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Group Medical Visits Health Literacy Patient Self-Management Learning Session 2.

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1 Group Medical Visits Health Literacy Patient Self-Management Learning Session 2

2 Welcome Back! Dr. Fines Group Medical Visit 2

3 Agenda Share stories, progress & measures from action period #1 Introduce new concepts (if necessary) Plan next tests of change 3

4 Action period report- out Tests of change Measurement Successes Challenges …/ 4

5 Team Name:___________ Date:___________ Practice Support Program Story Board Template For: Group Medical Visits Patient Self Management Support Health Literacy 5

6 Background Information Why did we choose HL, PSM, (GMV) What influence did the practice self assessment have in your choice to do HL, PSM, (GMV)\ If did GMV’s: Date of first group medical visit Type of group visit Number of patients/group Number of group visits tried 6

7 Team Members-Team Picture List Team Members and Roles 7

8 What Do We Want to Accomplish? Our Team Aim A aim template you can use: We aim to improve _________(name of process or topic) in _____(location) so that _______ (a numerical goal). By working on the process, we expect _______ (list benefits). It is important to work on this now because ______ (reason/imperative/ or problem you want to overcome). We will test this on _____ (scope…ie number of patients) in ____ (guidance… ie realistic time period) 8

9 Measures: Sample Required Measures - for the practiceTargetBaselineCurrent results % of patients identified to work on PSM that have a documented self management goal and action plan (use action plan) 60% % patients with a PSM plan that have confidence level of > 7 out of 10 that they will be able to achieve their self management goal (use action plan) 90% % of patients in GMV that answer yes to: Overall I was satisfied with today’s appointment (use GMV patient survey) 80% % patients that report they agree or strongly agree: My doctor explained things to me in a way that was easy to understand (use the Health Literacy survey) 90% % of providers after doing GMV that rate their satisfaction as a 5 or greater (use GMV practice survey) 100% Required Measures - for the cohort % of GPs that have held a GMV and that have an aim statement and measures 100% 9

10 Things We Did Summary of what you did 10

11 What did you learn? Did things change from baseline in your measures? Study 11

12 Graphs (if available) 12

13 Patient Story 13

14 Provider Story 14

15 Act Strong recommendations for next test cycle  Things we would do again  Things we suggest not to do Are you ready to embed this change or will you retest and refine?  “Our recommendation for next cycle”  “Our recommendations if you were to try this” 15

16 Summary of Current Status Successes: Challenges and/or barriers: What we are planning to test next: 16

17 All teams share! 17

18 Aim Statement Revisited We aim to improve patient and provider experience, enhance the quality of patient care, improve health outcomes, address issues related to access and capacity, and increase patients involvement in their healthcare through group medical visits, patient self management and addressing health literacy in physician practices. 18

19 19

20 Strategies to sustain the changes It’s not just after LS3! Establish and document standard processes Establish measurement processes Make changes to job descriptions Pay attention to orientation and training Source: Holding the Gains and Spreading the Improvement to Others, IHI Presentation,, 2001 20

21 What will you try next? What are you going to do next Tuesday? What is your aim? Determine how you will measure/track improvement 21

22 Action Period Expectations Try tests of change related to HL, PSM, and GMV Measure and track your progress Support throughout the action you can expect: Practice visits from coordinator 22

23 Good Luck! 23

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