proudly introduces the Management Team.

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1 University of Nebraska Lincoln proudly introduces the Management Team

2 Mission statement Educate and empower rural communities to implement and benefit from technology opportunities.

3 History  Established in 1999 after Master Navigator coordinator resigned  Charter team included 6 Extension Educators representing each Extension district  Administration redirected 25% of each appointment to do technology training

4 Frankly speaking… Charter members had no clue what they were getting themselves into!

5 Administrative structure  Center for Applied Rural Innovation  Support staff  Fiscal management  Cooperative Extension  Housed in county Extension offices  100% Extension appointments

6 Our team today  9 Extension Educators  1 Learning Center Coordinator  50% of each Educator’s appointment is to focus on technology programming

7 Responsibilities  The development, marketing and facilitation of technology programs  Operation, maintenance and expansion of programs  Staying abreast of new concepts and technologies  Technology planning in rural communities

8 Curricula  Master Navigator  Four week course that teaches Windows concepts, navigating the WWW and email  Nebraska Electronic Main Street  Four week course that teaches community leaders and business owners e-business concepts  Nebraska E-Government  Tentatively scheduled for rollout fall 2002

9 Publications  NebFacts  Internet terms  Lessons for community groups   Telemedicine: The Future is Here

10 Promotional efforts  Logo  Brochures  Table-top displays  Business cards  Web page

11 Efforts supported by the team  4-H Cyber Fair  Teacher training  Organizing local technology committees  Conducting local technology fairs and expositions  Technology conferences and workshops

12 Partnerships  Technologies Across Nebraska Partnership  Nebraska Information Technology Commission  Community colleges, ESUs and high schools  Local and regional economic development organizations  Local and regional IT committees  Congressman Osborne

13 Significant Accomplishments  Master Navigator  Taught in over 60 communities to 650 people  Nebraska Electronic Main Street  23 classes in 20 communities benefiting 175 businesses

14  Trained 100 additional instructors  1/3 have taught classes  excellent evaluations given by participants  Grant acquisition  NITC award to AIM and conNEcting Nebraska for $110,000

15  Community planning  Conducted formal community and business IT assessments in 2 communities and one county  Presently working on a multi-county IT assessment for northeast NE  Collaborated with AIM and CARI to facilitate statewide community and business IT survey

16 Impact  Master Navigator  Evaluations indicate knowledge greatly increases as a result of taking the course  Skills taught are being used by farmers and ranchers, business owners, school teachers, homeowners, housewives, etc.  Some participants established home-based businesses

17  All most all teach the skills they learned to others in their communities  Many have gone onto developing their own business Web sites  Senior citizens are communicating by e-mail with their families

18 Impact  Nebraska Electronic Main Street  Many businesses planned to build Web pages and begin performing some aspect of e-commerce online  Some decided that establishing an online presence wasn’t appropriate for them  Several created their own Web sites, while others contracted with professional developers

19 On the horizon  E-Ag  E-Education  Telework  Telemedicine  Public policy issues  Advanced Master Navigator  Advanced NE Electronic Main Street

20 Our future

21 For more information contact: UNL Extension Educators/Staff Dewey Teel Antelope County 402.887.5414 Connie Hancock Cheyenne County 308.254.4455 Carroll Welte Burt County 402.374.2929 Dorothy Davis WCREC 308-532-3611 ext. 158 Dennis Kahl Seward County 402.643.2981

22 University of Nebraska – Lincoln Cooperative Extension Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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