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VITA-Volunteer Income Tax Assistance 2014 Tax Year 2015 Filing Season.

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1 VITA-Volunteer Income Tax Assistance 2014 Tax Year 2015 Filing Season

2 Special Assistants

3 Liaisons Accounting Valentina DAnna Law Zac Burley

4 Other Volunteer Recruiter Agnes Wang Site Coordinator Dr. Cathy Bowen

5 What is VITA Nationwide program Sponsored by IRS-Internal Revenue Service Volunteers and community organizations Started in 1969, first returns prepared in 1970 Income eligible taxpayer

6 PSU-VITA Program Started in 2004 tax year Penn State Cooperative Extension/College of Agricultural Sciences 2007 TY law students volunteered 2009 TY accounting students volunteered 2014 TY ( 2015 filing season ) = 11 th year

7 Hand off to Sarah, Austin, and Valentina (Zac---on a job interview)

8 Cooperative Program

9 Program Benefits Taxpayer/Community –Free return preparation –e-filing/faster refunds –Increased awareness of campus units and exposure to positive models of Penn State students –Provide additional educational information

10 Program Benefits-2013 Impact MyFreeTaxes—returns completed with IRS free file program under special PSU link = 43 completed. Item2013 TY $ Impact Volunteer hours 1,988@$22$43,736 Taxpayer fees saved 701 returns @$152$106,552 Total federal refund$806,955 State Refunds$43,946 Grand Total$1,001,189

11 Program Benefits Volunteers –Increase understanding of personal income taxes –Build your resume –Develop skills in working with others –Personal satisfaction of helping others –Miller Center Public Interest Advocate Certificate— law students –Reference outside of your academic area –Camaraderie/Fun

12 Program Benefits- University Recognition—Faces Campaign ( 2012 )


14 2013 TY--New Website!

15 Site---Ferguson Bldg. Room 10

16 Site Details Appointments Only Site Tues. Wed. Thurs. 5-9 p.m.(advertise 5-8 p.m. last appt. is 7 p.m.) Saturday 9-3 p.m. (last appt. 3 p.m.) Open from Feb. 2 to April 11, 2015 Closed for Spring Break (March 8-14, 2015)







23 Volunteer Requirements Volunteers must be certified by IRS Link ’n Learn-on-line, self-study (federal) In person supplement (federal and PA) 3 hour shift commitment Ability to be conversational, ask questions, friendly personality See Training Schedule. Please keep for reference.

24 Study/Reference Materials 4491 Training Guide Test/Retest Booklet Publication 17 1040 Instruction Booklet 4012—Key Reference at the site

25 Special Reminders Do you have two e-mail accounts—please link them or READ both daily so you do not miss messages about VITA. Special PA Tax Webinar—optional but suggested. –Tuesday, November 3, 2014, 1 to 4 p.m. –211 Business Bldg. Come and go as your schedule permits

26 Questions?

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