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LEARNING SUPPORT Important Dates and Information.

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1 LEARNING SUPPORT Important Dates and Information

2 Please write down our contact information! Gail Barksdale; Gainesville Campus Nesbitt 2116 678.717.3765 Dede deLaughter; Oconee, Dahlonega, Cumming Campuses OC-Administration; Room 115 706.310.6207

3 2 Important Policies 1.Learning Support (LS) requirements may not be deferred to a future semester; in order to take any college-level credits (1000-level or higher), students must be in the process of satisfying LS requirements. This is a state Board of Regents policy. 2.If a student withdraws from a LS class, s/he must also withdraw from all college-level courses. The exception is that students in one LS course may remain in UNIV 1101, 1000-level PHED, and/or a performance course, such as band or chorus. This, too, is Board of Regents policy.

4 What does it mean to withdraw from a course? When students withdraw from a Learning Support (LS) course by the midpoint of the semester, that semester’s attempt in LS doesn’t count toward the total allowed attempts. “Attempt” is defined as any semester in which a student receives any grade other than W. (i.e., A, B, C, IP, F, or WF) While there are no academic penalties for withdrawing from a class, there may be financial aid consequences.

5 Allowed Number of Attempts for Completion of LS Requirements READ 0099: maximum of 2 ENGL 0099: maximum of 2 MATH 0097: maximum of 2 MATH 0099: maximum of 3, for those who begin in MATH 0099 MLCS 0099: maximum of 3 Note: Students who have a LS math requirement are allowed a maximum of 3 semesters in which to completely satisfy the LS math requirement. Students must be in the 0099-level course by the third attempt.

6 Important Dates this Semester Midpoint (last day to withdraw from a full-session course without academic penalty): Monday, October 7, 2013 Advising Weeks begin October 1. You must meet with your advisor to be issued a PIN code for registration. Fall registration begins October 28. Check for Registration Time and Holds in your Banner Web account to determine when you are released to register. COMPASS Retest Day: Save the Date! Monday, December 16, 2013 (check email for locations and times).

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