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James Bowie H.S. Sept. 3, 2014.  Introductions  Bulldog Parenting: 101  Bowie Counseling Dept.  Graduation Requirements  Freshman Programs  Academic.

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1 James Bowie H.S. Sept. 3, 2014

2  Introductions  Bulldog Parenting: 101  Bowie Counseling Dept.  Graduation Requirements  Freshman Programs  Academic Tools  Planning for the Future

3 Learn the Bowie “Way”. Be an advocate. Be proactive. Be involved.

4  Get to know teachers and Bowie support staff.  Back to School Night is Sept. 10 th at 6pm.  With approx. 3000 students, there is a need to adhere to policies and procedures. Check Bowie website and/or student handbook when needing to know policy.  Teachers, counselors, and other school staff have very different roles and responsibilities, so when meeting with a school faculty member, take a moment to learn about what that person does (and does not do) specifically.

5  Be Proactive - Start at the beginning of the school year. -Many times, parents see advocating as something you only do when there’s a problem! -When confronted with issue in classroom or at home, email teachers/counselors to discuss and collaborate. -Remember, there are always 2 sides to story-so many times, issues are simply miscommunication or misunderstandings.

6  Give time before following up. - During the school day, most school staff, including teachers have limited access to voice and e-mail. -Remember your school faculty and staff have multiple students.  Remember that all Bowie staff are invested in your son or daughter’s education.


8  9 th Grade Counselor/Student Ratio – 1 to approx. 400  Individual Guidance/Planning  Classroom Guidance  Support Groups  Career Series Presentations Student-Counselor Interaction

9  James Bowie Website  Naviance  PTSA Bowie Bulletin  Parent University  College and Career Workshops

10 FOR STUDENTS  Counselors have an “open door” policy for students and are available before/after school and both lunches.  If counselor is not available, students can leave a note in counselor’s mailbox at Ms. Trevino’s desk. FOR PARENTS  Counselors set their own parent appointments to assure there is ample time to address concerns. Contact information can be found on the main page of Counselors’ Corner and the last page of this presentation. AS ALWAYS: In case of emergency, let Ms. Trevino or any counselor know you are in need of immediate assistance and the nature of the emergency.

11 HB 5 Distinguished Achievement Plan

12 1. Foundation High School Program 2. Foundation High School Program + Endorsement(s) 3. *Foundation High School Program + Endorsement(s) + Distinguished Level of Achievement *AISD Prescribed Plan for ALL incoming 9 th graders.

13  4 English Courses- English I, II, and III, & English IV/ Advanced English credit  4 Math Courses- Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Math  4 Science Courses- Biology, IPC or Chemistry, plus another 2 Adv. Sciences.  4 Social Studies Courses- World Geography, World History, U.S. History, ½ Economics, Government  2 Credits of Language Other than English - *Students with disabilities may be eligible for alternative.  1 Credit of Physical Education  1 Credit of Fine Arts  0.5 Credit of Health  5.5 Electives (including 4 Endorsement electives)

14  Students will choose between one of the following five endorsement options: -Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) -Business and Industry -Arts and Humanities -Public Services -Multidisciplinary Studies 1414

15  Students may earn a performance acknowledgement on the student’s diploma by achieving one of the following:  Outstanding performance in ▪ dual credit courses ▪ bilingualism and biliteracy ▪ Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams ▪ PSAT, ACT-Plan, SAT, or ACT  By earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification license

16  Students will need to take and pass 5 exams: -9 th : English I Reading/Writing Algebra I Biology 10 th : English II Reading/Writing 11 th : US History  Test dates are February – April  Scores are usually released the last week in May.  Remediation and retest are provided over the summer  Students who choose not to retest or do not pass with the July administration will be enrolled in a mandatory remediation class that will take place of an elective.

17 Andrea Ramirez School Improvement Facilitator

18 Self- Awareness Self-Management Social Awareness Relationship Skills Responsible Decision Making

19  9 th Grade Tutoring Center in Sage 1  Before school from 8:15 until 8:45  Both lunches for the entire time  After school from 4:15 until 4:45 except Friday  One teacher staffs the Center while Student Leaders and Student Mentors work with 9 th grade students.  In addition, each teacher and/or department has daily tutoring. Contact teacher for tutoring schedule for his/her course. ( Teacher contact information can be found on the Bowie website at under Faculty and Staff.)

20 Susan Leos Instructional Administrator/9 th Grade AP

21  Bowie Website  Academics  Guidance and  Naviance  Secondary School Information Guide – > Academics->Resources->Secondary School Guide  Parent Cloud

22 LOGIN 1] 2] Academics  Guidance and Counseling 3] Naviance  Click on black rectangle at the bottom of the page 4] Parents use student’s login: Username: Student ID Password: Student ID Example: 123456 * If you cannot remember student’s ID, please use the following credentials: Username: ima18freshman Password: ima18freshman


24  Parent Cloud information-  Tips: - Must create Parent Cloud account before you will have access to Parent Self-Serve -Must create account with name exactly the way it was noted during parent registration -For log-in issues, contact Parent Help Line at (512) 414-9187 (Hours: M-F 7am-5pm) -For issues with accessing info on all students in family, contact Office of Student Services at (512) 414-1726.

25 Progress Reports  Delivered by mail during fourth week of grading period  ACT QUICKLY  CONTACT TEACHER by Email and/or Phone  Staff Directory: Report Cards  Delivered at the end of 6 weeks grading period  “I”= Incomplete  Credit (.5) earned at semester

26  Rank GPA -Consists of 4 Core Averages and 2 Language Credits (If student enrolls in more than 4 Core Courses in a subject area, computer will incorporate 4 highest averages. -Determines rank for college acceptance.  Cumulative GPA - Consists of all courses taken for high school credit. -Posted on transcript. *GPA is calculated once a year.

27 Course Semester Average:  1st six weeks grade85  2nd six weeks grade92  3rd six weeks grade80  Final exam grade 91  Total 348 348 = 87 4

28  Students are allowed 4 unexcused absences per class  Starting with the 5 unexcused absence students will be denied credit and will have to attend Saturday School *Saturday School is from 8:30 am until 2:30 pm in the Bowie Cafeteria. Dates: Sep 20 Oct 11 and 25 Nov 1 and 15 Dec 6 and 13  Students need to contact their AP for more information

29  For absence to be excused, students must turn in written note with date of absence and reason within 48 hours of absence. - Red Drop-box located in front office. -Parents can also email note to attendance clerk at -Student leaving campus or arriving late due to doctor’s appointment must provide doctor’s note.  If a student is going to be absent for more than 3 days, you can contact Colleen Hamilton at (512) 414-7302 to request work from teachers. -Also, check teacher’s individual website for posted work.


31  Rigorous curriculum  Pre-AP and Advanced Placement Courses  Academic Electives  Dual Credit Courses  College entrance exams  Class Rank  Good academic performance  Long-term involvement in extra-curricular activities

32  Talk to people in those career areas  JBHS College and Career Center  Search the internet:  Naviance/Family Connection  SAT –  ACT –  Individual College/University websites

33  PSAT/NMSQT – Oct. of Sophomore/Junior Year  SAT Reasoning Test – Spring of Junior Year  SAT Subject Tests – Jr./Sr. as needed  ACT with writing – Spring of Junior Year  Accuplacer – Senior Year

34  Monitor academic progress - Use a Planner  Challenge yourself with academic selections  Participate in activities - Join clubs/organizations  Review your 4-year plan (with counselor in Spring)  Explore and discuss post-high school options  Plan meaningful summer activities & college visits  Start on your resume - In Naviance under the About Me tab

35 Academics:  Teacher recommendation  Time and energy  Are you committed?  EOC Scores  Summer Work  Process for Course Level Change/Committee Decision Electives:  Match electives to career interests/endorsement

36 For Students with Last Names Beginning with: Assistant Principal For Students with Last Names Beginning with: Counselor 9 th Grade A - LO Susan Leos 414-7308 9 th Grade A - LO Karina Reyna 414-7322 9 th Grade LU-Z Vicente Treviño 414-7306 9 th Grade LU-Z Martin Coleman 414-7321 A-EP Stephanie McGraw 414-7334 A-EP Kristen Williamson 414-7324 ES-K Jorge Rodriguez 414-7309 ES-K Kyle Haenisch 414-7319 LA-RAM Carla De La Rosa 414-2838 LA-RAM Nona May 414-7320 RAN-Z Larry Britton 414-7307 lawrence.britton@austinisd.or g RAN-Z Kate Kopke 414-7325 For a complete listing of Bowie faculty and much more, please visit… College Advisor Veronica Castillo 841-4107 Main Office414-JBHS(5247) Guidance Office Treviño 414-7318 Guidance Fax 414- 0529 Main Office Fax292-0527Registrar Registrar Fax 414- 0524 Sageser 414- 3828 Smith 414- 7316 Library 414-7329Attendance Weaver 414- 7315 Mark 414- 5209 Nurse 414-7331Data Processing Ashburn 414- 3827 Kuhar 414- 7314 Bookkeeping 414-7313Special Ed. Jamison 841- 7622 Office 841- 7823 Weismantel414-2200 SRO Rouen 414-2380 McClardy 414-3831 JAMES BOWIE HIGH SCHOOL 2014 – 2015 Assistant Principal and Counselor Assignment Principal: Mr. Stephen Kane


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