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Felicity Shanahan & Michael Redington.  Recipients of FTA Funding (Grantees)  All Subrecipients and Covered Contractors  Any employer that is required.

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1 Felicity Shanahan & Michael Redington

2  Recipients of FTA Funding (Grantees)  All Subrecipients and Covered Contractors  Any employer that is required to have a FTA Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

3  655.72 – Reporting of Results  Prepare Annual Summary of Drug & Alcohol Testing Results  Submit to FTA, when requested  Responsible for Accuracy & Timeliness  Grantee responsible for Subrecipients & Covered Contractors

4  Grantees  Receive Notification Letter – (Dec/Jan)  Username & Password – Access to DAMIS  https://DAMIS.DOT.GOV https://DAMIS.DOT.GOV  Due Date = March 15 th  Instructions for Revising Subrecipient/Contractor List

5  Allows Grantees to Enter Testing Results  Provides Subrecipients/Contractors Username & Passwords  Status .PDF of MIS Submission  DAMIS = Drug and Alcohol Management Information System

6  If List is Not Current and Accurate  Need to Update  Contact:  FTA Hotline – (617) 494-6336  FTA DAMIS Email: FTA.DAMIS@DOT.GOVFTA.DAMIS@DOT.GOV  Grantee is responsible for subrecipients & contractors  Grantee distributes usernames and & passwords for subrecipients & contractors

7  Usernames & Passwords – Change every calendar year  You can Revise your MIS Report – Up until database is closed (Sept/Oct)  Must ‘Sign & Submit’ Again  Grantee Must ‘Accept’  We do record date of original submission  You cannot access/print previous years MIS reports  Required to retain MIS - 5 Years

8 Q: Who can be the ‘Certifying Official’ A: Any company official – whoever can certify data as complete & accurate Q: How do I determine “Number of Safety- Sensitive Employees” (next slide)

9  Example: (FTA random pool size at time of random selection): (800/4) = 200 is the “Number of Safety-Sensitive Employees” 200

10 Go To DAMIS (https://DAMIS.DOT.GOV)

11 Q: What if an employee works multiple safety- sensitive jobs (i.e. operator & dispatcher) A: Include in employee category in which they worked the most (Section II (B) & (C)) Does not mean all test results will be in that employee category.

12 A: Each individual submission is for the ‘Employer’ listed, only. (Employer Name) A2: You do not submit combined testing results for -the consortium -the random pool (includes FMCSA) - other employers (contractor/subrecipient/grantee) GOLDEN RULE : DO NOT DOUBLE-REPORT TESTING RESULTS TO DOT

13 Q: What if I have no safety-sensitive employees? Grantee or Subrecipient A:If you pass-through FTA funds – submit a “zeroed-out” report. Make sure your contractor/subrecipient does submit results. Q: What if we switched contractors mid-year? A: Submit an MIS for each contractor Report ‘calendar year’ results (all results) Request another account (for new contractor) if necessary

14  Upon review – we find we made mistakes during the calendar year.  Report test results as they stand. EXAMPLES:  Return-to-Duty instead of Pre-Employment  Non-DOT Alcohol pre-employment  DOT Alcohol – not in policy  DOT/FTA Post-Accident – not meet thresholds  There is no place to provide a ‘Comment’ or indicate ‘time period’

15  Don’t Provide C/TPA information.  Don’t submit all employers – especially contractors  Combine multiple employer data on a single report  Include Contractors in Grantee report

16  (Veolia, First Transit, MV, Cummins, W.W. Williams, GoodYear….and more)  National Contractors must NOT send in a ‘Company- Wide’ report  Testing Results (MIS Report) - each FTA-Covered Employer (Contract)

17  Has multiple contracts  Each contract uses different employees (contracts completely separate – no crossover)  Must submit two separate MIS reports  One for each contractor  NO DOUBLE-COUNTING

18  If a contractor use the same safety-sensitive employees on contracts with multiple FTA- Grantees:  Can designate one contract as primary and one as secondary and just submit one MIS.  Contact FTA D&A Hotline

19  What if our contracted employer/employees service more than one FTA Grantee?  Both Grantees ensure contractor submits MIS.  Q: Who reports the results?  A: Random results to the employer for whom the employee performs the greater % of service.  Other results (PA, R-T-D, FU & RS) dependent on for who service was being performed at the time of the event.

20  Examples:  Negative dilute – policy to retest  Positive – request split specimen  MRO Cancels (Invalid) – requires retest  R-T-D – not done as observed – employee returned  Insufficient Specimen  Temperature out-of-range  Result requiring most stringent consequence is the test of record  1 Positive or Negative or Refusal or Cancelled for each testing event  Only report “Result”

21  FTA funded vessels (Ferryboats)  Subject to FTA Random Alcohol Test requirements  Must Submit MIS to FTA  Only Random Alcohol Test Results  Employee Category = Ferryboat  Must Inform FTA of Ferryboat Service  Contact FTA D&A Project Office  Provide Capability to Enter Ferryboat alcohol test results

22  Semi-Annual Lab Report?? – Not Usually!  Does not include ‘MRO verified’ results  May include cancellations that don’t get reported on MIS  May include results of all employer DOT tests  Employer may use multiple Labs  See previous slide – these results may be included  Lab Report – Appendix B (next slide)

23 Appendix B to Part 40 - DOT Drug Testing Semi-Annual Laboratory Report to Employers The following items are required on each laboratory report: Reporting Period: (inclusive dates) Laboratory Identification: (name and address) Employer Identification: (name; may include Billing Code or ID code) C/TPA Identification: (where applicable; name and address) 1. Specimen Results Reported (total number) By Test Reason (a) Pre-employment (number) (b) Post-Accident (number) (c) Random (number) (d) Reasonable Suspicion/Cause (number) (e) Return-to-Duty (number) (f) Follow-up (number) (g) Type of Test Not Noted on CCF (number) 2. Specimens Reported (a) Negative (number) (b) Negative and Dilute (number) 3. Specimens Reported as Rejected for Testing (total number) By Reason (a) Fatal flaw (number) (b) Uncorrected Flaw (number) 4. Specimens Reported as Positive (total number) By Drug (a) Marijuana Metabolite (number) (b) Cocaine Metabolite(number) (c) Opiates (number) (1) Codeine (number) (2) Morphine (number) (3) 6–AM (number) (d) Phencyclidine (number) (e) Amphetamines (number) (1) Amphetamine (number) (2) Methamphetamine (number) (3) MDMA (number) (4) MDA (number) (5) MDEA (number) 5. Adulterated (number) 6. Substituted (number) 7. Invalid Result (number)

24  Consortium Report, TPA Report, CCFs  Review to make sure they are only your results – single employer (you), FTA tests results

25  FAA 17.0 minutes  FMCSA 19.6 minutes  FTA 19.6 minutes  FRA 40.9 minutes  PHMSA 2.7 minutes  USCG 19.3 minutes

26  Trend Analysis – FTA & DOT  DAMIS = All DOT Modes (FTA, FRA, FAA, FMCSA, PHMSA & USCG)  Required Minimum Random Testing Rates  FTA Random Drug Rate Lowered 50% 25% (2007)  Analysis of Federal, State Regulatory Revisions  Audit Scheduling  Ensure Program Compliance * Do Employers meet minimum random testing requirements – not the primary use

27 DRUGS - FAA - 2012 Refusals STATEPositivesTHCCocainePCPOpiatesAmphetAdulteratedSubstitutedShy BladderOther AK3210000000 AL151240000001 AR12730020002 AZ5033603100001 CA915913021911111 CO453190140205 CT2920100110001 DE1010000000 FL9253380440012 GA6338150660003 GU0000000000 HI3110010000 IA2200000000 ID3200010002 IL484050030113 IN181240110001




31 25%

32  Pre-Employment Alcohol Test Results >= 0.04 :10  Pre-Employment Alcohol Test Refusals:1 REFUSALS STATE SCREENING TESTS CONFIRMATION TESTS >= 0.04SHY LUNG OTHER REFUSALSVIOLATION RATE SC2442101.23% NM2653001.13% NV4565001.10% AR1361000.74% WA19129120.63% CO11456010.61% AZ9064010.55% MA17188010.52% MS1920010.52% VA6183000.49% 2013 Violation Rate (All test types) by State – Top Ten

33 REFUSALS STATETEST RESULTSPOSITIVESADULTERATEDSUBSTITUTEDSHY BLADDER OTHER REFUSAL POSITIVE RATE AZ58881350011024.04% MD9650266304162.99% VI44100002.27% KY256043000152.27% CO461086000152.19% TX11725197133392.07% IL1179121974072.01% OK13982500011.86% IN20763101151.83% MS385400031.82% 2013 Positive Rate (All test types) by State – Top Ten

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